Is DHS preparing for Civil Uprising?

News broke earlier this week that The Department of Homeland Security was in the process of preparing for large scale civil unrest around election time. DHS submitted a rushed solicitation to the Federal Business Opportunities website for the procurement of riot gear equipment.

The brief explained the need for the equipment by stating:

“the objective of this effort is to procure riot gear to prepare for the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the 2013 Presidential Inauguration and other future similar activities.

Department of homeland Security SealOver the last couple of months the Obama administration has been secretly ramping up its preparedness efforts in anticipation of large-scale civil unrest. We have documented numerous examples of how the federal government was preparing like,

Buckle up folks, it looks like we might be in for a bumpy ride!

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  1. I always look at things from a tactical perspective…Looking ahead like a chess game. Looking at this from the perspective of a person that would be fighting against a corrupt government (not saying this is the case or will be, just war gaming) One of my biggest concerns is if there is “civil unrest” and the feds seize control of internet and cell com’s it would greatly hinder a resistance fighters ability to respond. So I think if I was going to “plan ahead” I would identify people that have the skillsets to turn the internet and cell comm’s back on so-to-speak. The fed’s have telegraphed their intentions by the actions listed in this article. An opponent now needs to build their plans with those intentions in mind.

    • LOL, resistance fighters?? Please, even a prepper would not be that silly to hang their ass out the window for a corrupt government. Let this government faulter….make it through the storm and wait for the next government to be formed. Use your food, meds, and weps to protect yourself and forget ’bout it. The big time crime bosses will flourish and run cities once it settles down. I can only recommend buying more water and food if your solid on arms….just wait this bad boy out and bury anyone that trys to hurt you or your family once the system goes belly up. Good luck my man

    • I already know two guys there names are H.A.M. And C.B. I have to agree with Dan that seems counter productive to a survivalist or a prepper ethos and more along the lines of Che Guevara. However the art of war tells us communication is paramount.

      • Something is going to go down by the time the election comes around , Obama will not go quietly into the night if he thinks he is going to lose.

    • Maybe its wishful thinking on my part, but it seems that the news lately has not been good for Obama. I think his usual arrogance mey be inwardly shifting to desparation as the election draws near. And desparate men are dangerous men. I’ve always had this nagging in the back of my mind that he would do something to prevent the general election, if he thought he would not win. For so long, it appeared that he would probably get re-elected. But things have turned. So, the next 12 weeks will be a critical time to stay tuned to the news, to be vigilant. The old boy may have something planned that will be presented to the nation as, “For the safety of our citizens, I have asked the military to establish a presence in major cities to discourage blah, blah, blah, while we temporarily delay the general election to a time when it is safer to discuss a change in leadership…” Whew, talk about SHTF time, that will signal a time we are feared may come.

    • I would not be focusing on getting the internet back up. The reality is that the WWW is very valuable for intel gathering BY fedgov, AGAINST the people. If fedgov is smart, they will keep the internet UP, in order to continue to gather intel. At some point it might be better to go low-tech, and only use the www for planting disinfo.

  2. I reviewed the solicitation for the riot gear and it’s for 147 sets. Not a huge amount here people. If the administration wanted riot gear, they would use military channels to procure it secretly and not in a public document.

    • Exactly. In dealing with procurement of material these says you have to list very specific reasons that you need whatever it is your buying. The elections are probably just the most current “crisis” they can use for justification. On the other hand, we should all keep a close eye on things. DHS hasn’t hidden the fact that they have no problem with considering american citizens, even our own soldiers, sailors, marines and coasties, to be threat to national security. We should all be thinking strategically instead of tactically. Figure out where the next threat is coming from (strategic thinking) instead of(tactical thinking)

    • Well how the hell do you explain the 450 million rounds of ammo that they bought then?

      At the same time this corrupt government is telling the American people that buying over 1000 rounds is suspicious these turds buy 450 million rounds. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY NEED THAT MANY ROUNDS FOR?

    • Okay… 147 sets here… next week 75 sets there and there… two weeks later 125 sets over there too…

      How is that different from some “preppers” gathering their own supplies trying to stay under the radar? Ooops, they used a credit card this time and got a paper trail!

      • This is possible, but it is also possible that they are preparing for civil unrest. Though what you describe is more speculation than anything unless you know of other purchases of riot gear than the 147 listed here.

        • No I am not aware of any other purchases by the government, sure they could be preparing for a civil unrest, or just preparing for any multitude of scenarios; just like those reading these posts are preparing for whatever “might” occur.
          Yes my comment is “pure” speculation; as are many of the comments by others in regards to any SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation.
          The $#!t has not happened yet, so any potential scenario is “pure speculation.”
          Makes for interesting discussions though.

          • It does make for interesting speculation, though the way your original post came off was more along the lines of paranoia about the government doing something nefarious than about the government preparing for potential civil unrest (which I think is likely to happen regardless of who wins, but we’ll see).

          • I would agree, no matter which “liar” wins the upcoming election, it will not stop what I believe to be an inevitable economic crash. It may be prolonged before occurring, but IMHO I believe it still inevitable, and will result in some form of a civil unrest. I do not believe it will become a “zombie apocalypse,” but I do believe the “haves” will need to defend their stores against the “have-nots” and more so in an urban setting than a suburban or rural environment.

  3. You know its kinda funny how the USA condemns Syria for what their doing to the people yet they have stuff like this ready in case of civil unrest.Kinda do as I say -not as I do

  4. I was watching the TV news this morning when they said to not be alarmed if you see helicopters dropping off police because this was only a drill being done by the Homeland Security and the Miami Police department. This is Miami, Florida. What is going on!!

  5. Hey guys check out this bill. H. R. 6566 or the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act. And by the way its 1.6 billion rounds. I believe 500 mil are hollow point rounds. But this purchase was 13 times larger than any previous years. Just the ammunition purchase wouldn’t be a big deal but combine this purchase with 5 billion dollars they spent on dehydrated foods, N.D.A.A., repeal of Posse Comitatus, and the collapsing economy you will begin to see a clearer picture.

  6. Piss poor planning on your part doesn’t make it a emergency on my part.get it.any man ,woman should prepare for normal,you no normal put a few cans extra in the it.donot expect your fellow folks to bail your dumb ass out.

  7. Piss poor planning on your part doesn’t make it a emergency on my part.get it.any man ,woman should prepare for normal,you no normal put a few cans extra in the it.donot expect your fellow folks to bail your dumb ass ever heard of a c.b. radio?

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