Is DHS preparing for Civil War? DHS to Purchase 750 Million Rounds of Ammo

Large Scale DHS Ammo Purchases

Department of Homeland Security SealLast week we ran an article outlining The Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to prepare for large scale civil unrest around election time. As fears grow over what may happen, we have learned that the Department of Homeland Security may be heavily arming themselves for a possible confrontation.

News broke late last night, that DHS has placed a purchase order for 750 million rounds of high-power ammunition. This newest purchase order comes on the heels of another large-scale procurement of ammunition, from March of 2012, where DHS purchased 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo from Alliant Techsystems. To put these numbers into perspective, the war in Afghanistan has used an estimated 21 million rounds of ammunition to date.

NOAA Purchasing Ammo?

To add to the weirdness, earlier this morning it was reported that the National Weather Service (NWS) also placed a purchase order for ammunition. The Purchase order indicated that NWS needed 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. NWS quickly denied the report to the Washington Post, and described the purchase order as a clerical error. They claim that the Ammo was actually intended for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Preparing for Civil Uprising or Collapse?

Over the last year, we have outlined numerous examples of how the federal government seems to be preparing for a civil uprising or full blown collapse scenario. In fact, last week we reported on the publication of a military article that describes a theoretical situation where the U.S. Army would go to war with the American People (specifically tea party groups and “extremist right wingers”). The report described how future warfare could be conducted on American soil, and depicted scenarios where the U.S. Military would have to use its power against the American public.

The Federal Government, who is actively looking for ways to restrict your right to own firearms, is now stocking up on huge amounts of Ammo and studying theoretical situation where they could use military force on the American Public. The only question is why?

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    • thats all well and good to think like that, but companies produce so much ammo every day that ammo outnumbers humans by about a trillion rounds per continent.

      • “Buying up the ammo to short us” sounds like a possible answer, but it does not wash. They are buying primarily .40 cal pistol and 5.56 rifle ammo. There are no attempts to short to many other rounds out there (45, 9mm, 357, 30-06, 308, 30-30, etc). I believe there are many many more 9mm/45’s out there than 40’s apart from law enforcement. These are rounds that fit what they have, to be used for a specific purpose. To suppress the people and allow their iron fist to replace the Constitution. And now it is all hands on deck, any and every government agency is stocking up and banking on gov loyalty to help out their cause. Isn’t it nice to be squashed by traitors using our tax money?

        “Useful idiots” -Stalin

        • Actually, quite a lot of the ammunition the DHS is purchasing is 7.62x39mm, which is Russian ammunition for AK-47’s. Also, if this is for “training purposes” like the DHS claims, which it is not, why would you by 450 million hollow point rounds? They are gearing up for all-out civil war. War is coming. We must fight back!

      • Their “Treason” has been well documented. This is another example of intimidation by extra large rogue government thugs, bullies and control freaks.

  1. My local gun store tells me they can’t get any ammo in bulk right now. They had to stop selling 9mm by the case because they needed to have enough to sell to those coming to the range.

    • Heard the same more bulk, however there was boxed 100 rounds and typical 20 round boxes of 556 where I go. No doubt they are trying to corner the market on ammo. Guess its time to buy some more tin foil..

      I know agencys and mil go thru tons of ammo for practice. Send ya to the range and tell you to shoot till it gone.

      Who knows..I’m sure someone does, but wont tell till its too late

  2. Good lord. Another one of these? The “750 million rounds of ammo” is part of a IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) contract negotiated with an ammunition manufacturer. A IDIQ contract allows you to purchase up to a certain number of needed items at a predetermined price over a defined time period,(if this anything like the scare over the .40’s it’s probably 5 or 10 years) as opposed to having to renegotiate a contract every time you run low. This is a common form of contract used by nearly every government agency for everything from copy paper to cars, and they’ve been buying stuff his way for decades. It’s actually a good thing: it lets them lock in lower prices for things like ammo that tend to keep going up in price over the years. Stop believing every chain email you get forwarded.

    • Everyone say hello to Rick from DHS. Rick you are full of crap and you are either a moron or you work for DHS ~which I guess qualifies you as both~

      The 450 million is over a 1 year period, you are a liar to say it was for 5-10 years, the contract itself states it is needed for 1 YEAR. Maybe you should read the contracts before trying to spread disinformation, then again that’s probably your job over there at DHS.

      Some of us actually look into what the government is doing instead of believing the shit we are feed. This new 750 million contract is also over a one year period so nice try!

      Your chain mail comment just proves that you are a government stooge. This information is out there for everyone to see and is posted on the government CBO website so nice try but you can’t hide from this one. WE ARE ON TO YOU BASTARDS~ WE KNOW THAT YOU PEOPLE ARE PAID TO TROLL WEBSITES AND FORUMS~

      • Yes. The media and reality have a clear liberal bias.

        If you read the actual SF-30 purchase order the referenced site links to (which honestly does not look legit, its not filled out properly) it says that this is for a maximum number of rounds purchased over 5 years.

        Rick, I completely agree with your comment about rational analysis about your situation. Sensationalism and overreactions are NOT going to serve you well in the world, and particularly not in a SHTF survival situation.

        If this story had legs, it would have been picked up at a minimum by Fox News. Even Sean Hannity, who is one of the four horsemen of sensationalist spin reporting, squashed this story on his own show’s web forums because it’s no big deal. And if it had any shred of credibility, that guy would be all over it.

        It’s almost like people are WISHING for TEOTWAKI. Take some deep breaths and learn how to work through problems without shouting insults and delusions.

        • The minute you mentioned it needing to be on FOX news or mentioned by Hannity to be credible is the minute that you lost all creditability.

          It really amazes me that there are still people out there who live under the illusion that FOX News is somehow conservative and reliable. FOX News and the people who watch it are the reason this country has gone to shit. They have managed to brainwash huge masses of idiots into believing their sanitized version of Conservatism. BUSH, OBAMA, HANNITY, FOX NEWS = SAME SHIT

          • I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m not saying Hannity is remotely credible or sane, but seriously. If this story had ANY SHRED OF TRUTH OR CONCERN, Hannity or Glen Beck or one of those f*cktards would run with it. The fact that no one has shows that there is not even a semblance of truth that even the least respected professional journalist would stake their reputation on because as soon as they did they’d have their peepee smacked. This story will be relegated to extremist blogs and chain emails because it’s a load of horse pucky

    • Wow. Even if this is over 5 years why would they need 1.2 billion rounds? Keep in mind that this is on top of existing ammo contracts and if this is the second PO in 6 months you can be sure there will be many more.

      This is more ammo than the military has fired in the last 30 years of combat. Who exactly are these rounds meant for? Why does DHS need more ammo than the military?

      • An aside: I’m not particular wound up about this issue, but I’ll answer these because the disinformation is just too frustrating to keep seeing. This is supposed to be (and always used to be) a Survivalist website, not a “reprint every NRA fund-raising email” website. Step one of Survival: rationally analysis your situation and what the real risks are. What happened to our critical thinking? The DHS launching a war on us is a pretty low risk – we’ve got more pressing things we should be talking about.

        Chuck, the DHS has 135,000 armed personnel. Remember that now the Border Patrol, the Secret Service, the Coast Guard, and Air Marshals, and like 30 other agencies are all lumped under the DHS. That max of 450M rounds of .40cal and max of 750M rounds of mixed rifle/shotgun over 5 years works out to 667 pistol rounds and and
        1,111 rifle/shotgun rounds per person per year, maximum. (those contracts are “maximum” purchases, not the actual number they’ll order)

        Hell, I can go through that in a weekend at the range. I’m more worried that they’re only firing 667/1,111 rounds a year for combined training and duty uses. That’s equivalent to just a pistol mag and an AR mag a week spread over the whole year. No wonder federal agents are all such bad shots.

        • I think you’re missing the point. Why do we need 135,000 DHS agents? I’m more worried about the private army they’ve been building since 9/11.

          The founders never intended the federal government to have this much power. If there are enough agents to justify that much ammo, we have a bigger problem than them buying ammo.

          • Defnitely, I agree 100%. There’s no reason we need an militarized federal police force that’s bigger than the army of most countries.

            My point was that this whole, “DHS preparing for Civil War against the American People!!!!” crap is a scare tactic designed to get you to buy ammo and to vote republican. (who are just as much to blame for the police-stating of America as Dem’s are…there’s no real difference in that regard)

          • Hahaha. So do you like illegal immigration?135,000 isn’t that many people to protect over 6,000 miles of land border and over 12,000 miles of coastline.

          • And how again is this going to get me to vote republican? Just look at Megakarls comments above and you will see how a typical stupid republican responds to this.

            The fact is, “republicans” don’t give two shits about what’s going on. They are no different than the liberals who got us into this mess. They are two sides of the same coin.

            This government has been at war with the American public for decades. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either stupid or like megakarl gets all their news from FOX.

            And to megaman you really are Naive if you think this administration is sending any of that ammo to protect the border. And nowhere near 135k of those armed DHS agents are down on the border. Try a couple thousand if that!

    • How can you say this is a good thing? At best this is the government wasting huge amounts of tax dollars. Worst case I don’t even want to think about it.

  3. I don’t understand how this should matter if you really are just trying to survive than the means by which the SH’sTF won’t matter. If you are gonna survive and bug out than it won’t matter if they have lasers on there heads I would steer clear of any gov or fed involvement of any kind whether it’s the ssa or NOAA I don’t want to even see them. This seems like info more for a insurgency or a guerrilla war so as to stock up on firearms that fit that category. I think I’ll just stay quiet and safe with my bow

  4. This is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. Ultimately this is an issue of America trying to purchase what it needs to protect America. If you think that you need to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of you and yours then do it. Let’s not forget why we are all here, to help one another become better versed in survival. No matter the situation. This site was developed so that we can share our ideas and knowledge of survival to those who may be less knowledgable on the topic. Everyone laying out the politics card is only going to stir more people into political frenzy which in turn will up the chances of uprising. Let’s not give them reason to use those rounds by politicizing every questionable topic.

  5. To me this story really has more to do with who in the government is buying up the ammo and not how many rounds are being purchased.

    My problem with the ammo purchase comes from the fact that DHS, The NOAA and now the Social Security Administration, all of whom have no real law enforcement responsibilities, should not be arming themselves at this level.

    Of course government agencies are going to buy ammo, that’s not the problem. The DEA, FBI, ICE; all of these agencies have a need for ammo, as they are all REAL law enforcement agencies.

    I guess the real problem here comes from our government creating an out of control agency who has little if any actual purpose, and then allowing them to arm themselves at levels beyond real law enforcement agencies. I think we have a big problem when government agencies start giving themselves powers beyond what they are constitutionally allowed to have.

    For instance, it was reported today that the Social Security Administration issued a purchase order for over 174,000 rounds of Ammo. Since when is the Social Security Administration a recognized law enforcement agency? The federal government was never intended to have this much power.

    Some might say that this subject has nothing to do with survival, some suggest that we shouldn’t be talking about it. In my opinion, one look back throughout history will show you exactly why this topic is so important. It will also show you why it has everything to do with survival.

    Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people….
    Thomas Jefferson

  6. Obama is arming just about every government agency surrounding major cities or vital interests in case of uprising, civil war or economic collapse. No other reason. Most of the ammo and small arms purchases tracks back to DHS, FEMA, IRS, Department of Agriculture, EPA and other non law enforcement agency’s. Obama does not believe he can count on the military. He also knows he can’t train a civilian police force like we wanted to do in 2008. These are just early-warning signs of more Marxist tactics he will use if re-elected.

    • Scott, that’s the thing, I’m betting that most of the US Military would not attack American citizens. Hell, I’d say most of the Military would fight on the side of the citizens.

  7. Don’t worry about how much ammo the Gov’t has. Do something about how much ammo YOU have. Are you reloading yet? That will save you lots of money. Buy lots of components (primers, powder and bullets). Pick up FREE BRASS at the range or in the woods where folks gather to shoot.

  8. America could use alot more God,Guts,and GUNS. Keep y our powder dry boys,for the rest of you oxygen robberz pitty da fool that cant hunt farm or for that mattet do anything bezides wait for the mail to run!

  9. I really don’t think the military will turn on the people of this country. They know the government is trying to distroy this country, there mission will be to save the USA. God Bless

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