Report Prepared for Obama’s DHS & DOJ targets Survivalists, Patriots & Conservatives as Terrorist Threats

foundingextremistsThe Southern Poverty Law Center, a group who regularly attacks patriotic Americans by masquerading as a civil rights group, is compiling lists and conducting surveillance on what it calls “patriots”, “survivalists”, and “conspiracy theorists”. Even more disturbing, is the access this group has to the Obama administration’s Department of Justice.

In a report prepared for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is asking the Federal Government to create a new inter-agency task force which will be dedicated to tracking and taking down conspiracy theorists, survivalists, “Patriot groups” and the “American radical right”.

The Government Supported Attack Group, who is actively creating lists and conducting surveillance on Americans, says the following people need to be tracked by the Federal Government.

  • Those who talk about, or believe in Conspiracy Theories.
  • Those who talk about or believe in Agenda 21 — a United Nations sustainability plan that was signed by President George H.W. Bush and is part of a plan to impose socialism on America and strip away private property rights.
  • Those who believe that the government is poised to take their guns.
  • Those who believe the President is trying to impose Socialism on the American people.
  • Those who call themselves Survivalist or belong to Patriot Groups.
  • Right-wing groups like the Tea Party, the Constitution Party, the Oath Keepers, or other “conspiracy-oriented Patriot groups”

The report was written by J. Richard Cohen, President of the SPLC and a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism Working Group.

The fact that our government entertains the thoughts of a raving madman is a testament to how far this country has fallen from its founding doctrines. How a person who labels patriotic Americans as a terrorist threat is allowed to work with the federal government, especially at a time when the DHS is in the middle of so many Spying & Drone Scandals, is a complete mystery that should scare the hell out of every American in this country.

We have a government who is declaring war on the thoughts, opinions and principles that founded this country. When a man who declares Patriots to be a “terrorist group” is allowed such high level access to our leaders, there is something seriously wrong with our system.

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  1. It is unfortunate: these are the same people, as Republicans, voted for Bush, believed that 9/11 was committed by 19 Muslim men with box-cutters, directed by a man on dialysis, living in a cave in Afghanistan. That there were weapons of mass destruction, supported the so-called war on terrorism, and stood by while police state laws were enacted that now will treat them as suspects.

  2. If the US government doesn’t consider you a terrorist you must be an idiot or a government terrorist yourself.

  3. Clearly we have communist and radicals running this government. They are just a few but they wield power because of their assigned positions.

    But they number only a dozen or so at the very top. They can easily be dispatched or ignored if everyone does this enmasse.

    They are highly hateful, have extremely ridiculous policies and frightfully immature thinking. They really don’t belong there.

    They belong should first practice their asinine experimentation on themselves to see how it works. I assure they would stop as soon as it is applied.

  4. After spending 16 yrs in the middle of the Pacific…Hawaii….I came home and found Communists marching hand in hand with the teachers union in L.A…during the May Day “parade” along with signs of illegals walking with signs saying ..get out of our country gringos…not to mention since Ovomit took office…I have had a SMART CARD device placed on my system by the feds for speaking out ….have had over 1000 flights by Heli’s over my home in the last year and a half… is far far far ..worse than even what is being reported….go figure….

  5. Poor James, and all like him. He actually thinks hs on the winning side, like these gonna be one. Idiot America. James, eventually, you’re just another loose end to them to be cleaned up…………..

  6. we are missing the point when overlooking the connection of the Communist Jewish involvement that pervades our society. They are not socialist at all but invested in slavery pure and simple.

  7. though i hope and pray there is not mass violence and death based on all the things the government has done and continues to do, i don’t see realistically how it will be avoided. we can talk on and on about what the gov’t is doing, but what i don’t see ( and maybe i haven’t read enough ) is specifically how we can organize if/when tshtf. with communications likely to be minimal then, how can we now make some plans, strategies, tactics which can be implemented locally that people can follow? of all i have read and agree to in what has been said, we need an operable/ locally implementewd game plan. anyone got some good ideas?

  8. How can I afford to compete with the vast amount of ammunition and weaponry that the DHS may use to quell or supress any resistance I put forth as a single law abiding military veteran just trying to figure out how to make it on a daily basis?
    I’ll grow my garden. Buy some more ammo. Get my food storage toether and some fuel. Wish my ex wives and children good luck and hunker down and wait to see who comes a gunning.
    To quote Long John Silver “Them’s that die are the lucky ones”

    • I hear you; neither do any of us. As the saying goes, one man’s terrorist is another one’s freedom fighter. To the DHS, anyone who opposes Obummer and his regime is a “terrorist”.

      Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin referred to every Russian and Ukranian dissident as a terrorist and murdered some 60 million of them.

  9. Those who rightly observe that our military and police swore an oath to defend the US People’s Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, do consider:

    Most of our fighting military has no way home from hundreds of foreign bases, many are getting burnt out in illegal wars, underequipped and undersupplied. When they do finally make it back many are physically or psychologically damaged from “back-door draft” extended tours, and marginalized by our government (who sent them over there) and our NIMBY civilian society (who can’t or won’t employ them when they return).

    We’ve all heard the possible unintended consequences of over a decade of high-handed oppression and erosion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights referred to as a Second American Revolution, and there are many historical precedents for such an eventuality, and for it going either way.

    If, as many aver, we are to be put in a position of physical opposition to an illegal DHS force possessing weapons, ammo, armored vehicles, and drones (not to mention vast supplies of coveted MREs and water supplies), I doubt our trained military can be depended upon to help us from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, or wherever they’ve been conveniently shipped off to.

    But one thing there is little precedent for: An American people forearmed by the 2nd Amendment and forwarned by the Internet, some of whom may be prepared to take back from illegal rogue agencies what has been confiscated from the populace.* Kids who can figure out drones, people who’ve driven armored vehicles, hundreds of thousands who’ve used modern assault weapons proficiently.

    And capable organizers…I don’t just mean “community” organizers, I mean citizens who’ve lead armed troops in the field. If the people couldn’t cope with Katrina or Sandy imagine the purchase of a bunch of ammo and drones gives them the upper hand, they might be in for an ugly surprise.

    *Actually, 1776 is the nearest we get the this scenario: French and Indian War vets living in armed households, oppressed by a clueless Imperial government, denied representation, and a still extant underground communications network left over from the War and frontier Indian raids.

    There are other parallels.

  10. If the gubbermint starts rounding up folks and Guns, do not just sit around and wait for them to get to your house

    Go to their home 20 and put them on the run, they would soon suffer a shortage of agents and would be unable to continue with their raids

    A gun behind every Blade of Grass…………..

  11. queen of great britain not as well as they say north korea acting up picking last pope stock market record highs president going to isreal on passover im 53 i have never witnessed so many things happening in such a short amount of time i see people going about thier daily lives like nothing is happening planning vacations purchaseing big tv’s worst of all our youth has no idea what is in store for them very sad

  12. I am a terroris under your definition. YOU ARE TRAITORS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. No amount of bullets will save you on the day of reckoning with the King of Kings.

  13. Don’t forget everything is lineing up to the Word of God. Stand Haveing done all too stand If you go down the next moment you will be in the presence of God. We know the end. We read the book we Won.

  14. It’s getting scary out there in America. Military weapons & assault vehicles w/machine mounts now patroling our city streets is just wrong.

    I cannot help but think that ‘they’ know something we don’t and are preparing for it. Possibly a long hot summer when the stock market finally crashes…who knows?

  15. Hey SPLC 70% of Americans are on your F’n List. Thats just the ones who dont trust this hijacked government. SPLC go tell your masters “That hell is coming”. You got that? “Hell is coming”

    A new poll by Pew shows that only 3 in 10 Americans trust our government:
    For the past seven years, a period covering the final two years of the Bush administration and President Obama’s first term, no more than about three-in-ten Americans have said they trust the federal government to do the right thing always or most of the time.

  16. Everyone, write your congressmen and tell them to label the SPLC for what it really is, a subversive element stationed in the U.S. for a foreign goverment, Israel. American christians for some reason believe Israelies love them as much as they love Israel. This is not the case. See there is no Christmas tree on the whies house lawn, just a 30 ft. Minoura

  17. There’s nothing Southern about the splc,they need to rename it the northern poverty law center,after all,the northeast is full of liberal pukes and poor people.Odumbo left the hurricane victims hanging and got a pass,the left wing commie northerner will do anything for the dumbocrat party.

  18. Look who’s wearing the tinfoil hat now. The Dept. of Fatherland Insincerity is looking very paranoid these days. Maybe they’re too psychologically unstable to have guns?

  19. I love my country, its people, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and our glorious bald eagle and American Flag. I served in the military for 28 years before retiring and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see the day when I would have deep reservations about our government. But, with our current administration it appears that a Presidential police force is happening before the public. its name, DHS Department of Homeland Security, with 1.6 billions rounds of hollow points, 2800 personnel armored carriers, requesting 50 million for uniforms and recent purchase of 7000 additional arms not to mention that just recently DHS has orders long guns in all calibers as well as hand guns it leads me to one conclusion.DHS is declaring war on the American Citizens who disagree with this president on under the 2nd Amendment will not easily give up gun ownership. There are presently 65 known drone sites with over 3000 available drones and the deployment of an MED attachment is not beyond beliief. MED stands for a microwave dish that Emmits waves that will fry the brain and broil the blood. Imagine a DHS vehicle parks 100 yards from your house and announces thru a public address system to come out of your home now or use of deadly force will be applied. 5 minutes goes by and the transmitter is turned on, the brain reacts, you try to exit your home but you had been warned, bang you are shot dead. Can’t happen? Think again, in a period of Martial Law the military commanders are under the authority of DHS, DHS calls the shots not the military. What is going on right now is the scariest thing I have ever seen, call your Senators and Congressmen or women and have them question then defund DHS before it is to late.I am not a dissident nor am I a conspiracy buff, but, a 9-12 patriot who has peacefully tried to be active and support the US Constitution. Because of my posting I’m sure my name appears on the goverment round up list and will be captured or removed by any means, which will be better than a reindoctrination camp at more than 600 sites already prepared for us. Did I fail to mention FEMA has alreaady stockpiled hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins to stuff us in, better than body being dumped into a trench, lymed over and dirt push in, I suppose. May God bless our great country and stay safe, keep your family save the best you can

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