Retired Marine Colonel Claims DHS Building Illegal Domestic Military Force

A video is making its rounds around the internet today, one that goes along with our article on the militarization of local police forces, in which a retired Marine Colonel claims the Department of Homeland Security is building its own domestic military force.

The video is a pretty good summary of what we’ve been reporting on for the last couple of years, and in my opinion, should be a wake-up call for those who are still in denial.

The Marine Colonel, who says he was the Ministry of Defense Coordinator – responsible for training and equipping the Iraqi army – claims that the Department of Homeland Security has more powerful equipment, and could wipe out the forces they trained in Iraq in under a week. He spoke at a town hall meeting in Concord, New Hampshire after the local police chief requested Military equipment to suppress disturbances initiated by activists .

With this information in mind, you really have to ask yourself: Why is the Department of Homeland Security building an illegal, and Unconstitutional Domestic Military force?

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  1. When shit hits the fan they will just blame it on the American people and then come kick in our doors..the government is corrupt and everyone knows but what can we do? I’ve been following stories like this for years and it just keeps getting worse.. What’s next ??arming the Boy Scouts with grenade launchers?

  2. Most law enforcement officers have been understaffed or equipped with minimal used and old gear for a long time. Having to address criminals with superior fire power with sub standard equipment is not fun to say the least. People want their persons and properties protected then want to restrict how its done. Any US military veteran can testify to having their hands tied behind their back when engaging a threat. IT SUCKS
    In regards to militarized forces used on American people what’s the answer ??? Not everyone can shoot or should own a gun. Some people are just not capable of this responsibility. So how does one determine the right amount of protection against terrorist threats or the average criminal for that matter and not over equipping our law enforcement. I bet any one of you on this site wouldn’t patrol the streets with just harsh words. You would be stacked up if left up to you.

    • I don’t know where you live but the boys in blue around here have had plenty of firepower for a long time, if you look at what equipment is bought by and where at, it looks like the big cities are gearing up for a fight in the inner cities.
      as far as whom should have a gun, I think everyone should have a weapon for protection, but they should know how and when to use it, and yes there are classes for this, free in most areas.
      And yes having your hands tied SUCKS, knowing you can make a difference and not being allowed is very frustrating.

    • Having the equipment to do the job is one thing, heavily armored vehicles is kinda overkill wouldn’t you say? something else. Besides that, consider this: who’s paying for this expensive equipment? Taxpayers are. There used to be a time when police got govt surplus equipment at mimimal cost. Now, it’s state of the art with a price tag to match.

    • I realy don’t think that rocket launchers and MINIGUNS are required equiptment to combat gangs in America. Yet our government is supplying them to local police forces. As to your comment that “not everyone can shoot or own a gun”, well, we have the right regardless of capability. As we can see by some of the comments on this page, not everyone is qualified to handle free speech.

    • The U.S. government has been equipting and training personel against terrorist attack for a long time now. Our over equipted police have not stopped a single attack. Indeed, just recently a well trained anti terrorist police unit that was ON SCENE was ordered to stand down during an armed attack (naval yard). The comander did not like it, said many could have been saved. It looks as though they have other things on thier mind.

  3. …After watching another train load of suburban military equipment flow past me at a railroad crossing in Tehachapi, California, I wondered about its use against civilians in a ‘takeover’ by the powers that be with an ex military man over coffee. He started laughing at my concerns. He was a mechanic for fifteen years for the Marine Corps heavy equipment branch. Here’s what he told me: “The military doesn’t ‘Give’ anything away for no reason. All that stuff you see flowing into local police hands is JUNK. If its not glowing from depleted uranium its broken down in some giant holding area. The vehicles get two miles to the gallon. The air conditioning units fail constantly forcing the troops in the rear in all their gear to open the vented windows. There goes your protection. The maintenance is unbelievable. Every time your local cops roll out with these white elephants they can watch their budgets skyrocket. Even without the additional armor their constantly breaking down because of a myriad number of defects. Oh, you want to take one into the bush? If it ain’t paved fah-get-about-it. If they even smell sand or mud they instantly break down. Those vehicles are the least of your problems. If you want to stay up at night worrying, think, DRONES”!….

  4. I agree with you, Sniper. If you open the truck of just about any LEO vehicle in Texas, it has a fully automatic M-4 ready to go. Heck, our Game Wardens have 4TH GENERATION night vision goggles and Infra-red headlights that allow them to drive completely blacked out at 80 MPH. I, for one, am not buying this story that our local police forces need drones and armored personnel carriers just so the local PD can play “Army” with their toys. This is getting VERY SERIOUS people! We must stop this militarization at the LOCAL GOVERNMENT level.

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