DHS to Scan Private Sector Business Emails

DHSThe Department of Homeland Security announced it will be expanded it’s email spying program to include American citizens.

Under the flag of cyber security, NBC is reporting DHS is in the process of expanding its “cybersecurity program” to scan Internet traffic and emails from U.S. private, civilian-run infrastructure. As part of the program, DHS will now scan most emails sent from private sector employees who work in industries like banking, utilities and transportation.

The program is being sold as a precautionary measure to protect the county from cyber attacks, but like everything DHS does, I believe this is just one more example of a government agency that has grown out of control.

The program was put in place through an executive order on cybersecurity that was signed by President Obama last month. Yet again, our liberty is attacked without even a vote in congress; sadly even that probably wouldn’t have stopped it, since most of these spineless politicians seem hell-bent on shredding the Constitution.

Obama administration skirts the law by making DHS the middleman

To get around privacy laws, The Department of Homeland Security will gather the private data and then pass it off to a small group of private companies for analysis. By using these private companies, DHS makes it harder for the public to fight back in court, since many of these companies routinely collect private data as part of their standard business practices.

While cyber attacks are a very real threat, a threat that we talk about a lot, I don’t believe setting up a surveillance program to spy on Americans is the answer to the problem, especially when most of these attacks are being conducted by foreign governments.

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  1. Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave right now… (for the 17th time in the last decade).

    hate to hear this, but appreciate the heads up guys.


  2. Clearly, the greater threat is from the Obama administration. If Obama and his Liberal/Socialist buddies were acting on behalf of the people, he wouldn’t have the pretense of acting to protect the country. So Obama creates the unsafe environment and then tells stupid Americans he has to take extraordinary steps to protect us from the unsafe environment he created in the first place.

  3. Joe: DHS was created in 2002 by GW Bush. He really started the ball rolling in stomping on the Constitutional rights of American citizens and Obama has accelerated it. There’s no difference between the two parties.

    Irv: This is has nothing to do with Obama’s color. It’s racists like you that give everyone concerned about civil rights, preppers and survivalists a bad name.

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