Department of Homeland Security preparing millions for New Madrid Earthquake

DHS Hold On ImageThe Department of Homeland Security is preparing millions of people in the Midwest for a possible New Madrid super quake in what they are calling the “Great Central U.S. Shake Out.” They are asking people who live along the New Madrid fault line to take part in the April 28th earthquake preparedness drill.

According to Homeland Security the event already has over 2.5 million people taking part in the preparedness drill. The White House is asking schools in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee to participate in the event.

Here is the official “Drop, Cover, & Hold On” Video:

  • In a related article from a couple months ago,we  reported that FEMA was looking into buying millions of emergency meals in preparation for a possible New Madrid quake.


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  1. Getting help from the FED for an emergency prob means getting help from FEMA which is like taking away your 5th amendment rights and walking your self right into a maximum security prison and surrendering any rights you ever thought you had before you get through the door…If they aren’t going to send me MRE’s and water pkgs and first aid kits ahead of time so I have them, tell them to stay out of the way!!! I don’t know if I’d even trust them for a drill…

  2. There is a better way instead of diving under a desk. The most recent data reveals a person should stretch lengthwise along the length of a dresser or other large piece of furniture, and not in a door way or under a table because if the walls or ceiling fall, the large furniture will prop them up creating a triangular space next to the furniture.

    If a wall or ceiling falls on a table it is likely to collapse on top of the person under it! This info is public knowledge and was broadcast on the science channel as recently as last year. If FEMA is teaching people the preferable method is to get under a table, their information is woefully out of date.

  3. i grew up in southern california. prepare for an earthquake. how can you there is no real way yet to know when one will hit. my parents had their own emergency kit made up plus a wrench to shut the gas off outside. and we had a plan worked out in case we got one and we all in different areas. seperated. omg HS is to scary and fema is a joke. they can not get anything right. an example is how they so called helped after katrina. if we here this it is time to run away as fast as you can. I AM FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND AM HERE TO HELP YOU.

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