DHS Orders Drones that can Spy on Americans, Detect those Carrying Guns, & Monitor Cell Conversations

Drones, Gun Control & Loss of Liberty

Just when it seemed like the government couldn’t possibly infringe on another one of our rights, the Department of Homeland Security ups the Ante, and orders a whole fleet of Spy Drones that can detect whether or not an American Citizen is armed.

DHSIn a report from CNET, the organization has learned that the Department of Homeland Security is in the process of building a whole new fleet of Predator B Drones that will be deployed throughout the United States. These new Drones, which are being built by San Diego-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, will be able to identify American that are armed, spy on cell phone conversations, and possibly even launch deadly attacks anywhere in America.

CNET, who uncovered a unredacted copy of the Department of Homeland Security’s drone requirements, is reporting that these new Domestic Spy Drones are being built with signal interception technology and the capability to identify people on the ground. They also found out that these Predator B Drones are being built to accept “targeting and weapons delivery” systems.

DHS Predator B DroneWhy exactly does the Department of Homeland Security need drones that can monitor cell phone conversations and detect whether or not and American Citizen is armed? And why are these DOMESTIC drones being built with the ability to add on targeting and weapons delivery systems?

As we reported last week, The Obama administration is refusing to answer whether or not these types of drones will be used to target American Citizens, on American Soil. In fact, Senator Rand Paul has sent three letters to the Obama Administrations CIA Nominee John Brennan, asking whether or not the Administration believes they have the power to use these drones against Americans. To date, no one in the Obama administration will answer that question.

So for those keeping score, we have a Department of Homeland Security who has:

So who is this threat that DHS is spending so much time, effort and money to spy on?

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  1. Over 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition purchased, for which “some are saying is being stockpiled in case the American Public Rebels.” Sure I believe they are stockpiling, but not necessarily to prepare for a rebellion… maybe they are trying to create a shortage making it more difficult for the general populous to acquire for their own needs… maybe they are stockpiling now before the money they use to make the purchases becomes totally worthless. Maybe ammunition will be the currency of the future ;O)

    Spy drones have been around for decades, they just keep getting more advanced. They already have optics that can distinguish from miles away the difference between someone carrying a broom versus a rifle, but I seriously doubt they can tell if someone is carrying a concealed handgun… IMHO I think the whole detection of arms would be to identify the obviously ‘heavily armed’ individual.

    I would combine Internet Monitoring Systems and Domestic Spy Facilities as being synonymous; anything and everything that goes over the wire is stored for indefinite periods…

    Encrypted or not does not matter… it is out there and it is being captured. Big Brother has been here a while and is not going away any time soon. If you are worried about your own OPSEC then you should not even be here, or any other ‘off-grid’ preparedness site. Just run a traceroute from you PC to any of your preferred sites… each segment has the potential for capturing ‘your’ traffic at any point along the way.

    Why are people being scared about drones flying overhead? We are already being observed at most intersections. It is mere speculation at this point that they will be used against any citizens on US Soil. IF that were to ever occur, regardless the specious reasoning explained behind the incident, THEN every citizen in this nation should stand up in defiance, and I believe the majority would come to the table. Sometimes it takes drastic events to warrant drastic measures.

    Yes, the government is spending money hand-over-fist, like they have it… I think the endless printing, the continued ‘questionable’ purchases… Maybe, just maybe, they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and it IS the train, so they are printing more and more money, spending faster than they can print it, so when the bubble finally does burst they already acquired the majority of their stockpile with the now worthless fiat currency. Possession is 9/10th of the law.

    • Just to add… the accumulation of ammo could be an alternative to gun control… ‘sure, you can keep your guns, you just can’t get ammunition anymore.’

      Also, stockpiling before ‘the’ collapse, not only is possession 9/10th of the law… if you are going to default anyhow, you may as well default “BIG”… what’s a few zeroes between ‘friends’?

      • This is exactly what I said, because they know we are not going to give up the guns. If we have no ammo for them half the battle is already won, but the people need to learn how to reload their own bullets and then they will not have won.

    • I’m not sure I like your scenario any better, both options lead to a place where none of us want to go. We are in for some major trouble ahead.

      • I am sure other scenarios could be painted as dimly as one could imagine, and all of them where no one wants to go.
        I agree we are in for some major troubles ahead.

      • Hey HipCowboy… not even close, no association at all… but hey if that is what you think, all I can say is it takes one to know one… you gay caballero pussy.

  2. IM more worried about the chip (Mark of the beast) I don’t carry a gun and don’t care if they hear what I say on the phone. They can already hear cell phones. Fact I would not be surprised if you can’t get a scanner at radio shack to do it yourself. Maybe not though the last time I had a scanner it only picked up people with old cordless house phones.

    • I agree on being more worried about “the chip” being pushed as an item ‘for your protection.’ Back in 1939 they did not have the technology, so they placed numbers on the arms… sad analogy, but may become a reality.
      I too do not own any guns and do not care what ‘they’ listen to over my phones… I am who I am and I have nothing to hide.

      • I have this conversation with people all the time. It’s not about having something to hide. It’s about them putting their noses in your business.

    • @ hipcowboy420
      You from the posts I can see will be one of the first to expire when things fall through!
      Your postings are worthless, please engage the rest of us here only if you have something constructive. Simple enyough said.

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