Dick’s Sporting Goods will stop selling BLACK Rifles

Dicks Sporting Goods

In the latest corporate liberal temper tantrum, Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced they will stop selling so-called assault-style rifles in the wake of the Florida School Shooting — in other words, they will no longer sell guns that are Black and Look Scary… #BlackGunsMatter?

Despite making millions of dollars off of gun owners, Dick’s has decided it’s more important to win points with liberal politicians and released the following statement.

Media Statements

We at DICK’S Sporting Goods are deeply disturbed and saddened by the tragic events in Parkland. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their loved ones.

But thoughts and prayers are not enough.

We have tremendous respect and admiration for the students organizing and making their voices heard regarding gun violence in schools and elsewhere in our country.

We have heard you. The nation has heard you.

We support and respect the Second Amendment, and we recognize and appreciate that the vast majority of gun owners in this country are responsible, law-abiding citizens. But we have to help solve the problem that’s in front of us. Gun violence is an epidemic that’s taking the lives of too many people, including the brightest hope for the future of America – our kids.

Following all of the rules and laws, we sold a shotgun to the Parkland shooter in November of 2017. It was not the gun, nor type of gun, he used in the shooting. But it could have been.

Clearly this indicates on so many levels that the systems in place are not effective to protect our kids and our citizens.

We believe it’s time to do something about it.

Beginning today, DICK’S Sporting Goods is committed to the following:

  • We will no longer sell assault-style rifles, also referred to as modern sporting rifles. We had already removed them from all DICK’S stores after the Sandy Hook massacre, but we will now remove them from sale at all 35 Field & Stream stores.
  • We will no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 years of age.
  • We will no longer sell high capacity magazines.
  • We never have and never will sell bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly.

At the same time, we implore our elected officials to enact common sense gun reform and pass the following regulations:

  • Ban assault-style firearms
  • Raise the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21
  • Ban high capacity magazines and bump stocks
  • Require universal background checks that include relevant mental health information and previous interactions with the law
  • Ensure a complete universal database of those banned from buying firearms
  • Close the private sale and gun show loophole that waives the necessity of background checks

We hope others join us in this effort to let our kids know that their pleas are being taken seriously.

Some will say these steps can’t guarantee tragedies like Parkland will never happen again. They may be correct – but if common sense reform is enacted and even one life is saved, it will have been worth it.

We deeply believe that this country’s most precious gift is our children. They are our future. We must keep them safe.

Edward W. Stack
Chairman & CEO
DICK’S Sporting Goods

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  1. They should just shut down, such sap crap.
    Years ago I found a ammo shelf priced wrong and citing retail law
    demanded they sell me said ammo at shelf listed price.
    Yea this was at dicks.
    The cashier actually threatened me for taking advantage of their screw up.
    I bought multiple boxes of 7.62×39 at roughly 1/3 the normal price at the time it was American Eagle ammunition, red/white box.

    On a second occasion I made an error on a form for a rifle purchase.
    They refused to sell any gun to me when I requested a second form and even explained my error to no avail.
    Never went back.


  3. I don’t shop at Dick’s. I am a gun owner, but do not own assault rifles. Banning assault rifles will not stop mentally disturbed people from attacking the public. I do think it’s a good idea to raise the age of purchase to 21 for guns & ammo. However, this does not preclude a person’s father, mother, uncle, etc., from purchasing a gun & ammo for their dear loved one, nor will it keep underage thugs from getting their hands on guns in the streets–they already do that. If lawmakers raise the age for gun purchase to 21, then those who enter the military at a young age should be trained and used in a capacity of service to this country (e.g. clean-up after disasters), and not sent to serve in a war until age 21. With maturity, they will be better equipped to handle the job. You can’t train 18-yr-olds to kill in war, but deny them the right to purchase a gun as a law-abiding citizen.

    • I think we should raise everything to 25!! Drinking, smoking, firearms, ammo, military service, and voting. Today’s kids are just to immature. People are living longer so simple biology would indicate maturity would occur later like around 25.

    • My only problem with raising the age for all guns and ammo to 21 is all of the 18 to 21 year Olds that are in the military, raising a family and living off base now being told they can no longer own a firearm and go hunting. What Will the impact be to states that will have to change their hunting laws to 21 to be afield unsupervised with a gun? Hell, I joined the USA at 19, had a wife and daughter and owned a trailer in Montana. At 20, I was installing nukes on minuteman missiles.

  4. Boycott Dick’s Sporting Goods Stores. I will never shop in their stores again. Their prices are higher than other retailers unless the product is on sale, so screw them. We don’t need them. There are plenty of other retailers to purchase firearms and ammo from. I would pay more before I would purchase from Dick’s.

    • They pulled a quick one and started selling them under a different brand name. They opened up 35 field and stream stores so they could secretly still make money in guns while appeasing liberals. Now they’ve pulled them from their smaller brand stores

  5. idiots.
    knee jerk reaction…hope they like writing Chapter 11 on their paperwork a lot.
    losers..pandering to the cause of lunatics (aka liberals)

    • I agree, any company that has joined the left’s cause should be put on a list and never ever get one penny from any gun owner. One day all this will blow over and these companies will be begging for us to come back, no thanks.

  6. Here is the specs on the only AR in stock at Field and Stream.
    I was surprised to see this type of gun bias put into action, but in the they did just what I expected. The mini is just dangerous as other ARs, but has more of a hunting rifle look to it. While I think semi-auto rifles should only be available to the military and well-trained militias, it sad that a company would lie to consumers to gain their favor.

  7. was gonna ask if they still sold the 30 round magazines for the mini 14, or the mini 14..looks like they are, so sorry while I roll on the floor and laugh my ass off, stupid reaction and still sell a rifle just as deadly. maybe weighs 1 additional pound.. MAYBE.

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