Your Digital Papers Please: Verification ‘passports’ to Prove your Clean start in Israel and EU

Your COVID Papers Please

As we’ve predicted since the beginning of the COVID Scam, Vaccination ‘passports’ and Digital Papers are now a thing. In Israel, Digital Vaccination passports are starting to become part of life – and if you can’t show your digital papers you could soon be unable to conduct commerce and live your life in the dystopian, COVID New World.

It seems the same people who can’t stop talking about how they were forced to wear stars and show their papers, are now the champions of modern-day totalitarianism.

For the first time since the fairytale “pandemic” started, Israeli musician Aviv Geffen stepped up to his electric piano and began to play for a live audience.

“A miracle is happening here tonight,” Geffen told the crowd. But the show wasn’t actually open to the public, NO, this show was for those who could show their digital papers!

Only people displaying a “green passport” on their digital device showing they had been vaccinated or had recovered from COVID-19 could get in.

The highly controlled concert offered a glimpse of what tyrannical governments around the world are preparing for your future – a future where those who do not bow down and submit, wear the MARK, and comply will be left unable to participate in the New World.

Israel adopts Nazi Policies? EU not far behind!

Jews Wearing Star Badge

Inside Israel, green passports or badges obtained through an app is the new reality, harkening back to a time when Jews were required to wear the Star of David to move throughout Germany.

How a government that can’t stop yapping about oppression can now push policies on their people and the world that literally reflect the same policies that they have bitched about for 80+ years is beyond belief – but here we are, Jews now begging to carry modern day badges to identify themselves as clean!

Recently, the Zionist government reached agreements with Greece and Cyprus to recognize each other’s green badges. Anyone unwilling or unable to get the jabs that confer immunity will be “left behind,” said Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein.

“It’s really the only way forward at the moment,” Geffen said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The checks at the club’s doors, which admitted only those who could prove they are fully vaccinated, allowed what the media is promoting as the new sense of normality. “People can’t live their lives in the new world without them,” he said. “We must take the vaccines. We must.”

EU coronavirus summit: Vaccine certificates expected by summer

Leaders from the European Union’s (EU) 27-member states came to together for a virtual summit on Thursday with the aim of pushing these new digital passports on the populous.

In the evening press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was consensus on having the certificates. So here we have the Germans, and the Jews teaming up to push digital papers – anyone else think this is beyond fucking odd?

“Everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate,” the German chancellor said. She added that the certificates could be available by summer, as the bloc needs three months to create a technical framework.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz backed the idea in an appearance on the online television channel of Germany’s Bild newspaper. He said digital vaccine passports would enable a restart to free travel in Europe and could help “secure and protect” struggling sectors like the arts, sports and gastronomy.

Manfred Weber, the head of the conservative bloc in the European Parliament, has called for a speedy rollout of a vaccine passport in order to allow freedom of movement in the EU. “[A] vaccination passport is crucial and is immediately necessary,” Weber told DW. “We have to speed up because currently [only tens of thousands] of Europeans are vaccinated every day.”

Mega-Corporations Push for Digital Papers inside of the U.S.

Here in the United States, our corporate overlords have taken up the mantle of pushing the vaccine and the Digital Mark of the Beast. As we reported back in November of 2020, corporations around the world are getting ready to enact digital barcode tracking of every person in the world which will include mandatory vaccines and COVID testing to be able to participate in commerce.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, they are openly telling you what they are doing!

The Commons Project states on their website, “For global travel and trade to return to pre-pandemic levels, travelers will need a secure and verifiable way to document their health status as they travel and cross borders.  Countries will need to be able to trust that a traveler’s record of a COVID PCR test or vaccination administered in another country is valid. Countries will also need the flexibility to update their health screening entry requirements as the pandemic evolves and science progresses.  Airlines, airports and other travel industry stakeholders will need the same.”

None of this is actually about a virus, it’s about pushing fear and making sure they can control every aspect of your life!

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  1. Hmm, I’ve had my first shot as I was more than reluctant to even take the shots, but my son and daughter both working in healthcare were on me to get the shots ( I’m in my mid 70’s ) as some of my other family members were after me to get the shots. that plus the fact I want to do some traveling this year ( hopefully ) with the main trip being to thailand to spent some time with my son and his new family. Thailand has a automatic 14 day quarantine upon arrival, will they wave it if I can prove that I’ve had the shots ? Will I need to prove that I’ve had the shots just to travel in the continental U.S. ?

    • DON’T TAKE THE VACCINATIONS. They stimulate your body to create a “spike” protein. This is supposed to attack the covid that enters your body, but often also attacks your cells in the lungs, kidney, and liver most often but will also often attack your small intestine, heart, and brain. This statistic is supported by Dr. Tenpenny, who is well known worldwide as an expert in three different fields, board-certified in those fields, and has patients in all fifty states and about 17 different countries. look her up. Also, for my fellow Christians, look up Flashpoint News. It is a Christian news station and looks behind the scenes of the government’s propaganda.

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