DOJ Arguing Supreme Court Case that Could Replace Constitution with U.N. International Law

What does a scorned woman putting poison in the muffler of her husband’s lover’s car have to do with your Constitutional rights? Unfortunately, thanks to the Federal Government, a lot!

In what sounds like the combination of a bad conspiracy novel mixed with an even worse Lifetime movie, a case making its way through the Supreme Court is anything but a work of fiction. In fact, many are saying this case is actually the federal government’s attempt to circumvent the United States Constitution in favor of U.N. Treaties and International Law.

Attorney General Eric Holder, currently has Justice Department attorneys advancing an argument at the Supreme Court that could allow the feds to invoke international treaties as a legal basis for policies that conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

The case, Bond v. United States, involves a woman charged with violating the international ban on chemical weapons because she used toxic chemicals to harass a former friend who had an affair with her husband. While this may seem like an odd case to get involved in, especially at a federal level, its outcome has far-reaching repercussions.

Under the Constitution, most cases like this would be handled at a state or local level; but by inserting themselves into this case, and prosecuting the woman under the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation, the Federal Government is attempting to by-pass the Constitution in favor of international law.

What this women is accused of doing is no doubt a crime; but for the federal government to step in and charge her based on an international treaty, is not only unconstitutional, but it has far-reaching consequences that some say could affect every single person in this country.

Before giving a speech on the issue, Senator Ted Cruz earlier today told the Washington Examiner, “The Constitution created a limited federal government with only specific enumerated powers.” … “The Supreme Court should not interpret the treaty power in a manner that undermines this bedrock protection of individual liberty.”

In his speech, Cruz went on to warn that what the Federal Government is doing is not only “absurd” but it “could be used as a backdoor way to undermine” Second Amendment rights, and other areas of the Constitution.

Why Would the Justice Department take such a seemingly arbitrary case?

In my opinion, this case is anything but arbitrary. If the Justice Department wins this case, U.N. Treaties and international laws could be used to abolish pretty much any part of the Constitution. The very fact that they are arguing for the right to use these international treaties as a way to sidestep the U.S. Constitution, in my opinion, tells you exactly why they took the case to begin with.

I mean come on, it’s not like this woman is exactly a terrorist mastermind. She put a chemical in the muffler of a car that was owned by a woman who had an affair with her husband. Stupid yes; but did the federal government really have to charge her with violating an international treaty? Or is this an attempt to make these international treaties the law of the land?

Should the DOJ win, they will have landed another major blow against the Constitution, and against State Rights. And with that win, these treaties could be used to argue against everything from your second amendment right to own a firearm, to your right to own property in this country.

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  1. It’s pretty amazing how far this country has fallen from what the founders intended. I agree that this lady is a moron, but how in the hell did the feds get involved? It’s pretty crazy how far they will go to push their agenda. It’s also pretty crazy how many people get caught in their web.

    This lady is a moron but to be charged under an international treaty that is used to go after terrorists is insane. I think you are right when you say they took this case for a reason.

    • Obama and his bunch of retard ghetto layabouts are the morons, you know you can take the nog out of the jungle but never the jungle out of the nog. At the end of the day they are easily manipulated emotional toddlers. Obambam most of all.

      • I have bad news for you, Ocrapa and his cronies are not a bunch of retards. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. And none of it is good for this country.

        • This is insane. We need to realize what’s happening. Our rights are being stripped away and no one is doing anything to stop it.

          • sixpackdan said it right. Obummer, Holder, and the rest of those jokers know exactly what they’re doing. To say, “we need to realize what’s happening” is a joke in and of itself. Where in the hell have you people been hiding the past five years. It’s been one planned “false flag” after another until America has been duped into believing Obummer is right and we’re wrong. It’s now or never, but nobody seems to know how to bring it about. Are we done for? I’d like to think not, but we just keep letting them get away with destroying America and Our Constitution!

  2. There are a huge number of these types of cases being prosecuted right now with the intention of slowly dismantling the Constitution.

    They already got rid of the Commerce Clause through Obamacare and have shredded the 4th amendment through the NDAA and the patriot act. I don’t think the average American realizes how many rights they’ve lost under these last two Presidents.

  3. For once I would have to agree (gulp) with Senator Cruz, much as it pains me, I must agree when someone is correct. Don’t tread on us and our Constitution.!

    • I can not believe it either ,what the hell is going on in Washington .It does seem as if some of those conspiracy theories may be correct.I guess having had so many they were bound to finly get one right .But that said This is highly dangerous precedent to set if they do.

        • Sniper is correct. It’s been true since Soros and others began grooming Obummer to take over Our White House and begin the dismantling of America. It’s not as if they’ve been trying to hide it. They’ve been pretty open about everything they’ve done for the past five years, and everybody calls this “a conspiracy theory”. Wow! Walking like Socialism, talking like Socialism, and, now looking like Socialism, seems pretty much cut and dried to me. And people still don’t believe it. It’s no wonder they’ve been able to get away with it. Nobody wants to believe that America could go from freedom to Socialism in such a short time, and especially by just a few people. But, it’s almost here folks, so pull up your big girl panties and get used to it. You voted for it, you asked for it, and you got it. I’m too old to worry about it any longer. I’m worn out trying to convince people this has been happening, so take it away AMEERIKA. Wonder what your new flag will look like, other then having Obummer’s face in the middle of it!

  4. god help me!!! i have to agree with cruz. cruz is about the slimiest thing going and i really want to cut my tongue out and chop my fingers off for this, but i have to admit that i agree with him. whimper, whimper

    • Ted Cruz father is a Cuban American. His father knows 100% what communism is all about and how it works so Cruz has been right about this and ObamaCare. Everyone was mad at him for the shutdown but look now at ObamaCare problems.

      Cruz is the only Senator that is standing up and does not care what anyone thinks of him! He was voted in to do a job for him people that voted him in. He has done that! I will keep doing it no matter what happens to him. That is more then any of the other Senators which only care about being reelected again.

  5. Erin and Echo why are you so against Sen.Cruz ?
    If you have been listening to all of his interviews he knows what is coming and trying to do something, at least he seems to be telling the truth, but reality is hard for us to accept,,,we don’t want to hear what we KNOW is about to happen.
    keep your powder dry,aim high we need his pants…

  6. Hmm. If the Constitution can be eroded via Supreme Court action, what can we do to erode the power of the Supreme Court itself? Not to sound ignorant, but if we bust the constitution, then chip away the power of the supreme court, won’t all the power then reside in Congress?

    • hey Thinker,

      There’s actually a way the citizens and the states can take this problem on. Just look to article 5 of the constitution. Check out and read up how this process works. The people are already working on it and the gov’t is scared. We CAN take back our freedoms! Also check out Mark Levin’s book called the “the liberty amendments”. He can come across as a crazy person on radio but this book lays out the blueprint to reign in the power of the feds really well – not perfect, but it’d be a damn good start.

    • Check out article 5 of the constitution. CONVENTION OF STATES. You think the liberals hate the Tea Party…wait until they figure out what the convention of states can do their power grab. It has already started, they have state reps in 35 or so states and people are already talking to their congressmen and senators. This is what is great about America. We don’t have to get guns and shoot all the idiots in Washington (some say they deserve it) we can drive them out at the ballot box. This is grass roots…this is government at its best…this is how America will survive the Marxists now in power.

      • They damn sure deserve it… Seriously. Teason is punishable by death, and there’s been so many treasonous acts committed by the last 4 presidents that a gallows should have been constructed on the White House lawn and made a permanent structure. It would be a grim reminder to the politician slimeballs that WE ultimately have the power, not them.

  7. this is ridiculous I am so sick of them trying to take away our constitution I wish I knew what I could do to protect our rights….im tired disgusted and pissed that this is all happening and this woman she needs a little jail time and to get rid of that no good husband of hers…..he aint worth it

  8. This headline is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in quite a long time. Anyone that believes the US Constitution is going to be replaced by the United Nations is either in the throes of dementia or just truly stupid. None of you have bothered to actually delve into this case I’m sure, and are just parroting whatever right wing hacks tell you to think. You would be laughable if you weren’t so pathetic.

    • I would argue that Don is the one suffering from stupidity or dementia. How anyone could argue that the Constitution isn’t under attack these days is either a damn fool or some left or right wing hack.

      The fact is the last two presidents (as this site always points out so give me a break with the right-wing crap) have done more to dismantle the constitution than all their predecessors combined.

      The Patriotic Act, NDAA, obamacare, eminent domain abuses, the continued attack on the 2nd amendment, the attack on state rights, I could go on all day with examples of how the current and the last president have destroyed this country and our rights.

      This article is dead on, and is an example of how they slowly carry out their plan. Don is the perfect example of the idiot American citizen who parrots everything the hear on FOX/CNN/MSNBC because they have lost the ability to critically think about things and come to their own conclusion. He and people like him are how and why they get away with this crap.

      • It would appear that Don is one of those we are allways correct,,we being the far left democrats.
        No matter how much data and information you show them,,they are blind to it, just like all of the lies coming from from the white house the far left sees obama as the one to lead us home.

  9. I’m blown away… You Americans think you can sign international treaties and then expect everybody else to be forced to comply with them except yourselves. It doesn’t make sense.
    Don’t sign them if you don’t want to comply with them. Think of the unintended consequences on your own nation before you draft draconian and binding legislation for other nations to adhere to.

  10. @ Puzzled, I agree. We should only sign those which we intend to follow but the constitution is and always will be the law of the land. No foreign law or treaty should ever supersede our domestic law as a sovereign nation. International treaties are just that, agreements between two or more nations, not laws. To hold an individual accountable to such an international agreement opposed to prosecuting using domestic laws is ridiculous!

  11. …If “WE THE PEOPLE” Don’t Spine Up & Demand Our Congress To Uphold Their Congressional Oath Of Office to “Protect & Defend The U.S. Constitution”…By All Means Necessary…”WE THE SHEEPLE” Deserve To Be Slaughtered By All Engaging Subverters Trying To Subvert Our Constitution…

  12. I live in the UK and from my knowledge with studying law and holding a valid law degree. This is the American interpretation of the European Union. We used to be a sovereign state. We used to make our own laws and rules as we wished. But since 1972 when we joined the EU it all went to SHIT!! Do not believe it. We are going through it. STAND UP WHILST YOU CAN!!

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