Experts say Fate of the world depends on Japan’s Fukushima Reactor 4

Nuclear SymbolThe disaster in Japan is far from over. In fact, a growing number of experts are warning” the fate of the world depends on the stability of Japan’s Fukushima Reactor 4.” The situation is so dire that U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, a senior member of the Senate’s energy committee, is telling the U.S. government to take immediate action to prevent a catastrophic doomsday scenario.

Reactor 4: A Ticking Time Bomb?

Japan's damaged reactor building 4One of the biggest dangers is the No. 4 reactor at the stricken Fukushima plant. Experts are voicing concerns that the spent fuel pool in the No. 4 reactor poses a major global threat. They say that the building is barely intact and faces the possibility of a major collapse. If the storage pool breaks and runs dry, the nuclear fuel inside could explode and spread a massive amount of radioactive substances throughout the world.

Alarmed by the situation in Japan, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon sent letters to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko and Japanese ambassador to the U.S. Ichiro Fujisaki. He is asking the international community to immediately address this situation.

Robert Alvarez, a nuclear waste expert and former senior adviser to the Secretary of Energy during the Clinton administration, is warning that the plant is extremely unstable. He says “another large earthquake or event could cause a catastrophic reactor fire releasing 10 times more cesium-137 than was released at Chernobyl.”

A global catastrophe waiting to happen?

Akio Matsumura, a former UN diplomat, voiced his concerns earlier this month saying the following leaves little to question:

  1. Many scientists believe that it will be impossible to remove the 1,535 fuel assemblies in the pool of Reactor 4 within two or three years.
  2. Japanese scientists give a greater than 90 percent  probability that an earthquake of at least 7.0 magnitude will occur in the next three years in the close vicinity of Fukushia-Daiichi.
  3. The crippled building of Reactor 4 will not stand through another strong earthquake.damaged reactor
  4. Japan and the TEPCO do not have adequate nuclear technology and experience to handle a disaster of such proportions alone.

He believes the 11,000 highly radioactive spent fuel assemblies, “present a clear threat to the people of Japan and the world.”

Akio Matsumura has sent a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon saying,” It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on NO.4 reactor.” He went on to say “This is not rocket science, nor does it connect to the pugilistic debate over nuclear power plants. This is an issue of human survival.”

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  1. A person has to ask himself/herself how our world, our planet, our future has arrived to this point: the fate of millions dependent on a damaged nuclear spent
    rod pool? I don’t know what to say.d

    • Dumbfounding isn’t it. They’re all so concerned yet all the American Senator did was write a letter to someone… they need to evacuate and seal the whole thing off somehow.. they have to do something. 6M+ quakes are regularly shaking that region. Why can’t somebody DO something>>???? I feel like we’ve been handed a death sentence and the world leaders want us to carry on like there is nothing wrong. Very sad situation for the human race.

  2. Im not trying to down play this as not being a possibility, but with what happened at Chernobyl I find it highly unlikely that this is goin to be a global problem if the reactor does collapse.

    • There is a HUGE difference between Chernobyl and Japan. One is land locked, the other is an island IN THE OCEAN! How in your mind do you not foresee a world catastrophe?? Every ocean is connected which completely abolishes any illusion that this is ONLY a problem for Japan. I’m sorry but I think you are wrong to say that it wouldn’t be a global problem.

    • This is 10,000 times worse than Chernobyl and also a completely different situation.

      Chernobyl was a single reactor running at about 7 capacity when it ruptured and only leaked nuclear materail for about two weeks. Fukushima had three reactors running at 100% capacity which still leaking into the environment one year later. It also has and seven other severly damaged nuclear reactors with spent fuel pools that pose a huge risk to everyones health and well being.

    • The threat is very real for those who are seeing these events unfold through clear lenses.
      The winds always blow from our west to the east. The currents do the same.
      Just like at the storms that form over the Japanese coast. Then, they cycle through to the North and process down to us from our Northwest.

      The debris field from the Tsunami made it to our Western shore and there is far more to come.

      Open your eyes. If that reactor fails, and it explodes, it is an extremely real threat, that the airborne radioactive matter WILL LAND ON THE UNITED STATES!
      Not if…BUT WILL.

      The Japanese should have NEVER, EVER built a Nuclear plant. I said as a small boy that it would be toppled by an earthquake. It is NOT E.S.P. it is common sense.

  3. In Oakland CA, I saw bee’s with a mutation, obviously influenced by this ongoing accident.

    Incests, bacteria and fungi will have far more mutations then humans, but considering the amount of radiation, something should be done.

    • Was the bee still wearing it’s Fukushima T-shirt?

      I’d say that it is far more likely that the bee was suffering Genetic damage because of pesticides and GMO crops which over the long term will be far more harmful to Americans than what is happening in Fukushima!

  4. The oceans have nothing to do with it read your chemistry book it is the wind that is the problem as in air born particles. Water can not be radio active neither can air but both can transport the material, however with water the particles fallout due to gravity. Where in air they can travel across land and fallout with rains. This would be a huge issue as it is starting to become even now.

  5. It certainly sounds like a situation that can deteriorate, but can the author please provide references? I am not being challenging, I only want to independently confirm the validity of the information referenced in the article. Thanks!

  6. What’s with these Japs? Call NATO in and instead of dropping bombs, pour frickin’ cement! That’s what the Soviets did when they were still around. This demonstrates to me how humanity is regressing. Just sayin’.

    • Just a thought, the “japs” did not operate this plant as they seemed fit it was under “international” guidelines. who were the people seen entering the plant just days before the disaster? and what was it they were taking in?
      plenty of CCTV evidence and a quick check on the “guest” registrar! I am no security expert but if i was to guess, i dont think you could take “anything” in there without it being logged and depending on your security clearance you may have to show what it is you are delivering! that being the case should give some clues to the explosion that took place, apparently?

  7. I told my wife after that eartquake that they were dumping nuclear waste directly into the water. It’s my feeling that everyone in Japan is in danger of becoming extinct, and who knows what kind of mutations are developing off the coast of Japan. Godzilla might actually pop up one of these days.

  8. Whether or not this is a problem, it seems problematic that people who think the same government that can’t get much of anything right here is going to solve a problem in Japan? Really?

  9. it’s called a media blackout. Therefore you won’t see it on tv or read it on the internet. If they know it and we don’t, thats the way they want it.

  10. Every thesis has an antithesis. Why not this? There has to be something that counteracts radiation at this level.

  11. I can’t believe that because of ego’s, politics and media that no action is being taken, this could, no, WILL be a game changer and has the potential to kill millions yet instead let’s blackout the media and pretend nothing is happening so that a few people don’t get embarrassed, is this really what people have come to, rather than ask for help they would let millions die….

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