Doomsday Prepper Declared Mental Defective…. Government confiscates his Guns

Just days after appearing on the National Geographic TV Show Doomsday Preppers, a prepper from Tennessee has been declared Mentally Defective and his guns have been seized by the government. The Prepper, David Sarti is a character to say the least, but his story is somewhat disturbing and should be a wakeup call for everyone.

Personally I think these shows are designed to make these people look crazy. Whether his appearance on the show played into Mr. Sarti’s diagnosis isn’t yet clear, but apparently the State believed he was a danger to himself after a local doctor insisted that Mr. Sarti was suicidal.

Mr. Sarti denies the charges and insists that he told the doctor he was a Christian and his belief made it impossible for him to commit suicide.
Here is his story:

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  1. I agree. These shows are 100% made to make preppers look like wackjobs. I also think this is done for a greater plan which includes taking away our guns through loopholes like this.

    If they can convince the masses that prepping is crazy they can declare us all defective. Get ready for the gun grab.

      • The judge took one “doctor’s” word for it? What’s wrong with this picture? The Dr. may be the one who is nuts. Like the other liberals, he probably thinks defending yourself should be against the law.

        • Was the doctor certified by Big Sis, and “Mr. Sarti’s diagnosis isn’t yet clear, but apparently the State believed he was a danger to himself after a local doctor insisted that Mr. Sarti was suicidal”–will probable turn out to be “home grown terroist” .

      • if you’re even slightly serious, or anyone thinking like this, that is a realy bad idea. without a large coordinated group of people with you, fighting back physically would be incredably detramental to gun owners everywhere. I agree you need to fight, but doing so could get you killed, or worse give the government an excuse to confinscate guns from American’s. Even if that would be just a miniscule isolated event on a national scale. Not to mention the fact that the swine in the media would use that event to shed an even more negitave light on the already “crazy right-wing fanatic” gun owners of America.

        • Soo…just let them take the guns then without fighting back. The only choice is ..not to be where they think that you are..

          • Don’t fight them on the beaches, in the streets and fields. Fight them in a court of law with a psychiatric expert and multiple civil suits against agencies, disclosing physician (Tarasoff, anyone?), personal suits against the coordinator of the action.

            Then, buy yourself a minigun and tons of ammo with your spoils. Have a picnic and invite your friends and those you legally whooped over for grilled steaks and to watch the sheer display of your awesomeness.

            And me. I want to fire the minigun!

          • I agree with ArmaedAndPrepperous but would like to add to that thought. Never let anyone know what you have and never keep it all in one location. We have all heard the saying “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”, well that applies to preps as well.

          • How about people just keep your mouths shut about what you have or do not have, called discretion. that way no one you do not trust knows what weapons you might own or not own, what other prepper activities you might be participating in and what your political opinions are. What they do not know cannot be used against you.

    • I agree totally with you MentalDefectivePrepper that they are going to make us look crazy,,,my sis probaby thinks so right now :) funny/and not.
      Yes I think THEY are doing all this for the bigger picture.
      Sorry to hear about what you went thru, I hope you can stay safe and don’t give up! Find friends who may help you or more of us preppers in your own area who will help even emotionally.We need to stick together in groups who know what’s going on, so they can’t pick us off individually. God Bless you- Good luck.

    • Most of us won’t want to use guns against are own fellow americans when the time comes anyway. So why give those people more to work with against others. Having guns, ammo, & food stock piled will only make you the first (best) target. LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS.

      • This is wild! I’m not a prepper. I’m a “gonnaslipawayer”. They have broken the law. You really could sue all of them.
        Don’t they realize they have not only broken the law, they have gone against your civil rights and can you can propably sue for reasons of bigotry and maybe even a hate crime. Use their tricks on them.You are something else. I hope you get your guns back.

    • They’re ARE working on making preppers look crazy.

      The latest… AGP(Anti-Government Phobia) is a “newly” discovered mental illness.

      It’s coming folks, so don’t quote or stand up for the constitution, or the declaration of independence, or state your second amendment rights, lest you be accused of having AGP.

      Just remember, the largest army in the world is the armed American citizens.

      • AGP, regarding the Anti-Government Phobia thing, I did a bit of research when I saw that posted a couple of days ago and that “report” was around in 2005. It was written by Ivor E. Tower. M.D. (interesting choice of name). That, to me, is a big hoax. I found a post on another forum that said the poster checked the Journal of Clinical psychiatry and for that article to have come from the issue the article listed, it would have had to be written many years ago. So, I think it was a hoax.

        That being said, I believe our government is working in that direction although I don’t think there is an actual psychiatric “official” disease yet named. I think Satan is afoot and we haven’t seen anything yet.

        Good luck to all the preppers of which I am one.

      • Pro-limited Constitutional Government is NOT Anti-Government but try telling that to a liberal or our out of control government o.0

    • I totally agree. My first thought was that it was for a gun grab. I had never seen Mr. Sarti before this post. But it seems to me that this could be a healing time for him. Does he have enough supporters that a collection could be arranged for his surgery? Right now he’s obviously depressed, and for good reason. But if he took this time to take care of David and get in good health and physical condition, he could make a new start. I wish the best for him.

    • I respect your opinions but i also disagree. The show by design was not to portray preppers as crazy but to examine yet another cross sectionof our society. This man may have had many issues we dont know about. And doctors are held to a code, if that conversation occured thenhe brought on his own trouble. You wouldnt say to a cop ” i could rob that bank” maybe he wad depressed about his health. While a low profile is probably best, community outreach is vital.

      • You are completely deluded about the so called “code” physicians are held to… The Hippocratic oath is dead and long buried by apparatchiks of the evolving collectivization of medicine (step 1: seize control of the means of production.) This guy spoke his mind. You don’t do that in the New AmeriKa. He should have answered like so,”Is that a mandatory or voluntary question? or, I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions as soon as my attorney gets here… am I under arrest? You seem angry. Is everything ok at home. How are things between you and your wife? Anything I can do to help?”

        • You’re a funny guy, Mr. Rand. Tarasoff is the only rationale for the reporting of this man’s condition ( Your attitude is what encourages everyone to lie to their healthcare providers. We’re mature adults and we’ve seen it all.

          This guy’s physician may have stepped out of bounds. So do like any other Amerikan and SUE HIM. Subpoena his coworkers from that night and get everything on the record. You don’t need a fancy attorney to uncover corruption. The inside of a court room scares the living daylights out of a lot of people, and it only takes one honest professional to disclose the truth. There is a zero tolerance policy in this nation for abuse of power. You just need the nerve to stand up for yourself and not back down. Hoist this doc up the flagpole and let’s see if anyone salutes.

          • The medical community is 100% under educated and over paid. Knowledge will always be power your better of never going to them for anything they are more a slave to the all mighty dollar than even your politicians. They receive kick backs for prescribing medications and making referral and you are a fool to think otherwise . My labbes were off and they told me I had cancer or hiv turned out I had lead poisoning and I had to take it appon myself to find out cause when I asked if it was a possibility they told me it was imposing this went on for six months. I said good by to my loved ones and had to wills drafted

    • they can kiss my ass is what they can do! they will be very suprised that THEY are the ones that trained me to take care of my self the @$$ hats

    • if I was any of those preppers I would not go on TV AND SHOW IT! for sure BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING BEWARE! TO ALL PREPPERS, DON’T GO ON TV OR YOU COULD END UP LIKE THIS GUY..

    • You people just love jumping to conclusions. First, from a legal standpoint, a doctor cannot divulge information that the patient has provided UNLESS the doctor believes that the patient is 1) in imminent danger of harming themself; or 2) expressing their desire to harm others and the doctor believes that the patient is going to act to harm others. This means that the “doctor” in the article (and really, are you seriously going to doubt that a doctor was involved? If so, you need to double the tinfoil on your hat.) actually had at least one session with this guy–i.e. spoke with him in person and the doctor’s opinion was not based on the tv show.

      Second, I don’t know about you, but personally, I don’t want felons and mentally deranged people to have guns. Seriously, are you going to argue this, too? That you think felons and crazy people should be allowed to have guns?

    • cache your guns and ammo and be smart about it – do it off your property, they have metal detectors and will search an acre or two. keep a few cheepee’s to turn in…if you are buying buy from individuals not firearms dealers….be smart folks,,, don’t share your intimate plans except with like minded folks… don’t make yourself a target !!! there has to be a few good men/women left to rebuild this thing !!!

    • David. Would love to talk with you, pick your organized brain on these issues. I know they think you’re crazy, all of us in this boat are called “crazy”, but soon the sun falls from the sky and the darkness hits so fast we won’t be able to even comprehend it, and life as we know it will perish in an instant. I believe in the same as you do and would love to talk with you. I have to prep better than the rest because I am a woman alone with a small family on my shoulders. How can I find you? Would you like to talk with me?

    • I agree, this happened to him and it can happen to ANYONE!!! We have the right to refuse treatment of any kind even if it means we may die for the lack of treatment. We also have the right to die without pain even if the medication may hasten death. We have the right to pick and choose which medical treatments if any that we endure.

      I feel this man was used as and example of what the government can and will do in the event that we meet a catastrophe requiring us to defend ourselves.

      This sequence of events that happened to this man is typical of violation of our constitutional rights. He should fight thru the legal system as well as thru the media!!!! Lest we all be silenced!!!

      Mr Sarti you must not give up!!! I know funds are scarce but the media is free and so is YouTube….you must be heard!!!

    • After surviving Katrina in South Mississippi as well as the aftermath I can appreciate the need to be prepared for disaster and the lack of civilization as we knew it. The first three days here on the coast the infrastructure was destroyed the vermin were abound. The need for self preservation was prevalent. There were NO volunteers for help at this time anywhere!!!

      The persecution of Mr Sarti is the example that we must expect. This can happen to anyone. We have the right to pick and choose what if any medical treatment we want even if the refusal means eminent death!! We also have the right to die pain free even if the meds hasten death by compromising vital signs. This is documented by the thousands of Living Wills in effect today. And is not deemed suicidal.

      I would sue the doctor for false accusations and imprisonment without basis, ie no threat, no plan and no gesture. And he knows right from wrong. The statement based on a hypothetical situation does not count. Otherwise the statement of ” give me liberty or give me death” would not be the grain of every American but a statement of mass suicide!!!

      Mr Sarti you should not quiet your voice, I understand funds for attorneys is non existent but the media is free and your voice should be heard. Lest we all lose the rights in our constitution to bear arms and protect ourselves.

      The government will try to silence the strong of will and mind. It is the norm now to be financially supported by the government if tou are of weak mind and body as evident by the masses on disability in the age range of 20-50 that are capable of working, except for their claim of a bad back, depression and bad nerves!!! Thus making a dependent society of people so blinded by the drugs and the gvt aide that they couldn’t survive a day on their own.

      Mr Sarti they took you guns not your voice?!?! Fight!

    • The program is basically telling JQ Public what NOT to DO. i.e. buy illegal guns with drum mags (illegal) carrying loaded guns in 18 wheelers, and a few other things that are highly illegal such as transporting guns and ammo over state lines. The fat lady with all the food out in Utah and her gun is laughable teaching others when she can’t even hit the target. Do you really think a bad guy is going to hold still while she takes pot shots at him and misses? No. The germ lady had some good ideas but she misses the target on a lot of areas. The seed guy is okay but he’s nuts and highly gullible. What else has he been taken for as the newspaper headlines read it was a botched POT deal? Hmmmm. Seems he’s not on the up and up either.

      That show is a comedy show in my home and we love to laugh at those jerks stockpiling gasoline and ammo. Why is no one shown with a bicycle? For heaven’s sake it takes NO gasoline to run and you can transport yourself hundreds of miles on just some pedal power. Now how hard is that? You can even buy bike cargo trailers which can haul 200 lbs of stuff. And you can make your own tent out of cammo tarps that is waterproof and use skeeter netting to make a netting tent with some PVC pipes? How hard is that? This is one of the greatest comedy shows ever to come to tv in years. I wouldn’t miss a single show due to it being so funny.

      If you don’t want other people to know what you own don’t go on tv and brad about it.

      A nice Estwing 26″ AXE is a great tool – not too big to weild at an atacker and totally legal to carry in a car or in your hand. And a hell of a lot cheaper than a S&W tomakawk or an expensive $500 tacticle axe. Also a Gerber foldable shovel can be sharpened at the pointed end and makes a great weapon to weild at an attacker. There ARE other things available out there to protect yourself other than a GUN. DUH. Apparently these morons think guns are the end all to end all. When their ammo runs out I guess they will use their expensive gun as a club.

    • Better idea, lets launch our own plans to make them — ” corporate – elite – nwo – global – whore media – goons – etc ” look like wak jobs in the face of the self same people that they are trying to convince.

    • “These shows are 100% made to make preppers look like wackjobs.”

      I know! Its almost as if they point the cameras at them or something. Conspiracy I tell ya!

    • Wow… dumbfounded here to. Actually sick to my stomach is probably a better way to describe how I feel. This poor man!

      Goes to show how we no longer have any rights in this country. Yes this guy by some might be considered weird but to me the people in washington and hollywood seem weird. Since when did quarky become a mental disorder.

      • I’ve loved dsarti’s vids since the very first one he put out…I guess the moral here is don’t open your mouth, even in jest, to anyone who can control your life and property.

        I mean who hasn’t said at some point ” Man, I’d like to kill that guy”? Or ” Arrrgh! I wish I could just end it all right now!”? This has been a wake-up call to me as I am a very extroverted, talkative and joking person. I will say just about anything in jest….I doubt I will NOW!

    • I could not agree more about these so called “SHOWS” ! All of them are completely sensless !!! They could not pay me enough money to go on one and make a fool of myself…in their eyes anyway ! just another of ODUMBFUCKAS communistic plans to DESTROY our way of life, our CONSTITUTION, our COUNTRY !!!

    • Anything on TV is only a part of the matrix..I knew that there had to be some ulterior motive behind the show than just showcasing the prepper lifestyle. Nobody should watch their S##$ show and nobody shoould partipate!

  2. Sounds to me like you need to move to a more “conservative” state…like AZ. I put it in quotes cause I find it funny that “conservative” states have “liberal” gun laws.

    • Just make sureyou stay out of the major city areas. Maricopa county runs on funds from putting people in jail for the stupidest thugs so sheriff Jo can get his federal funds and treat you like crap. Watch your back in az!

  3. as soon as I heard they were gonna do a show about preppers i knew it would be bad juju, and any prepper in there plans would know better than to tell the world about what there doing ect. thus keep yours yours and not let the whole world know this is why we have NO Miltia anymore they are dis armed as soon as found out about which is totraly against the constituion. good luck all remember keeps yours yours!

      • right on tony just surf the net, but be careful big brother has some phony sites out there.i know from experince.they ask to many questions to soon and want to much personal info. but be ready the day is coming when we will be forced to act

  4. i have been saying for years… KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. tennessee is the best kept nazi secret around. they have railroaded many and it won’t stop. i lived in that very area for 2 mos. i left asap. he should come live in humboldt county, ca. screw tennessee.

  5. They can declare anyone what they want to with “their” doctors. This is why OPSEC is THE most important thing on my mind. Money talk ,B.S. walks. If they ewant our guns they can take them if they want.

  6. I was wonderin’ what the people people who appeared on this show were thinking! Isn’t everyone aware of NatGeo’s liberal bent? Of course they’re going to portray you as a whack job! Like palrider says…keep yours yours. You can prep quietly. Shouldn’t have to but that’s the reality of it.

    • From the first I heard of this show I wondered what kind of person would advertise that they are stockpiling goods for a crisis.

      That pretty much would make them a target for all their unprepared neighbors in case there actually was a disaster at least, and a target for the govt at worst it seems…….

    • ANY reality show is out to make things look crazy. It has nothing to do with a liberal agenda.
      Name ONE.. just one reality show that doesn’t?
      It’s called “ratings”. Would you watch if there was a someone just sitting with morning coffee reading a paper?

  7. Well, believing is “god” or whatever you call it is indeed a proof of being mentally ill, as believing blindly and submitting to the will of something you have no rational reason to believe in shows a total lack of judgement.

    That being said, prepping isn’t (well, unless you truly believe that actual zombies will rise… it’s fun to talk about, but nothing serious) a proof of being mentally ill, and although intense in his ways, this guy doesn’t cross the “insane line”. It is indeed a reminder that as sad as it sounds, we must take care of our image, and keep in mind real, plausible scenarios instead of prepping for fantasy stories.

    • Zombies are not going to rise? WTF, over?
      HA! I will say, though, if you are prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse, you are prepared for anything. I’m not saying I am preparing for anything. In fact, I don’t even like guns and would never want food on hand.

      You hear that, you ease dropping gestapo pigs!

      • AJ, I hear ya. In this economy, I had to eat all my stored food and had to sell all my guns to buy gas. Thank goodness the gov’t will take care of me.

    • Bob – you are a effin idiot. “Indeed proof”…according to you uh? Takes more faith to not believe in God. This all happened uh? Man and his infinite wisdom….perfect on it’s axis…human reproduction….a tomato plant from seed to fruit….please tell me you didn’t procreate.

    • Beleiving there isn’t a God is even more stupid.If there isn’t a God then that means that everything came from nothing which is scientifically impossible.The big bang theory or that in the beginning there was nothing,and for no reason nothing exploded and created everything.There is one little problem.If there was nothing not space,Not time,Not energy,then per the 1st law of thermodynamics(Conservation of mass) the big bang was impossible.
      Then onto come over 3.7billion years(or so they say),only ONE event has ever happened where a single cell suddenly became a live.

    • hear, hear bob!!!

      if these christians were really christians, they’d just turn the other cheek and forgive you for your insolence. instead, they get pissed because you challenge their delusions.

      the funniest “i’m sane, but their crazy delusion” is how christians complain about how crazy iranians are because they’re waiting for the 12th imam to return. meanwhile they’re sitting on their couches waiting for gabriel’s trumpet to sound and for the heavens to open for the rapture.

      • Ummmmm. Your whats wrong with this country. And about the christian getting angry and replying to your stupid comment seemed to be stateing facts. And not only that but having a debate or conversation more or less. Something has never in history come from nothing. Its impossible. Defys physics and the laws of nature. Everything we have and use on a daily basis was created by an inteligent designer. Everything. And the way our bodys work, how the earth works, the brain itself is more complex then anything man has ever created in any way shape or form. We are her because of an inteligent designer and that designer is God. To believe anything other wise is, and should be considered mental illness. You have to be mentally ill to believe something comes from nothing. Why? Because as stated it has never happened and never will. If you have an example i will retract all of what i have said. And also this man is prepareing for something that is evidentally going to happen and is in the works as we speak and to think other wise is foolish and stupid and he was called mentally ill but you believeing in what is completely not logical or possible in any way are considered rational and sane. But they wont take anything from you because as you said you dont like guns, which after all were a major assecory to the freedom of our country and took up a whole section in our constitution. This man in the video has just had his american birth right taken away from him and that is a sign to me and should be to this country that this is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave, but the land of the bonded and crib for the babys.

        • have fun paying 10% to belong to a group of psychotics.

          i grew up in teh church. spoke tongues (by order of my father). sang in the choir. i read the bible all the way through on several occasions and am STILL completely unconvinced as a rational, thinking adult.

          i don’t believe in santa. i don’t believe in satan. i don’t believe in any of it. your defective inductive logic is pathetic and circular.

          guess what, there is no god. your beliefs are self-delusions. i don’t have to prove that a god doesn’t exist. i’m not the moron who claims to be guided by a big booming voice in teh sky. you’d be better off being guided by nighttime farts.

          i love guns. dunno where you got that whole line from.

        • cyprus927: it’s called dark matter you fool. and I don’t know where you fucking zealot fools got your information but the big bang was not induced by nothing. before this version of the universe, there was another version, it was proven that the universe is either constantly pulling apart, or coming together. right now it is pulling apart, but before the big bang it was pulling together, eventually creating the world as we know it. what if we were created by another form of life much much more intelligent than ourselves, just because something created us doesn’t mean there are golden gates and fluffy clouds when you die, but only if your a good boy. fucking idiots. oh to believe something other than you believe is crazy? but believing that there is an omnipotent being capable of hearing your thoughts, and pearly white gates and fluffy white clouds after you die is logical? guess what…in the scheme of things your no more significant than the little ants you squish on the way to church you fuck. grow up. when you die, your dead. end of story. I know you need a reason to live, but that’s not it.

      • You two are sad, sad, sad. Your problem is that you’re trusting in YOURSELF, with absolutely no proof that you will do what’s right, no record of your faithfulness, wisdom or goodness. My Lord, if that isn’t BLIND FAITH, what is? You’re confused; Christians don’t get mad at you for disagreeing, we get concerned (yes, concerned…not a word you’ve used before?) about your sanity, because of your obvious delusion that you are the center of the universe and are in control. When push comes to shove, and the shit WILL hit the fan (read your history) people like you are dangerous to have around.

        • christians don’t get mad? who are you kidding besides yourself? millions have died over disagreements with christians. maybe i’m not the one who should read a bit of history. i think the bible says something about removing the plank from your own eye before commanding others to remove the speck from their own, but i digress.

          getting pissed off about having your “faith” challenged is job #1 for every single christian sect. it keeps the rubes in line and maintains order.

          christians sin daily even with an ironclad code of conduct, so whose missing the big point? christians do what’s right because they fear the consequences. atheists do what’s right because they actually want to. which is more genuine?


        • Hummmm… besides the right to keep and bear arms I do believe that the Constitution also gives us the right to freedom of religion (or lack there of) as I see it. Yes the founding fathers were Christians (as far as I know) but they did have the foresight to know that extremist could destroy a government. Nothing scares me more than a bunch of religious extremist (no matter what religion they are) gaining control. It seems to me that more people in the history of man have been persecuted, tortured or killed in the name of religion than anything else. Your labeling someone who doesn’t believe in your God as insane is exactly what I’m talking about. It wouldn’t take much for people like you to go from “concerned” to trying to find a “cure” for these poor people. This is the very reason for separation of church and state. Feel free to be “concerned” for me if you wish but I must warn you against ever trying to “cure” me.

          • Unfortunately, the current set of religious extremists are the atheists, humanist, and secularists. They are waging war on the First Amendment and are the most intolerant, violent zealots on the religous continuum. Worse than the Islamists. Atheists and atheist governments are responsible for well over 100 million murders of their own citizens. Islamists over their history come in 2nd worst.

      • folks,
        its obvious Bob and Sam are Cass Sunstein Plants working for the Goverment. This is what he does. infiltrates these groups.

        • more paranoid delusions!!! not surprised though. she thinks it’s possible to cure people of disease by saying just the right words, in just the right order, with just the right vocal inflection.

  8. Thats BULLSHIT! are you an active member of the NRA? eitherway i would get ahold of them and tell them your story! Try getting ahold of Tim Schimdt USCCA (united states concealed carry association) founder and im sure he will help, tell him your story! Contact you state and local news! Dont give up and please keep us involved in what happens

    • Casey…. He is not part of this site. Someone sent us the story this morning.

      We are just putting his story out there so it receives some attention and so people know what they are up against. If we hear anything else or receive an update we will post it.

  9. Since he was “”” Committed””” for 4 days, and the show didn’t premier till 3 days ago… I doubt the DR., or Judge, or anybody involved knew anything about it!!! If you’ve watched many of Dsarti’s videos, you will know that he’s liable to say anything. My guess is he was in the DR’s office, running his mouth, and said something stupid.

    • My guess also is that this doctor has been sued several times and now practicesdefensive medicine. You cant sue a doctor in general for seeking to commit you. You or your familycan sue the doctor for letting you go after making possible suicidal statements. If the facts as statedarw correct i doubt i would have soughtcommitment, but doctors arevery scared of bankruptcy and loss of medical license,so we allpractice defensive medicine now.

  10. If you are prepping or are a preper dont be advertising it and you are good to go. If your putting yourself out there for the government to see thats your issue out if sight of of mind!

      • I prepare for the same reason Mormons do it. Stuff happens, and if I want to be ready to serve my community, I have to be able to maintain myself- first. That reason is so sane, it’s positively good citizenship.

  11. It was recently made illegal for medical Doctors to ask questions about guns in the home in Florida. A lot of the people against this law wonder why we needed that law in Florida. Its because of crap like this.

  12. This guy made a YouTube video bragging that he was going to make preppers look like whackos on the NatGeo show. Looks like his “great idea” went a little too far.

    • Sorry to tell you, but he DOES make sense! AND he was not commitable. Of course what would I know about that, I have only been a licensed healthcare provider for about 40 years. remember OP-SEC

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