Doomsday Preppers – Is Reality T.V. Trying to make Preppers look bad?

Is Doomsday Preppers designed to make Preppers look crazy?

“Inspiring people to prepare a personal fortress and pray for cataclysm so they can start blasting away at their neighbors”
According to the New York Times this is what prepping is all about.

Doomsday Preppers TV Show

In an article released earlier this week, the New York Times categorized preppers as “offensively anti-life and full of contempt for humankind.” The article was an expose on the newest trend in Reality T.V. – PREPPING

If this is the face of prepping, the Emergency Preparedness movement is Screwed!

Over the last couple of months, Prepping has become the newest trend in Reality T.V.

While I’m usually all for people learning about preparedness, these shows have very little to do with emergency preparedness or survival. In fact, they seem to be designed to do only one thing – To make Preppers look like complete Wackjobs!

Think I’m kidding? Check out this promo for National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers

Most of the people featured on these so called “prepping shows”, are not at all what Emergency Preparedness Movement needs. In fact, I think these people and their shows do far more harm than they do good.

Playing With Guns

One look at a show like Doomsday Preppers will tell you everything you need to know about these shows. From featuring some dude who shoots his thumb off, to people who I would be afraid to stand next to at the range, it is painfully obvious that these shows are created to denigrate those who prep.

Here is the latest mishap on Doomsday Preppers (keep in mind that it’s not a misfire when you put your hand in front of the barrel!)

In my opinion these shows are made specifically to exploit the subject of prepping, and they have turned emergency preparedness into something that can be ridiculed and laughed at by the mainstream media.

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  1. I’ve been kind of thinking for a while…this may be the start of it, but long story short – most extreme opposite of the spectrum:

    They make prepping illegal. And due so by attaching some bull**** “suspicion of terrorism” bit to the bill.

    I honestly think it’d be time to get out at that point – as it’s obvious they’re trying to secure their plan to pin us into having to comply in a SHTF situation.

    • the wired world…..this didn’t just start ….look this up on you tube…its called..Iron Mountain Blueprint for Tyranny.aui…this shit started in the 50’s

  2. Preppers are a like minded group of folks just wanting to survive, tom be left alone and to raise their family to their liking.

  3. 1)Many of you should add a dictionary to your preps.
    2)Relax. Its not a government plot. Like any reality show, they only show those way out there. Those are the “interesting” people. Well thought out preps would make about as interesting a tv show as filming a trip to the grocery.If you keep your preps quiet (as you should) the wingnuts shouldn’t make you look bad.

  4. brovo brovo….b-man’s got his game on ….I’ve been a survivalist more than thirty five years now and this people have shown up in the last four to five years… No one has never known me or given me a second glance..the key to surviving is the sheer will to live that’s why I’m one of the few key masters…I practice my skills year round..the art of finding water, the burden of building fire, the craft of building shelter, hunting fishing, thirty five years strong…..

  5. I think the show is entertaining, some of the stuff is useful some crazy, but the show did get me thinking about what may happen and that I should be prepared for it for my family’s sake but it is entertainment. And that episode where the guy shot his finger off was funny as hell

  6. I do think that there is something around the corner. Due to Biblical reasons, I do not believe in the whole 12/21/12 jargon. I believe in
    Economic collapse. We watch our nation continue to be in trillions of debt, our dollar depreciate & stay way under value. All I can say, is get/do what you can NOW to make your time a little better when the SHTF & TEOTWAWKI. Buy your foods, sanitary supplies, plant your heirloom gardens & wait. Stay under the radar & keep your assets close. Prepping isn’t merely acquiring items it’s a way of life. IF nothing happens in
    Our lifetime, awesome. However, maybe you’ve passed on info that will aide your children/grandchildren. Watch Nat Geo’s show, maybe you’ll get some sort of comic relief or idea from it. Nonetheless, preppers know that “Loose lips sink ships!” that’s my take on all this!

  7. wow! I’m honestly a bit surprised by the reactions and name calling.. Especially by those who claim to be “for realzz preppers” it’s so easy for you guys to call these t.v. Preppers nut jobs but I’m sure you all have been called nuts by friends and family for prepping. Besides, every one is a little quirky, prepper or not. I personally think the show has planted a little seed of awareness in most people who’ve seen it. I know my parents opened up to the idea more because of the show. Yes, some of them are a little out there but a lot of them are very smart, have some good ideas and more
    importantly.. They’re prepared, more prepared than most.

    • I don’t think everyone on the show is a nutjob, but the show sure as hell does everything they can to make them look nutty.

      Most of the people on this show, the jackass that shot his thumb off being a prime example, are on the show seeking fame and fortune and do not represent most preppers.

  8. Well I disagree with the article and about 99% of you. I watched Doomsday Preppers and have started prepping due to this show.

    I guess it had the opposite effect on me.

  9. For every prepper that agrees to go on this show there’s 1,000 more that know better.
    They’re violating rule #1: operation security.
    But like the above, there are probably a lot of people waking up and doing a little prepping because of the show… the right ones.

  10. I started prepping a few months for this show debuted because of a black out we had where I live. At first my family just thought it was odd that I would bother storing food, medical supplies, and other necessities, but now thanks to this steam pile of crap show they have the idea in their heads I’m some sort of nutjob getting ready to overthrow the government. A couple of them even had the nerve to call me unAmerican for prepping for worst case because I’m showing a lack of faith in our government…hell even the founding fathers didn’t trust the government to take care of the people, so why should I, especially when basic infrastructure seems to be a foreign concept to them

  11. I think reguardless of how nutty the show makes the preppers seem, it’s a good thing overall. It will cause some people to think about prepping and after all, don’t we want that? The more people prepared to be self sufficient after the collapse of society, the more people will survive. The show is one of the reasons I’ve began my little stockpile. And my operational security is so tight even my wife doesn’t know what I’ve got stashed.

  12. in my view.. its better to know if my soul is written in the lambs book of life.. things are funny with others ears but,let us just prepared ourselves for the time of our lord jesus for the time of judgement day.. lord i want to give my whole life with you for in the time i wanted to be with you..

  13. That preppers-series was shown and I wat

    Looks like worlds paranoia is concentrated in U.S.A. Why? They have not seen war on their backyards for over 150 years and as far as I’m concerned Usa is among the safest countries in the world. Do they fear their own folks or are they stuck in wild west in their minds?

  14. Admittedly, the Doomsday Preppers show is what got me thinking about prepping. I have been since doing a ton of research and learning to start slow, based on my own needs, and not get overwhelmed by all of the methods/information out there. I agree that the show highlights the most extreme, but it has to…it’s television and it has to be appealing. I think the NYT article by far intentionally sheds negative light on the people of the show, but I don’t think that the show itself is purposely trying to make preppers look like crazies.

    I’ve always thought about WWID in X scenario…primarily related to wilderness survival. But seeing this show actually made me start acting. I am only just beginning, but I at least have the sensability and early stage knowledge of having a few back up plans. I probably wouldn’t have been so interested and concerned by now if I hadn’t seen that show.

    I live in Philadelphia, and was completely unaffected by Sandy, unlike my neigbors 50 miles north east. Although my heart goes out to those affected, my eyes have been opened even further by the images of these people standing in line, waiting for someone to come save them. It amazes me…even those who “seem” independent, etc. in normal times automatically “expect” that the government will save them in times of tragedy.

  15. Gotta tell you, I know one of the producers who worked on the pilot to this show, He is very disappointed in how they have skewed the facts and twisted the stories to paint the Prepper community in a bad light. I watch and even though some of the nice folks come off as a little off center every once in a while I pick up a decent tip.

  16. I don’t tell anyone I’m prepping.
    I’ve BEEN prepping.
    I would never go on a show to even show people what I do/how I do it.
    That being said, I still watch Doomsday Preppers. I think they ARE made out to look crazy, but I don’t think they’re all actually crazy? I think they insist you declare WHAT you’re prepping for. And I think ALOT of preppers are prepping for more than one thing. It’s called When the SHTF. That means ANY isht, not just this isht, or that isht.
    I won’t stop watching the show I will just separate fact from silliness. But I have seen quite a few good ideas on the show.

  17. I watch the show because some of these people are so damn funny. Last nights show had some folks using explosives to help build their underground bunker, then showed them digging it out by hand after loosening the ground. That got us laughing soo hard.
    there are some things to learn from the show but you have to sort out the hype from the useable information

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