Was Doomsday Preppers used to convict another Prepper in Court?

A number of times in the past, I have warned about how dangerous I think T.V. shows like Doomsday Preppers are to the prepping community. In my opinion, these prepping shows do nothing to help people prepare and are designed to do only one thing – To make Preppers look like complete Wackjobs!

I hate to say I was right, but it seems the popular reality T.V. show about prepping is now being used to help obtain search warrants and convict preppers of crimes.

The case in question, involves a man from Kansas who was prepping for an economic collapse scenario. It seems law enforcement officials in Kansas used the T.V. show and images of preppers to not only obtain a warrant for a residents arrest, but also to convict the man of crimes in court.

Aflred Dutton, a military veteran and self-described prepper from Kansas, was convicted last month of making and storing explosive devices. While what he did may have been a crime, this story should serve as a warning to other preppers. USE YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT WHEN IT COMES TO PREPPING……The fact that you prep can and will be used against you in the court of law.

The Basis for the Search Warrants states:

Mr. Dutton, a military veteran, has been preparing for the economic collapse of the world. In addition to gathering a large supply of non-perishable items, he also has a modest collection of firearms and ammunition. And he makes fireworks.

During the trial, the prosecution played clips from the popular National Geographic Channel show, “Doomsday Preppers”. The prosecution used images of various “crazy ass preppers” from the T.V. show to successfully paint a picture of Mr. Dutton, as someone on the fringe of society that posed an extreme danger to his community.

When promos like this are used to promote the show, is there any question that prepping will be used against you?

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  1. DUMBASS goes on national tv anouncing what he is doing is ILLEGAL then proceeds to blow shit up in his yard and wonders WTF did I get arrested. STUPID MORON

  2. I still dont understand why people prepare for the end of the world, or whatever their goal idea of it is, then say things like “My bunker etc is securely hidden” then they show you their house, town, and where the bunker is. If you go on doomsday preppers and allow your face,real name, town, and serious plans to be shown without first having your identity protected then you deserve looting, arrest( if you are doing something you shouldn’t be), and for everything you worked so hard to achieve to fail. If you think it is a good idea to show where your vehicle is, what you look like, or (in this case) that you are making pipe bombs illegally then you deserve everything you get because you mass advertised it. I know I will make a darn good attempt at raiding any of the doomsday preppers I run into…if the rest of the people who watch the show don’t get to them first that is. :)

  3. You have to admit, most of the people they show on preppers are whack jobs. They make the rest of the prepper world look like we’re crazy as shit house rats. If you’re stupid enough to be on the show then you get what you deserve. Amazing how security goes right out the window when a camera is in their face.

  4. Frankly, your blog and others like it infuriates me! You are so committed to your misguided doctrine that you are missing the real issue here. He wasn’t arrested because of the show–he was arrested because he was STUPID on the show–there’s a big difference. And I’m so sick and tired of hearing all of the crap that these people are loons, idiots, and are guilty of violating OPSEC!
    Anyone who believes that has been watching way too many Rambo movies!

    Know this, NO ONE will survive if they do not PLAN to help others and incorporate charity into their self-reliance lifestyle–period! You want less people to take care of, then you HELP more people learn how to do it right, right now. Your diatribe here does nothing of the sort.

    I suppose only the bad guys can use mass media like television and magazines to get their message out, but the good guys who are genuinely trying to help others should just keep to themselves and be hermits?

    And while there clearly were some people who made it VERY easy to be portrayed as whack jobs, the only insane thing about preppers is that they are the odd man out in society in the face of everything that is going on and that WILL CONTINUE to take place.

    • Your absolutely right, knowledge HAS to be passed on, you just don’t have to be stupid by showing or doing illegal things. Preppers have a duty to try to wake up others and share knowledge. I got info out of the show and am thankful, here’s some more bad news to many of you, the government probably already has info on you right from this web site, including me, I’m not going to live in fear I will live as I see fit, period. Keep up the good fight to the best of your God given abilities!!!!!!!

  5. I was contacted by the producers of this show. I turned them down with out even giving it consideration. Only a fool holds a show and tell party concerning what he has done to fight tyranny and to survive prepping….with out exception the folks I saw on that show were posers and wannabees with zero wisdom.

  6. Great Article! I had not heard about this, but I remember watching the show and saying to my wife “I can’t believe he just made and detonated a pipe bomb on National TV”. Bottom line is that you can have explosive devices but they are currently regulated and you have to register them and get the proper tax stamp through the ATF / etc in order to have them. Whether or not the law is correct is up for debate, but it did look like he broke the law from what I remember. Just my two cents and it’s probably worth less than half that much. Cheers JJ

  7. This is a wake up call. What ever we do make sure it is legal where you live. Do it in a way it is legal.

  8. While I agree with this article based on a number of factors, I also have to sratch my head in wonder. I understand the Natgeo show is on television, but it you read blogs like this, or OWN them than you are in just as much danger as they are. Besides, do you think the banner of this website would be anymore comforting than the tagline to that show? Lets be honest here.

    I don’t know. I guess I might be passed the point of being fearful as to what may, or may not happen, but I do know this. In my opinion people that follow our particular life style may want to think of sticking together a little more. I completely agree with previous posts stating that the information we share amoug each other should be available to the masses. It would be a diservice to take it to your grave, and the more people that are prepared around you the better.

    In the end it is obvious that doing anything illegal is a bad thing. Sometimes though I think that opsec conerns, while valid, are a little overstated in this community. With the attitude that some have here I am surprised that you would even have the internet at all. To maintain true opsec that is what would have to be done, along with the elimination of many other services that most take for granted.

  9. DHS recently bought 45 million rounds of .40 cal HP ammo.

    Think they bought all that to defend you?

    NOW who’s is a prepper?

    • Agreed. All this prep means nothing when the army or SWAT team shows up and tells you to get in the truck. Tubby lady with a hand gun won’t have much of a chance.

  10. I am new to all this and have not even began to prep for anything. I only have about a week worth of food in my house and NO guns at all.No water stored and No way of understanding how to take care of myself or my family in ANY event. THATS MY STORY AND I’M STICKIN TO IT.

    • Man you may not survive the next ice storm that shuts things down. I don’t think that there will be an end to the world as we know it but they will be localized disasters. Take what happened in India with over 600 million people all of a sudden without power. Things do happen.

    • Its not that hard to start, I started with making sure we could make it 3 days with no power or heat in the dead of winter if need be. Then I extended that slowly to a month and then 3 months and now I’m working on a year’s supply. I have a very small home with NO storage space other than normal kitchen cabinets. No basement or attic at all. Everyone starts somewhere even if its buying a box of powdered milk, a couple cans of spam, a gallon of water and a box of extra band aids.
      That show does make preppers look like but jobs but they will continue to air it as long as people watch it! The guy arrested was NOT they guy from the show, clips from the show were used to paint a picture for the court of what a “Prepper” is. His stupidity was doing something illegal to begin with and then flapping his gums about it to his ex’s BF of all people!
      You can prep without doing anything illegal and be just fine. Besides you can make that kind of stuff from household products that are not illegal to purchase. Knowledge will be your best asset because if you know how to do things and what you can improvise with what you have. Think duct tape and bubble gum not tanks and grenades! The best defenses and offensives are always the one the enemy does not expect or see coming!!!

  11. Please understand Mr. Dutton was harmless. The GW County sheriffs department and county attorney just love these witch hunts of people they deem different. Beware!!!!! serve and protect isnt the motto anymore. Which leave one option YOU have to protect yourself and family. Bottom you have the right to prepare however you feel just keep your mouth shut.

  12. Being a more mainstream suburban Mom, I have a very different take on the show. I appreciated it because in conjunction with Katrina and now Sandy, I am starting to think and prepare better for emergencies. Media is sensationalist, even if it is NatGeo, but I have always believed it takes the extreme fringe groups in any situation to make the mainstream think.

  13. As an attorney and prepper, I was quite surprised at how open so many were with the more questionable details of their preps. In virtually every episode of Doomsday Preppers, I saw obvious criminal and civil code violations. And there are also potential violations that can be applied during periods of unrest that are not presently enforceable. A SHTF scenario doesn’t mean the end of our legal system or its enforcement mechanisms. Further, preppers are viewed with a great deal of suspicion by those in government. All of this should give preppers pause and seek affordable legal advice. Insofar as there are few, if any, resources for such advice, I am toying with the idea of writing a legal guide for preppers. If there are any topics of interest to the prepping community, (many are obvious but some may not be so I am reaching out), feel free to email me.

    • Problem is that almost anything is illegal, in the right situation, if it doesn’t fall in line. Many things that are illegal probably will never be enforced unless you’re unpopular. Which of course you are if you’re the political enemies of the likes of a future Gestapo.

  14. i think the guy with pipe and other bombs are poking sticks in the hornets nest, i look past the more reckless things and have picked up a lot of good tips and ideas. i think arms are necessary even if the big one does not happen but i do not need dozens of guns and 50k rounds do need water purification, communication back up food etc since i live in hurricane country, if i lived in tornado alley i certainly have a shelter. in a big city a bug out place
    i was glad to see the one preppier on the show caught he was a convicted sex offender felon who is not allowed guns

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