Drones to be used to enforce Gun Control

ariel droneDrones and Gun Control, two topics that go against every tenet this country was founded on, are now being fused together in an attempt to roll back the rights of every American citizen.

In a promotional video from the makers of the Shadowhawk drone, a 50lb mini helicopter used by law enforcement agencies, the company promotes its drone technology for use in gun control. In the video, the company shows a mock scenario where law enforcement officers use the drone to follow two men who are engaged in the private sale of a handgun and a rifle.

Remember, the sale of private firearms is not illegal.

Although gun control activists are trying to legislate your rights away, it’s currently 100% legal for you to sell your guns to another private individual. Despite that fact, the promotional video champions the use of its drone as a way to track and arrest Americans who are selling their guns to other Americans.

This is just another attempt to demonize law-abiding gun owners, and associate their activities with lawbreakers. It’s amazing how the average American has now become a target; it’s equally amazing, the hypocrisy that’s taking place in Washington D.C. right now.

On one hand we have an administration who is actively working to take away our right to bear arms, all the while ordering deadly drone strikes throughout the world, buying billions of rounds of Ammo for their own agencies, arming rogue nations, and supporting rebel forces through the transfer of firearms and weapons.

We have a government who doesn’t trust Americans with the right to bear arms, while at the same time, having no problem sending Sixteen F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled government in Egypt. Why would they actively seek to limit our rights, while encouraging other rogue nations to increase their arms?

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  1. I’m so happy to see this and so glad something is being done about these ignorant rednecks who think its ok to sell them guns without a background check. These people are criminals and should be treated like criminals

    • Jackie you are a great example of the small minded libtards us true patriots depise. Do you honestly think any criminal is going to run a background check before selling a weapon? please just move to canada

          • Hey Libtard, we don’t want that anti gun Jackie SOB in Canada either…how about sending him to Afghanistan?

        • Poe’s Law:

          Poe’s law, named after its author Nathan Poe, is an Internet adage reflecting the idea that without a clear indication of the author’s intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between sincere extremism and an exaggerated parody of extremism.

          That means that stupidity or hopeless indoctrination is impossible to parody without sounding like the original source.

    • Jackie,
      You are so ignorant. when they are using those drones to corral the american people that resist their comunistic ways you might then wake up! It is obvious you are not just IGNORANT but CLUELESS! You probabaly voted for the socialist B#@$%@rd and will praise him in place of our lord Jesus Christ!

      • Mike is correct..lets say this could be one step closer to a WW3.hmmmm you think. certain steps need to apply to weaken a country to re-think what is more important. Jackie you are un-educated.

    • Jackie, because you do only what you are told by your masters and can not think for yourself, please keep your far left, anti-american, one world goverment, muslim loving, etc,etc,etc non fact knowing thaughts to yourself. Thank you.

    • Jackie, Per a program I saw, the background check information will be used to create a data base. With that data, confiscation of weapons becomes easier, since the data shows who has what and how many.

    • It appears that many of us think alike. I was just considering the thought this morning that with the congressman’s fillibuster he was bringing attention to the fact that our government is preparing to squash our constitutional rights. Teamed together the use of drones and law enforcement could potentially be used for confiscation of firearms from legal gun owners when the assualt reaches the like scenario of Ruby Ridge. Ask yourself this question. Why put law enforcement officers in harms way when U.S. citizens trying to uphold their legal 2nd ammendment rights won’t comply? Don’t think it can’t happen here!!!

    • Jackie,

      I don’t believe you’re just a liberal writing your opinion here at all. I think you’re a government troll trying to draw people out and record their information so you can track them in the future. Well, go ahead and track this: It’s like Princess Leia told the commander of the Death Star; to paraphrase, “T-he more the government tightens it’s grip, the more true patriots and freedom-lovers will slip through it’s fingers.” Governments/tyrants and the like can kill people, but they’ve never been able to kill the ideal – FREEDOM! And if you still don’t get it, listen to what Sly and the Family Stone sang about it over 30 years ago. “Whole world over it’s so easy to see. People everywhere just want to be free.” Governments/rulers whatever that don’t undersand and practice that are doomed to fail; some sooner, some later. But, all will ultimately fail. Freedom is the pot of gold at the end of humanity’s rainbow. It’s mankind’s fountain of youth and will be continuously and relentlessly sought after by all thinking and caring people, until, one day, it will be achieved. No man can deny it and no group or individual can stop its eventual attainment. As long as men breath and think, there will always be those who seek to gain freedom for themselves and their brothers and sisters. The only question is, when the inevitable battle(s) between tyranny and freedom take place…which side will you be on?

  2. What Jackie???!!!!!! Are you serious?!! It is currently 100% lawful to buy and sell guns privately. It is no one’s business if I want to go buy a gun from an individual or a toaster. Just because someone wants to save money and buy a used gun or make some money by selling a gun does not make them a criminal, ignorant redneck. You sound like someone not a fan of personal freedom, who longs for government control. Perhaps the day will come when you are the one being spied on by a drone…

  3. jackie you my dear are the ignorant one you do not have to be a redneck to own a gun i guess all cops are rednecks too and as for selling ones own fire arms its there choice guns are a great investment and they can save your live unlike gold or cash that someone will just shoot you and take how stupid can one person be well i take that back there is way too many ignorant people like you that think you dont have to protect yourself

  4. Yeah, I’m thinking about selling all mine right now to avoid the rush. Cash and carry. I see some pretty sketchy characters, but if they got the cash they’ll get the gun! When all these new laws go into effect, I don’t want to be an automatic felon, so I’m going to be selling mine while the selling is good! Then I won’t have any around here to be confiscated or to make me a felon.

    • And then YOU will become the prey of felons! Wow! Surrendering your guns for devalued cash is one thing; surrendering your liberty and your means of defense is a cowardly act.

    • When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is freedom.

      Your statement makes you one of the useful idiots the government relies on to get their agenda accomplished. You are complying with the unconstitutional laws before they even come into effect by ridding yourself of your guns.

      Your decision to submit to an obvious power move by an overbearing government is equal to being one of the senators who pass the unconstitutional bill to disarm law abiding citizens.

    • Mitch,
      You ever heard that saying you go out on your feet or go out on your knees sounds like you will be one who goes out on there knees pal. I am going out on my feet saying fuck the government. Come get it

      • are you retarded i never once said i was giving up my guns i said they were good investments and i for damn sure didnt say i was giving them up its idiots like you that cant even comprehend the english language that will be on their knees besides as you can see if you look this is daves comment not mine your a real genius arent you

    • Well Dave I’m sure your a libtestical and don’t even own a gun because if you were a true American gun owner you wouldn’t be a sell out to the government and worry about being a felon because we as free Americans have the right to bare arms.

      • What a bunch of asses you all are. Every one of you too ignorant to recognize sarcasm when it’s laid on with a trowel! I couldn’t have made that any plainer without a big “(WINK)” at the end.

        And so because you’re just stupid, you resort to insulting me. Wow. I’m impressed by both your inability to comprehend anything the least bit subtle (which my comment really wasn’t, anyway) and by your lack of any thought of even questioning what I might have meant, as well as by your bovine belligerence.

        You might have tried, oh, say, “Dave, did you seriously mean that or was that some kind of a joke?”. Or you could have chosen to explain to me why you thought it was the wrong decision. But NO-O-O, you four all wanted to go straight to wallowing in your own manure. So, how do you like me now, now that you got some of your own behavior ‘right back atcha’?

        And just so ya know, you’re all wrong. Under my usual name I’ve been busy pushing ‘non-compliance’ to any new regulations everywhere I can. I just dropped that one because I was afraid somebody might misunderstand me – or use it to undercut my other efforts – and I was right.

          • Runner, I’ve been ‘living on the internet’ for over 15 years now. I have had that problem sometimes, but that was why I took care to lay it on thick – and I think you have to admit it was thick. So I won’t buy it as an excuse for insulting before asking. And with insults there is no mistaken interpretation to ask about. I think the Straw Man would have realized I was so heavy-handed in my statements that I couldn’t have been serious.

        • just logged on and saw this comment having seen some of your earlier posts i didnt know what to think at first but good one i for one feel that a true hard core individual wouldnt post or even log onto a site such as this as it can always lead back to you everything we type is being watched by someone somewhere but i dont care they will do what they want they always do it just comes down to how long we as people want to live like this im sure the government watches sites like this and probally even created some to get intel people think they are untouchable but their not

  5. It wasn’t so long ago that GPS trackers that were formerly used without surveilance warrants being obtained were struck down and now require a judicial warrant. This type of survielance will be no different, at least as it pertains to evidenciary value toward prosecution. Expectation of privacy is key. Enhanced optics, and auditory devices used to collect evidence cannot be used in random fashion, at least as far as the standing interpretations of 4th amendment applications are concerned. What we will see, is drones being used during the excecution of search warrants and vehicle pursuits for officer safety concerns. Note, this is not evidence gathering.

  6. WOW the stupidity of some folk is just amazing and this story dont get me started well ladies and gentelmen welcome to the 3rd world usa but ihave a fix to this problem 100 bucks to who ever shoots one down peter gunn 186 gmail send me proof and my 2 cents on jakie stick your head in the microwave you would be better off so would we

  7. Drones are you kidding me. I see one it will be my rounds trophy,lol. It’s going to get nasty folks and nobody is going to help us but ourselves. We all better start planning underground shelter because that’s what it is coming down too,

  8. Stop being distracted by trolls.

    The powers that be out to need a warrant for UAV use against specific individuals. This is a civil rights issue.

    And lets not forget we can fight back with UAV’s of our own.

  9. well, you took the trolls bait well enough… all it took was one comment and the majority followed the off-topic discussion… sad… why acknowledge it..? ignore it and usually they fade away…

  10. Some people don’t know sarcasm when they are hit over the head with it.

    BTW, did the proofreader/copy editor of the above article not finish high school? Rouge is French for red, or a type of makeup. Rogue is the word that fits the context. If you are going to write an article using a given language, it always pays to know the language.

  11. I would have thought another piece of film more fitting the subject matter. Anyone notice the seller has his handgun at the back of the buyers head as he’s putting the goods in his trunk. Yep, this is two decent citizens rightfully exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. I’m all on board with gun rights for law abiding individuals. This doesn’t come off like Joe Blow and John Smith making a legitimate exchange. Did I miss something?

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