Did someone Hack the U.S. Emergency Alert System: Presidential Alert System Taken over in 3 Major U.S. Cities Today

This morning AT&T U-Verse customers in Atlanta, Dallas, Michigan and Austin, Texas woke to find their TVs had been taken over by the Presidential Emergency Alert System. The message, claiming to be an emergency alert issued by The White House, alerted viewers that their programming was being re-directed or “force tuned” to another channel.

The strange thing about the alert, which is part of the EAN or Emergency Alert Notification system, is the only person who has the ability to activate this alert system is President – and only in times of emergency.

Video of the Emergency Alert as it Happened:

AT&T put out a statement saying: “Earlier today U-verse TV customers may have received an Emergency Alert notification. We have confirmed that there is no emergency at this time and we are investigating why this occurred. We apologize for any inconvenience.” 

Back in 2011 the Obama administration completely overhauled the nation’s emergency response system, giving the president the ability to instantly take over the entire broadcast system with the flip of a switch. In case of national emergencies, the new system allows the president to take over television airways, radio signals, and even the internet and your cell phone. Today’s mystery takeover of the EAS system raises some very troubling questions, and shows how easily the whole system can be forcibly taken over.

The White House has yet to comment on the situation, or even acknowledge what happened.

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  1. The possibilities here are endless. If someone could hack into this they could send a huge message to millions of Americans. Hope it gets figured out quickly.

  2. This is actually quite chilling. Simple really tell the entire country something that will make them freak. With control of a system like that it’s certainly possible. By the time they get to debunking it people will already be burning and looting. Attention food stamp benefits have been temporarily haulted. Instant riots.

  3. This is all quite humorous. The National Emergency Alerting System (NEAS) initiated by some dufus, probably some under-30 idiot, patching his Ipad into a studio audio system so he could listen to some low-class back-alley grunge band bunch of scum, and it got fed back to the network and the ‘music’ just happened to create a sequence of tones, or overly-distorted audio, that corresponded to the multi-tone sequence to initiate the alerting system. Now, the really interesting part is WHERE was this audio patched in and how did it get back to the network alerting portion of the system? The alerting sequence went out to the ‘major networks’ but didn’t get into the top-down alerting. i.e., PBS to radio to network.

    If anyone here hears/sees the alert again, verify it by going to a PBS station. If you see/hear the same alert: watch the info, grab a beer, grab a gun, and git ready to to put all you’ve prepped for into action.

    You can now up the unemployment numbers in this country up by one.

    For all you techno-preppers, the data is in ASCII on scan line 21 of any PBS TV station. There’s also a LOT of useless junk there but sometimes a few things interesting.

    This was not a good example of hacking. It was a good example of “OMG….we need another contract to fix our screw-ups”. Get ready for the announcement of a multi-million dollar contract to fix a $100 problem. Could ‘the system’ have been ‘hacked’? Sure. But not likely. The NEAS is not that exotic. Getting to the place to initiate the whole sequence, now that gets interesting. Getting into the middle, like this did, that is massively funny. All the work that went into the NEAS and some DA was able to send the proper signals into the middle of the sequence…..ROFL.

    I’m waiting to hear the mindless excuses explaining what happened and what extravagant crap they’re going to do to fix it.

    Remember: OPSEC! Check whatever it is you hear or see. DO NOT rely on ONE SOURCE. This was a perfect example. The networks had an alert……but no one else did. PBS stations and radio are your best bets on a ‘national alert’ of any kind. Look for a ‘news radio’ type station. Like KRLD, Dallas, 1080 KHz. or whichever station is in your area. They WILL have a correct alert status. Might be a good thing to make a list of ‘news radio’ stations.

    • Perhaps was someone testing systems with plans to do something bad? Who Knows? But what it does show… Control is a myth. All the little comforts and things we think we have, can be taken away by anyone with moderate intelligence and the ambition to do so. Just another of technology’s flaws.

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