Unprecedented Ebola Epidemic Spreading: World Health Officials Worried about Possible Pandemic

An unprecedented outbreak of the Ebola virus has health officials scrambling to contain it; before the epidemic has a chance to spread worldwide, where officials worry it could become the most deadly pandemic the world has ever seen.

What started earlier last month in Guinea, has now been confirmed in two more countries; Liberia and Sierra Leone. Ebola, which first appeared in 1976, in one of the world’s most deadly viruses with a mortality rate of 90%. While previous outbreaks stayed relatively confined, because they occurred primarily in remote villages in Africa, this new outbreak is showing up in areas that have officials very concerned.

What’s most concerning to World Health Officials, is the fact that this current outbreak in being seen in places where the disease has never been seen. What was once confined to remote villages in Africa has now spread from the remote regions of southern Guinea to the country’s seaside capital Conakry, where some 2 million people live. Even more concerning is the disease may have already spread outside the capitol, with confirmed cases now popping up in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Previous to the spread outside of Guinea’s capitol city, health officials were already warning that the arrival of Ebola in Conakry could spell disaster, as the city is home to an international airport where tourists from around the world routinely travel.  This has many health officials warning that with an outbreak so close to an international airport, the opportunity for a pandemic strain to spread is greater than ever before.

Why is Ebola such a High Concern?

This virus is probably one of the scariest out there, with an incredibly high death rate and symptoms that make the disease look like something straight out of a horror film.

The Ebola virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever in patients, in most cases leading to horrific deaths as patients — raging in pain and hallucinations — slowly bleed to death both internally and externally. Its initial symptoms — high fever, headache and weakness — can mimic malaria; but unlike malaria has a mortality rate of up to 90 percent. The deterioration of the victim is very quick; going from initial infection to death typically within five days.

The Ebola virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and can then spread through the human population by human-to-human transmission.

No specific treatment or vaccine is available, and there is no cure for the disease. Despite so-called advances in medicine, this outbreak is being handled similar to the 1918 influenza pandemic; it’s being fought with soap, clean water, protective gear, and quarantine.

Past pandemics, like the 1918 flu Pandemic that killed an estimated 50 million people, took months to spread. A pandemic outbreak in today’s world would likely travel much quicker, and could cause far more deaths than previous pandemics – especially with something like the Ebola virus. With the world more connected than any time in human history, the opportunity for a pandemic strain to spread is greater than it’s ever been.

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    • I agree Time. Deadly pandemics are a periodic occurrence and we are overdue. I am not certain this is it though. I still think it will be a mutated bird flue. The horrific 1918 Spanish flu was a bird flu. But today with rapid travel and dense population centers, something like that would be far worse.
      However, this IS one saving factor with Ebola. In a disgusting way I guess. It is so deadly going from infection to death in about five days. The speed of death and lack of any incubation time does not allow it go long undetected being spread to others. It is quicker and easier to contain that way. So this may not (hopefully) be the horrific mass pandemic but if not, something eventually will be. It is the way things work.

      • Is this the begining of Steven King’s novel “The Stand”? I guess it will be my dog and me (Maggie). Better find Abigail. Hope I don’t run into that Flag character.

  1. That means you better get your heart right with god,are it will happen to you with this epidemic spreading.

  2. The Ebola virus normally kills the victim before they can pass it on….hopefully it can be contained at source

  3. Disclaimer: I’m not a physican, etc.etc.
    That said, I made sure the brand I bought had the name of one of the “common names” listed on the kola nut page, about 1/2 down. Wallyworld has the cola acuminata for under $10.00.

  4. just remember – ebola remains active in the body for quite some time after death. leave ’em where you drop ’em…

  5. This is one of those things that we always say could happen. Stories like this are one of the things that help open people’s eyes to what could happen.

  6. Some food for thought.The flu pandemic of 1918 was brought to the US by returning American soldiers. The thing is, with Americans traveling the way they do and people from other countries constantly coming into the US to visit or go to school this threat is very, very real.
    Also, to note, a person mostly likely won’t see this story in the media.If it comes, which I sincerely hope it won’t, most Americans will be completely blind sided to the threat. Final note, most physicians in the US get very little training in tropic diseases in medical school. In other words, if a person comes down with this disease, the drs will be totally unaware of what they are seeing.

    • If that is true old soldier then it will initially be worse then it should have been (if it hits here). I still think the quick lethality of it probably prevents it from being a mass lethal pandemic.
      I like your note about the Spanish flu. Very few people know it originated farms in the US and was a bird flu (probably mixed with a swine flu and it has been theorized it came from pig farms).

  7. For a good look into ebola, you should read “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston. The book talks about some of the early cases of ebola.

  8. The Rustin Ebola (Virginia research lab)may well be an airborne form, or perhaps not. See the article
    We are now 7 billion and the closer we are squeezed together the faster disease can spread. There may be carriers like Typhoid Mary was.

  9. Ebola isn’t that dangerous in terms of a pandemic. Unlike influenza and other virus and bacteria which can take many days to manifest symptoms, Ebola strikes very quickly and kills very rapidly. It’s much easier to identify those potentially infected and quarantine them. If in got out of Africa to someplace like London, Paris, New York, or Tokyo it would undoubtedly kill hundreds if not several thousand; but it would likely end there, because modern 1st world governments would move quickly and decisively to contain it. Simply put, Ebola is too lethal to be very dangerous. However, if it mutated into an airborne strain and made it into a dense highly populated area like London or Paris….sayonara!

  10. If it goes global, There is no sense hiding in a shelter, it will be waiting for you when you emerge.

  11. If the “Ebola” virus is transmitted through gay sex, why is the President of the United States and the surgeon general promoting gay relationships?

    • it is NOT spread through gay sex, it is spread by contact ie… someone bumping into you, shaking your hand, touching you on the shoulder to get your attention, handing you something,etc.

  12. If ebola can be transmitted from animals to humans, then I assume it also works the other way around? Forget airplanes, what about migrating birds?

  13. Your site is so over the top scaremongering. I am a prepper so not a person who puts my head in the sand. I have read up a lot on this outbreak and I see no reason to worry. I know governments cover things up but just the fact that it’s spread has been slow due to patients dying before they can pass it on. Also they get sick very quickly so would be confined to home and when diagnosed anyone who has had contact are screened. Won’t be coming back to this over the top site. Let your readers know the good and the bad of a topic.

  14. What would happen if our terrorists enemy purposely infected their legend and sent them to u.s.a.
    and other western countries.

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