Obama Administration refuses to shutdown air travel from Ebola Infected Nations

As countries around the world start to close their borders, and shut down traffic from infected nations, the Obama administration is allowing thousands of people a day into the U.S. from Ebola infected countries in Africa.

We really have reached the tipping point. When our government is more concerned with political correctness, or offending other nations, than they are for the health and safety of their own people it’s kind of hard not to be concerned.

Yesterday, the first case of Ebola was confirmed in the U.S., with an infected Liberian man now being treated in Texas.

At least 18 people have been confirmed to have come in contact with the infected man, including five Dallas county children who were in school this week after possibly being in contact with the man. Health officials are also testing a second man exhibiting Ebola symptoms who had close contact with Patient Zero.

For over 10 days the infected man was in America, after being allowed to fly in directly from the hot zone in Liberia. On September 26, he sought treatment at a local Dallas hospital after becoming ill, but was shockingly sent away from the hospital; possibly infecting multiple people for at least two days after he initially sought treatment.

Two days later, he was admitted to the hospital with worsening symptoms, after requiring an ambulance ride. The EMT workers then drove the same ambulance used to transport the infected man for two more days, before quarantining themselves as a precaution.

Thousands allowed into country every day from Ebola Hot Zones

As countries around the world place travel restrictions on Ebola affected countries, the Obama administration is refusing to suspend air traffic from even the worst hit African countries.

British Airways, Korean air and a number of other international airliners have all suspended flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia. Even countries in Africa have closed their borders to protect their citizens, yet our government knowingly allows flights into the U.S. – even after the first case came directly as a result of one of these flights.

Nigeria, one of the countries affected by the Ebola outbreak, is actually making some headway against the disease after closing borders and implementing strict quarantine procedures. The country hasn’t seen a new infection in weeks.

U.S. Hospitals not prepared for Ebola

While the CDC is assuring Americans they can contain Ebola here in the U.S., their own internal research suggests otherwise.

According to the CDCs own numbers, over 1.7 million people are infected by healthcare-associated infections every year, with 99,000 people a year dying from infections they acquired at a hospital. If U.S. hospitals can’t stop known pathogens, how can the CDC say these same hospitals are going to be able to stop something as infectious as Ebola?

White House says Border Patrol will Protect us from Ebola!

The Obama administration thinks people in this country are so stupid, that during a press conference today Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters, the Obama administration will not be banning travel from Africa because we have procedures in place to screen people at airports and at our borders.

Remember these are the same screening procedures that missed Patient Zero, and this is the same border patrol that can’t stop millions upon millions of illegal immigrants from streaming into the U.S. ever year. If this is the best our government can do to protect us we are in some serious trouble.

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  1. Here’s what I think needs to be considered. In the first place, CDC issued a protocol to be followed by hospitals, particularly to look for patients experiencing flu like symptoms. What happens? A patient goes to the ER and the intake nurse neglects to communicate, as part of his patient history, that he had been to a country undergoing problems with the ebola virus. That is unacceptable. I “regret” or “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it! Something similar happened to my father before he had surgery yrs ago. The nurse asked if he smoked. He admitted he did.(I was there and heard the conversation.) He goes into the operating room for cancer surgery and the anesthesiologist punctures his lung while inserting a device in his chest for meds.A respiratory dr has to be called to repair his lung that has collapsed.The analogy to draw from this is health professionals and the media have assured the public, our health system can handle ebola patients with no problem. If an intake nurse can’t even take an accurate and detailed case history and communicate it to other staff, what does that tell you about hospitals and their ability to handle patients with highly infectious diseases? The lesson I draw from what happened in Texas is …..a lot of patients with ebola are going to fall thru the “cracks.” This is just the tip of the ice berg ….and we in the US are on the Titanic.

  2. If this so-called, know-it-all, person who claims to be our president, then he needs to board every single flight that has the potential of carrying any person suspected of being infected or not. Let him do the triage of these patients as well as to stay with them throughout the whole ordeal then lets see how confidant he truly is of his medical staff by the way lets add his wife & children to the mix as well. I bet he will be the 1st to run with his tail between his legs!!!! If you want to make orders like he has, he needs to make sure they work without endangering the lives of innocent people. By not closing the boarders he’s as much a murderer as someone who could pull a trigger on a gun & kill someone, no difference in my book.

  3. I think it is unbelievably irresponsible the our government is not restricting travel from Africa in response to the eboli epidemic. I’m not sure how the citizens of this country can demand that this be done. Maybe by contacting our congressmen. This lax attitude is going to result in an epidemic in this country with millions sick and dying. This can be prevented by restricting any travel to or from Africa. The citizens of this country can not trust Obama to do what is necessary to protect the citizens of the US. When its too late it will be too late. We need to insist to our public officials that this is done immediately

  4. border patrol my ass,, they can’t even stop a nine year old kid, how the hell does the black house think they can stop an infected isis member from bringing in any*******thing he wants to.

    • That’s exactly it… I just told people that same thing last week. All the terrorists have to do is get some infected people on a bus in London or New York.

  5. I work at a hosp. Pt. is admitted for (x) reason two days later is moved to Isolation for possible Tb… so for two days staff have been exposed and every Pt. they come into contact with as well as visitors.
    What happens when no staff to work Hosp.?

      • I wanted to add a few things to my comments above. First of all, I am a health professional. The first thing taught in nursing is patient assessment. Everything that follows in the hospital, diagnosis and treatment, is based on that.That goes in the chart or patient records which is read by everyone. Or supposed to be. Second, since I posted my comments, two patients in the Washington, DC area are in isolation as suspected ebola cases. A third is in a detention center in Ga per an article I read. The handwriting is on the wall. Finally, I have been reading several books on the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 that killed between 40 and 100 million worldwide or approximately 5 per cent of the US population. The analogy between then and what is happening now is frightening, especially the attitude of the government. Lets just hope the analogy doesn’t have the same result.

    • Write every congressman, write your state representative, write the President. WE have to use our voices here and make them pay attention to we the people. They have an obligation to listen and do the right thing for the American people!

  6. I believe…I mean I KNOW we have the worst president ever in history!!!! I bet millions r glad they voted for him now…what a fn joke!!

  7. i can hardly come up with a response for the lunacy in this administration…. but, wait for it…. by electing a “person” based on the color of his skin as opposed to the content of his character what else do you expect? no experience whatsoever at leading anything other than protests against the very country he is now supposed to be leading! obumbler and billiary, both saul alinsky radical “groupies”, literally meeting and coresponding with the commie! so, you tell me… are we gonna keep “allowing” this and these types to “infect” our greatest of civilizations the world has ever known??? we celebrate the 4th of July as the day our Forefathers revolted against an oppressive government to guarantee their God given Right to freedom, perhaps it is time to remind the current administration that there are still plenty of days on the calendar that have openings!

  8. I cannot believe they are going to let this continue. They are not even going to try to nip this in the butt. Nothing good is going to come from this.
    We can they not see what havoc this is going to create. I have lost all faith in our government and our president. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!


  10. i was inform by family members that they lived close to Dallas that USA Soldiers are closing the streets on Duncanville texas,all my family we are leaving texas asap

  11. All the Terrorists have to do is put a few infected people on a bus in New York and London to spread the disease around. And that’s it! And by the looks of things, they wouldn’t have much trouble doing it. The Government is so incompetent that they won’t be able to do anything about it.

  12. THIS IS A DOMINO EFFECT. When the man in Texas came in contact with at least 10 people including kids its almost like there not even thinking about those people coming in contact with even more people? Why isn’t our government shutting down everything so insteaf of isolating the people who have the Ebola Virus why not isolate towns and cities so it can’t spread elsewhere. We need roads closed, airports, schools, jobs etc. Only for four weeks for the sickness can clear. I’m a 15 year old girl and even I know Obama IS NOT HELPING THE SITUATION. doing all those screenings at airports arent full proof. Patient zero made it through now the USA can be affected as we know it. There’s always gonna be sicknesses but this ones serious. You don’t know how deadly it could be when it can spread like crazy. The world is due for a sickness that can wipe out humans like crazy. Why isn’t Obama putting his foot down and saying what’s right.

  13. Obama needs to be impeached. He is not securing our borders against either terrorists or ebola and he is allowing a massacre to occur in the Mideast. As the terrorists grow in power so does their evil and eventually we will have to confront it whether Obama wants this country to hide or not. The terrorists will come here as they grow in power because evil left unchecked only grows. The Next President will have a horrible mess on their hands from Obama. We will either be on the brink of another horrible terrorist attack or our country will be devastated from disease or both. Clinton did nothing about terrorism during his term and left Bush to do his work against that evil.

    Obama is either mentally unstable or he is on a power trip and taking advice from those who want to bring this country to its knees. In either case, Obama is bad for this country.

  14. Keep our troops out and slam the door if not it will spread! Obama keeps sending troops for non-military actions, why doesn’t he go and stay there this man doesn’t even have the respect to properly salute his military guard.

  15. Obama is ignoring the majority of citizens who are demanding a travel ban their feeble excuses don’t pan out Nigeria and Senegal closed their borders as well as many African nations now Ebola free . Write the democratic party that this stupidity will reflect in the polls

  16. Just wait until it hits Sidwell Friends…then he will spring into action.

    I found it particularly interesting and very telling that they are more inportant with how travel bans will affect the economy of Africa and harm the people of Africa. Where is his concern about us? Why is he not concerned about how not imposing a travel ban will affect our economy and harm Americans?
    Just as he and Holder believe…never let a crisis go to waste. Ebola is the crisis they need to show the uninformed voter how government is the solution.
    Well, Hussein has redistributed wealth, misery, and hopelessness…now he is redistributing pain/suffering, disease, and death.

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