Every Country in Africa that has stopped Ebola did so by Closing Their Borders: U.S. Refuses to do the Same

As the federal government refuses to take the necessary steps we need to take to protect the public from Ebola, a number of West African countries have either stopped the disease or limited its spread; they did so by closing their borders.

Health officials in West Africa are crediting tight border patrols for limiting the spread of Ebola to only five countries. Both Sengal and Nigeria have successfully stopped the spread of Ebola in their countries by isolating all Ebola patients, and closing down their borders to countries with active cases of Ebola. In fact, the World Health Organization on Friday will declare the end of the disease in Senegal if no new cases show up.

Nigeria, another country that has managed to stop the spread of Ebola inside their borders, has had no new cases since Aug. 31st. This is after 20 cases and eight deaths were tied to a Liberian-American who flew from Liberia to Lagos in July.

While our country refuses to stop air travel from the affected countries, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, all of which share borders with at least one of the three most affected countries, have closed their borders and stopped the spread of Ebola.

A number of African Countries have started restricting Air Travel

Authorities in South Africa and Zambia have enforced strict air travel restrictions. Kenya Airways, the country’s main airline, stopped flying to any country with an active case of Ebola.

Countries that have implemented Ebola-related travel restrictions:

  • Gambia has banned the entry of flights from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.
  • Gabon has banned the entry of flights and ships from countries affected by Ebola.
  • Senegal has banned flights from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. They have also closed their land border with Guinea, and closed their sea and air borders to vessels and aircraft from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • Cameroon has banned flights to and from Nigeria.
  • Chad has suspended all flights from Nigeria.
  • Namibia has blocked all foreigners traveling from countries affected by Ebola from entering the country.
  • Nigeria has suspended flights to the country operated by Gambian national carrier Gambia Bird.
  • Equatorial Guinea is denying entry to any traveler who originated in countries affected by Ebola.
  • Mauritius banned entry to all travelers who have visited Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Senegal and Congo (DRC) in the last two months.
  • South Sudan has placed a ban on travelers coming from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia or Congo (DRC), or those who have traveled to those countries in the previous 21 days.

Airlines that have restricted flights to Ebola-affected countries:

  • Air France suspended flights to Sierra Leone.
  • Asky Airlines has suspended flights to and from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • Arik Air (Nigeria), Gambia Bird and Kenya Airways have suspended services to Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • British Airways has extended their suspension of flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone until December 31, 2014.
  • Emirates Airlines has suspended flights to Guinea.
  • Senegal Airlines has suspended flights to and from Conakry (Guinea) until further notice.
  • Korean Air suspended flights to and from Kenya.


When so many countries in Africa start restricting air travel and closing down borders, we need to really start asking why our government won’t.

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  1. Political correctness has killed this country and now may kill its people. This is complete crap, and these people are criminals for allowing these people to come here.

    • I can’t stand this bull already. They are intentionally bringing it here it has probably been here before all this. I live in Rhode island. Don’t let them in get them out. This country decides to let these people in to where I grew up our,country. You know where we practice hygiene a American by birth. This is bio terrorism period. They sneak these people in under the radar for what political bull. Wake up. A month ago I was in the grocery store a woman who was definitely from a African country was shopping I seen her put a piece of fruit in her mouth take a bite and put it back. I was so pissed but didn’t say anything I’m stupid for that. Oh by the way this state has more people from Liberia than any other. I also noticed her handling like all kinds of exposed vegetables. I didn’t think anything of that. I guess it just kind of makes me wonder is all. I mean who takes bites out of stuff and puts it back. I guess it’s normal in there country. Who knows now all this Ebola crap is going on.

    • Why don’t we just stand up already hey I know we need to work but if you are a airline worker your job does not require you to go to work to be exposed to this thus baggage checkers anyone in a airport. Close the borders. At least until you get a cure in place. Start a website for these people who work in these areas to help them to not go to work and close them on there own I know I would donate money to that cause. Ummm feed the hungry in Africa hmmmm or feed the workers who could get infected. Who could also infect us!!!!!!

  2. I think our government should be at the terminals and shake their hands as they come through the gates along with some other people that are yelling racial motivation killed the 1st man!!! CLOSE THE BORDERS—ALL OF THEM,,,,,

    • Well maybe the president should shake hands with someone from there since he wants to put our coastguards and military at risk by sending them over there and then putting us at risk also even more so.

    • You know if the first case happened at a hospital in DC they would be all over this. Can’t be concerned with the nuisance of us little people though. Not that I’m scared of ebola, this just shows the over all failure in our countries preparedness. They’re putting added stress on a structure that was never up to code to begin with, eventually it will collapse.

    • Yes, close the borders. It’s not like it will effect the 126 BILLION dollars the United States gains from tourism…

  3. Seems like the USA will have “rookie night” preparing for Ebola, so ridiculous, how hard can it be to understand this? Maybe we should look at China’s model of sending prisononers over and training them to do some good? What a tragedy for these people, I agree they must have planes come in to bring supplies and medical help through, but put us under quarantine, not guess?

  4. Infected Ebola Liberians or Whoever are deadly weapons of Mass Destructions, all loaded and ready to kill. Ban their travel from those countries well known to be contaminated. We don’t need them here to cause the kind of trouble that they are, Keep Out, we don’t need them here either

  5. 700,000 people die every year from AIDS in Africa. How many affected in US? Ebola is currently a psychological pathogen. Use this event to hone your preparations for the real pandemic which is yet to be released from friend or foe that is sure to happen. Don’t panic. This is a good thing to help individuals and municipalities identify and strengthen their weaknesses.

  6. the screening for fever at the airport is a ridiculous thing to do, don’t people know, you can alleviate a fever with Tylenol within the 2hours entering. and doing a survey of question of the area you stayed in Africa, people are not going to tell the truth.

  7. I understand that people are scared of Ebola and want to ban travel from those countries to stop it, but is that really going to help? People from those African countries can easily just go over to another country nearby and fly from there. Not to mention that Ebola is already IN the United States and there are probably tons of people that have the virus and are not quarantined. Also, the U.S. needs tourism for the economy. Tourism brings in a lot of needed money, especially since we have a massive debt to pay back to China. I wouldn’t be surprised if closing the borders made Ebola worse! As matter of fact, if those people in Africa that are infected enter another country and fly from there, more people in THAT country will be infected, and it will be worse. I agree that airports need to beef up the caution, but don’t place a travel ban.

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