Illegal Immigrants from Ebola Infected African countries crossing Rio Grande River into the U.S.

Border Patrol

We were promised a wall; instead, we now have people from the Ebola-infected Congo regions of Africa, making their way to America illegally over the southern border.

According to U.S. Custom and Border Control Agency,  “U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Del Rio Sector apprehended a large group of 116 individuals—from Angola, Cameroon and Congo—after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande River into the U.S. on Thursday.”

They say that “Agents have encountered 182 large groups (100+ individuals) across the SW border this fiscal year. This is the first large group apprehended in Del Rio Sector this FY and the first large group apprehended on the SW border this FY consisting entirely of African nationals.”

Since I know this site is targeted by mentally ill trolls, from both sides of the so-called political aisle, who will claim I’m making this up, here is the tweet directly from U.S. Custom and Border Control’s official twitter account.

The U.s. Mexico border crisis has now become more than just a humanitarian problem, or a problem threatening our economy; it is now putting our health and safety at risk.

People are pouring into Mexico from all around the world, because the world knows they can simply stroll across the Southern border and enter the U.S. virtually unchecked. This means we have potential terrorists from the Middle East using our open border to gain entry, and yes, now thanks to our do-nothing government we have people from Ebola-infected areas of the world invading our borders.

As of May 29, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 1,851 confirmed cases of Ebola, with 1,208 confirmed deaths. This is the world’s second largest Ebola outbreak in recorded history and the largest ever in the DRC. But don’t worry, Trump’s going to build that wall!

Or is he?

While the die-hard Trump crowd refuses to hold the President accountable for letting people pour into the country, the fact is his campaign promises of building a “big beautiful wall,” have essentially gone nowhere —  and to the delusional Fox News crowd, who are no different than the delusion Obama voters we had to deal with for eight years, a couple of miles of fence IS NOT A WALL! And some bullshit tariffs are also not a wall!

Is this a border wall?
Is this the border wall you voted for?

Now for my disclaimer to the Trump-bots, I voted for the policies he ran on, not the crap we are getting. If you are upset with the fact that I dare say something bad about the great Trump, maybe you should take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what did you really vote for?

On the campaign trail in 2016, President Trump promoted the wall project as building the equivalent of the Great Wall of China from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico; in January 2016, he told his followers, “My ambition is for ours to be much higher” than the Great Wall, and a month later, he described it as “probably 35 to 40 feet up in the air.”

That’s not what we got. But from the way Candidate/President Trump is talking in terms of the 2020 election, you would think we got our wall — “tremendous amounts of wall have already been built” — he claims. In reality, we have only replaced a few sections of broken border fencing with 18-foot-tall “bollard walls.”

Trump's bollard wall that's not a wall
Is this the wall you voted for? I compared it to the Great Wall of China, and I do not see how this is anything close! It looks like we just got a couple of miles of crappy fence — I bet that will keep them out!

I don’t know about you, but I voted to Make America Great Again! This is not making us great!

In fact, the latest numbers show that things are only getting worse. In March and April of 2019, federal authorities apprehended more than 200,000 illegal aliens trying to enter the United States through Mexico, and illegal border crossings have more than doubled in the past year. The numbers suggest that this year alone, we could see over one million illegal aliens enter the country. 

I can’t believe I have to add yet another disclaimer, but it seems some people are especially slow! The article does not say people with Ebola have entered the country, it states people from EBOLA-INFECTED COUNTRIES. Please learn to read before posting your BS Fake News Crap!

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    • Hate to tell all the fools blaming this on Trump. I voted for Trump because I saw my daughters family being ripped of from the fraud called affordable care act or Obamacrap. Money used to pay for premiums could have payed for few doctors visits for my toddler granddaughter.too many people speak out on Obamacrao that never tried to use it. Didn’t pay for anything until a family spends $6000. PRE EXISTING, what a joke. No working class family couldn’t afford $1000’s a month to get it. And it went broke. I voted for Trump to build the wall no matter what it cost & where the money came from. I’m 4th generation Texan & this crap has gone on for years, just nobody noticed except for taxpayers in border states. These people aren’t looking for asylum, they want to come here work, take advantage of our kind benefits & send money back home that they don’t pay taxes on. Just recently stopped the practice of stealing american’s cars to send across border to sale. Big racket that went on for decades. Another racket is bringing 9 month pregnant women who’s a friend of a friend to have their baby on your dime. Then that have their american citizen. Don’t blame Trump for this when you have a media cult out there not even reporting this horrible mess congress has gotten us into. I voted for Trump to get jobs back to U.S., dems hate this cause they want us to need them, they don’t want a happy America. I voted for Trump because he is not a lying politician that has sat in Washington DC, to drain the abusers in Congress. I sure didn’t vote for him to see the snakes come from under their rocks to lie about Russia. Voted for Trump to stop the sale of Uranium to Russians or paying Iran a ransom so they will behave. If your insinuating that if we didn’t put Trump in office then we wouldn’t have a crisis at the border, how weak & Un-American you are. Telling us to put your head in the sand & just ignore. No sir, it’s time to stop the abuse Mexico dishes out, we send them millions or billions yearly, always allowed duty free enter of their goods into U.S. so why NAFTAheir cheap labor? To allow large U.S. corporations to move there & be allowed no duty on their products. That way they can get their cheap labor, win win situation for American Corp. if we don’t stop MX & China now, might as well kiss the American dream goodbye. So we pay some higher prices for now, can’t Americans bend a little for a better life for our children’s, grandchildren’s & future generations to enjoy what we did. We better listen to the fact China wants our status by 2050 & we are handing it to them wrapped with a bow, we allow them to cheat & steal. So no I didn’t vote for this, never thought democrats were so far left & willing to give up our way of life because they hate Trump. This is the turning point for Americans be aware. Democrats have lowered the way of life in their own states, they sit in DC and act like the only crisis in America is a phony hoax concerning Russia, when its is coming out that actually the democrats are the ones committing the crime of a coup. God save this country from the democrats. Bless our President & the patriotic Americans.

      • That’s the problem with a lot of the Die-hard Trump can do nothing wrong voters… When did I ever say the alternative would have been better? I hate to say it but some you are starting to sound like Obama voters who are supporting an IDOL instead of actual policies.

        Sorry but real patriots and constitutionalists would hold him accountable for his betrayal on the second amendment and on the wall! My beliefs don’t waiver because we have a R in office! Disagreeing with him when he goes against the constitution doesn’t make you liberal, or anti-trump… it makes you Pro-AMERICA and PRO-Constitution.

        • I hate to say it, but you really can’t blame him for the wall, as everytime he has pushed for it, there are legal blocking from the house, the senate, and the supreme court, it means it’s an absolute bullshit dog and pony show.

          ALl levels of our government need to get their heads on straight, and stop extending AMERICAN civil liberties and humanitarian efforts to NON AMERICAN civilians who are criminals the second they cross the border for more then a few seconds. ( i placed the few seconds there as a buffer since the border isn’t exactly painted)

          it’s beyond retarded, hell they’re civil liberties SUPERCEDE our own, they don’t even get a trial of their peers, that get a “please come back at this date and time, and if you don’t oh well, your crime isn’t a big deal” because of bullshit PC, that everyone’s to afraid to go against because of being branded.

          I apologize for my rant, I have a lot of rage against PC, and how it inhibits ACTUAL healthy discussion.

  1. Who else are we going to vote for? We need to put the fear of God into our representatives in DC, one way or another. Tired of them thinking they can go against the people and lining their own pockets at expense of American Lives.

  2. While I appreciate the article, and all the very helpful info you post here, I am wondering how you can put all the blame on Trump? I actually put most of the blame on Congress, especially those Republicans that were either too chicken, or too RINO to work on immigration while they controlled the House. I also blame the Democrats who have gone so far left that they aren’t Democrats anymore, but Socialists. They have done ZERO to help this nation. They have done Everything to destroy it. How can you put the blame on one man when he is fighting against haters on both sides, and activists judges who keep stopping him? He has managed to accomplish quite a lot considering all they are doing to try and take him out. He isn’t perfect but there is not a single other person, especially from the Republicans, who would have been able to hold up under all the immense pressure, like he has been able to do. In my humble opinion, we need to keep supporting him and Never give ANY ground to the radical Dems or we will lose this nation.

    America-Loving, Army-Brat, Patriotic Mom,

    • Oh trust me, I blame them all. I think Trump has got a lot of good things done, but his flip on the second amendment and the actual wall he promised to what we got I think is a huge damn deal. I understand the congress thing, but he has caved one too many times to them.

      • There is nothing that the President can do about building the wall without illegally going against congress and the activist federal judges that have stopped him. They would then actually have a reason to impeach him.

        • That’s actually not true. As the commander and chief he can legally declare a national emergency at the border and start building the Wall immediately.

          Who gives a shit about the judges and congress, he got elected to build the damn wall not roll over like every other politician before him. He didn’t seem to have a problem giving the ATF & DOJ more unconstitutional powers to ban gun accessories. He had no problem illegally banning bump stocks! Both of those things were unconstitutional.

          Declaring a national emergency and building the wall is more than legal and within his constitutional powers. The National Emergencies Act gives the president nearly absolute discretion in declaring an emergency and as for your judges/congress argument, In 1983 the Supreme Court ruled that a congressional resolution could not override an emergency declaration without the president’s signature. The Act allows military officials to divert funding and resources “essential to the national defense” including the “use of the armed forces”.

          President Trump not only has the power, the courts have already ruled and neutered congress’ ability to do anything about it. At this point it is impossible to blame anybody but him!

          I really wish people would learn how the system works instead of taking CNN/FOX News’ BS as gospel.

          The fact is Trump has bent over multiple times to the liberals, congress, etc… and has caved every time during the budget debates. He should have left the government closed until the damn funding was provided or he should have declared the national emergency — he did neither.

          Shit the only thing the founders intended the president to do was DEFEND THE DAMN COUNTRY!

      • I can’t think of any POLITICIAN who could have put up with the lies & nonsense the democrats & media has done to this man & his family. I don’t believe any American could have put up with the slander of his name, the hateful comments about his wife & children. By feeling this way you are breaking to the politicians just as they have it planned. FBI stated they had an insurance policy to remove Trump just in case he won. How could any freedom loving American not be frightened & upset at what the democrats have fallen to? They destroyed a 5 start general with a set up, put him in bankruptcy after he served our country, fought in many wars over 35 years he protected this nation. They put a respectable family man through an unjustified lengthy destruction of his life in front of the world because he was nominated as Supreme Court justice. They used some looney toon person who had no proof, couldn’t remember any details of the night in question, my feelings she should be serving time for her lies. Think how low & uncaring these politicians acted. Yet we are haters because we don’t want our country taken over by illegal criminals. Our President has accomplished more than Obama & Congress did in 8 years. Obama started the diversity of America. Trump has done mire for minorities than Obama & Congress. He’s done way more than old Maxine who does t even live in her district. He is unfairly called a racist by remembering g 9/11 & following the laws congress made to protect us. Meanwhile, democrats daily put Americans in danger. When all these immigrants from all over the world don’t get jobs they will resort to crime to survive. Americans need to stand by their President, the only thing that will change this mess is to let democrats know we are not failing for their propaganda. The only way to stop opioid epidemic & overdoses is to build the wall & make new laws on immigration. Stop blaming our President, remember the world is laughing at our ignorance & how patriotism is lost in this country. Russia doesn’t need to do anything our own politicians are our worst enemy!

        • Give me a break, you are no different than the Obama voters at this point. The funny thing is you people are mad that I am holding him accountable for the promises he made on the campaign trail… So what is it you actually voted for, an idol or policies. Because I voted to the Wall, MAGA and the constitution!!!

          You can keep the Fox News talking points to yourself because FACTS Are FACTS… No wall, despite having the full legal authority to build it under the national emergencies act, which has already been challenged at the Supreme court and ruled on giving other courts and congress ZERO say in the matter! He’s gone after gun owners more in two years than Obama did in 8! And we just got screwed with Mexico yet again, roles over on tariffs for yet more empty promises and NO BORDER WALL AGAIN.

      • Again, that’s because you are basically the Obama voters that you pretended to hate, blinded by an IDOL! Not one thing in the article was false! Sadly you people seem to care less about policies, making America Great and building the wall than you do in being right.

  3. I’m still pissed about having to saw my bump stock in pieces in spite of all the Texas License to Carry requirements I had to pass. Our Second Amendment Rights are being slowly dr dispatched.

    • Dead on accurate! Trump has allowed more anti-gun shit to pass than Obama, yet the Trump morons don’t hold him the least bit accountable, they are all too busy orgasming to every word Hannity says on Fox.

    • Ex post facto no law made after the fact can make you a criminal, its written in the constitution. You didnt need to saw up anything.

  4. Congress has only approved roughly $1.7bn in funding for 124 miles of new and replacement “barrier” since Trump entered the White House (when he asked for $5.7bn needed to fund a wall). So it’s kind of hard to build a border wall when the funding is cut by Congress and both parties are against you. If you thought that a wall from the coast of California to the gulf in Texas was going to be built in less than 4 years your as dumb as you sound in this article. Cry all you want about a border wall not being built but what has been built and or replaced is better than nothing.

    • People like you make me sick! Just as the author pointed out, some of you Trump voters have become worse than Obama voters. When I voted for Trump, I voted for making America great, but you assholes seem to be ok with making America a hell hole as long as your savior tells you everything is ok. You people make me sick. Trump could ban the second amendment and you tards would cheer, oh wait, he has already helped push more anti-gun bullshit than Obama and you dumbshits still love him.

      I thought Trump was the master negotiator? But now it’s congresses fault that he lied about his skills and didn’t have the talent actually to make a deal? I thought Trump was going to declare the national emergency to build the wall; oh wait that was bullshit too, and you tards cheer. I thought Trump was going to get out of foreign wars; oh wait he’s staying there and sending more troops, weird!

      And what about Lock Her Up? Oh shit, that didn’t happen either did it? The moment he got in office he caved, because it was all political theater by a guy you believed wasn’t another politician. I know, it Sessions fault. He didn’t have the right people at the DOJ, and 8 million other excuses. DO you think maybe that just incompetence as a leader? How many of the people you hire have to screw you over before you realize the guy either sucks at being a leader or is just playing a role in the newest reality show called the American Presidency? The guy’s son left his wife and kids to shack up with a Fox news slut who was married to the liberal governor of California yet you people seem to believe this is not the same old shit.

      The guy is a fraud, we are now a 24/7 reality show for the world, and his followers are beyond retarded. Welcome to the Truman/Trump Show!

      I am an American FIRST. I want to make America Great, Build a real Fucking wall not a couple of miles of fence, deport the illegals not give them amnesty like a pussy, and I don’t give two shits about following Trump. I follow the flag, and the country and my views don’t shift with the wind like you fuckers. The author is right, you dipshits that keep making excuses for his inactions and repeated attempts to screw us over and go back on campaign promises are following an IDOL, and you are no better than the Obama sheep, in fact I would say you are worse because you are ensuring the destruction of the MAGA/Conservative movement for generations to come.

      • Can’t understand your hatred for Trump, who else do you have to vote for. My dad fought in WWII, him along with so many men that have died in wars to protect your rights should be respected by Americans. Maybe I’m missing it but have NO clue what you are talking about. Gun restrictions & second amendment. I have not seen him state anything about gun laws. Show me the article. Then you have American voters that are idiots to the illegal immigrants since 1800’s in this country. Wonder how much you would get done. There are so many idiot voters in this country that believe everything left media states. I believe Trump has done a better job than any politician has. Just like Reagan he is not part of the elite. He can’t even count on republicans backing him. How many Americans write their congressmen stating how dissatisfied they are with their actions. I’m for america, my career allowed me to see the unfair practice our lifelong politicians have done with foreign trade. None of them are for the American worker. They sold us out & now democrats want us to be socialist. Stand by my country & my President

  5. I agree with you that the delay in getting our borders secured is frustrating, and most certainly puts us at great risk; and like you I want secure borders, like yesterday. One thing you must certainly realize is that we elected a president, not a dictator. Trump can not go in and just single handedly take control of the budget and do what he pleases. He is trying very hard to secure our borders in every way possible and he is getting blocked from the dems and some rinos at every turn. The invasion from our southern borders will make the country very unstable, very soon and it will probably be too late when congress decides to get off its dead butt and do anything about it. As a Chrisitan, I believe we are seeing things that were foretold thousands of years ago. Sadly, the US will not always have a leading role in the world; and we may now be seeing the methods of her demise. I am a conservative and a patriot; but I am a follower Jesus first, He is our only hope.

    • Actually he can; he has full power and authority under the national emergencies act to use the military to build and fund. It’s already been tested in court and completely neuters congress from saying a word. But I do agree with your biblical reference which is why I think it’s troubling that so many seem to be following an IDOL instead of the policies they voted for.

    • You “Christians” make me laugh, all this hatred for inmigrants is ironic to me since you proclaim you follow Jesus, did you know he wasn’t white? he was one of these ethnicities you hate so much, ask yourself what would “Jesus” say to you if he could talk to you right now?
      I just don’t get the way you “Christians” follow Trump, oh I know it must be the way that he uphold and follow all the values and morality of a “Christian” right? or maybe you are just one of these selective “Christians” that only care about people as long as they are the right color.
      I’m an American, I served and bled for this country which I love and will defend till the day I die, and you know what, a lot of the people I served with were not white or Christian, out there color or creed doesn’t matter, the only color that matters is the flag in your shoulder, we are all equal under that flag, and like it or not we are not all the same color.
      it really pisses me off that you Morons just drink the cool-aid and follow like sheep, he is nothing but power-hungry wannabe dictator.

      I can tell you I wouldn’t trade 1000 of you “Christians” for one of my fellow Marines!

      Semper Fidelis

      • Marine my ass! I’ve never meet a Marine who rolled over to illegals invading his country. You are either a liar, or one of the “marines” brought in during Obama to destroy our ranks.

        Talk about drinking the kool-aid, dude you need to wake up to the realities of the world because without us “white” “Christians” you would have no flag which you now disgrace as you roll over to the foreign invaders you swore an oath to protect us from. But again, I doubt you are a Marine to begin with and if you are you dishonor the name just as Obama intended when he let you fruitcakes flood the military.

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