Ebola Patient Arrives in U.S. No Visible Security Measures Taken to Protect Public Along the Route

Infected patient
The doctor who was infected with Ebola in Africa, arrives at Emory Hospital in Atlanta Georgia becoming the first person with Ebola to ever step foot into the U.S.

What we witnessed today was probably one of the biggest breakdowns in emergency preparedness management we’ve ever seen. Here we have a country that spends billions upon billions of dollars on Homeland Security, supposedly to protect us from things like bio-terror attacks, and then you have a government who allows an Ebola infected patient to travel right through highly-populated areas of Atlanta, without protecting the public or shutting down the roads.

I know, the CDC tells us there is no risk to the public. “This is not an airborne virus.”

Well, what if some nutjob had tried to go after the ambulance? We have a world full of people who thrive off of chaos, and after 9/11 there were supposed to be security protocols put in place to protect us from those people. But what we witnessed this morning on TV seemed to be a major breakdown in those protocols.

Ambulance stuck in traffic
Ambulance stuck in traffic at Red Light while transporting Ebola Patient.

How could our government not have some sort of military, of DHS escort for this patient? Why were the roadways on the way to the hospital allowed to remain open?

When you’re dealing with such a highly publicized event, one where you’re transporting someone with a highly infectious disease that’s never been seen on this Continent, you would think security would be of utmost importance. It wouldn’t have taken much for some lone wacko, or some crazy terrorist group to simply hijack this ambulance and create all sorts of panic throughout the country.

It was absolutely shocking to see this ambulance driving down normal roads, stopping at red lights, without even a simple police escort around the ambulance. (Yes, there probably was some sort of escort in the area or behind the ambulance, but that would have done little to protect it when it’s sitting at red lights in the middle of traffic.)

This is their JOB to consider worse case scenarios and then prepare for them.

The CDC keeps telling Americans that it’s safe to bring these two infected patients into the United States, despite the fact that we’ve never had a case of Human Ebola anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. But after hundreds of security lapses at the CDC over the last couple of months, and now witnessing what can only be described as a bad episode of the Twilight Zone, I think someone in our government needs to start asking how prepared the CDC actually is to protect this country from infectious disease.

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  1. This patient landed in bangor maine hours before for “refueling”. I guess they wanted to take a long scenic route and maybe pass ebola off to a few unsuspecting others before leaving.

  2. I want to know WHO made the decision to BRING EBOLA to the continent? They are out of their frickin minds! This disease HAS NO CURE. If you get it, you DIE! I want to know WHO did this to us! He/she needs to be prosecuted for massive negligent irresponsibility and threats to the entire continent.
    Someone please do the necessary steps to make sure it does not happen again
    and that these infected people in the future be treated in situ with NO EGRESS.

    • I’m with you. Who the hell made the decision on behalf of this country to bring Ebola into our country. This country has never had a case of Ebola within its borders. So let’s import it right to our doorstep.

        • Something to think about when you consider these individuals with Ebola are now within the US.At least one is so far. I looked up, and I encourage people to look up, the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. Close to 500 million people died because of it. Japan had one of the smallest numbers of deaths because it shut down travel in and out of the country. Per the article the numbers of deaths rivaled the Black Plague of the Middle Ages. Consider the possibility of the virus getting out of the hospital and the consequences. There is no cure from what I’ve read.One other thing: I tried to buy some military surplus surgical face shields today from a store I deal with. They were sold out in 48 hrs.

      • Actually if you would research this before flying off the handle, ‘Patient Zero’ arrived in Nigeria with symptoms already present. That means they had the Virus for over a week and that person arrived in Nigeria on a direct flight from Coon Rapids, MN.

        Take it for what it’s worth to you.

    • Actually the death rate is 40-60% so you might not die, it would only wipe out half the US population. A terrorist dream.
      Idiots to allow this person into the USA

      • I fully agree! Wait until a terrorist ‘martyrs’ themselves by infecting a few thousand refugee children from central america that are already sick, which would mask the symptoms, and we all know our Gov is flying them to almost every state!

  3. Why not take these patients to Cuba.. we have all the medical there… not a good idea to bring it to the U.S. we are already looking at a major spread of disease from the children coming across the border.

  4. Since the disease is spread upon contact with blood or bodily fluids of an infected, I think the general public were in no danger.

    • I don’t think the article is saying there was a huge risk of it spreading, I think it’s pointing out the risk of some wacko trying to turn it into something larger.

      • What if? What happens if i leave my house? What happens if i cross the street? What if? What happrns if i do not stockpile guns and ammo? Live in constant fear much??

        • Since Brian is such the humanitarian how about sending these infected people over to his house. Let’s see how Mr. Tough guy feels about that

    • The fear is that a terrorist group may attempt to kidnap the infected person, or steal the medical waste to unleash a plague weapon.

    • I would remind those who keep saying this disease cannot be easily spread that the doctors who are getting it also took full precautions and they still got it. The CDC Cannot guarantee he safety of anything.

    • I understand that this cant spread with out body fluid contact BUT you are bringing a disease somewhere its never been. Totally new and different conditions which give a disease compete opportunity to mutate and change the way its transmitted. ..THEN WHAT??!! These doctors became infected while in complete HAZMAT gear…. just saying. …

      • What exactly do you think the CDC has been studying? They’ve had samples here plenty of times. They just have a person now.

      • Yes, this is a place it’s never been and that’s good. You need to remember that African countries do not have the same medical infrastructure that we do. We will be able to study and learn about the disease better if it is in here. Thanks to our tools and medicine the infected patients’ Ebola problem is becoming less of a worry. Yes, the doctors did get infected. That’s because they had to eventually take off the Hazmat gear, while the virus was still around them. I’m sure that if anything bad happens we will be able to contain it like many other deadly viruses. The patients coming here is more of a good thing than it is a bad thing.

  5. And it begins!!!! New world order! First step create mass panic, spread the Ebola to wipe out population. = fewer people easier to control.
    FEMA camps are ready are you?

  6. Seriously? Have any of you actually read the article or do you hear the word disease and freak out for fun? Ebola is NOT airborne and no one is in immediate danger. Nearly every response here, sounds exactly like those old SciFi movies where they want to immediately kill what they cannot control.

    • No immediate danger. It’s a virus with a 90% mortality rate with no cure. To me that’s spells immediate danger. How will the CDC/hospitals dispose of their infected bodily fluids? I don’t trust this government to protect its citizens.

    • ACTUALLY the disease CAN be spread through the air, they have proven that it can survive suspended in small droplets of moisture and be taken in through the lungs passing the disease on. It doesn’t survive or long or very far but it does work.

  7. Im sure they have some top doctors on this and no one is in any danger I think people just love to over react to situstions

    • If the poor doctor contracted the disease while in full hazmat attire, I can pretty much assure you that the experts are probably trying to figure out HOW the disease was transmitted to him. Thus, the logical conclusion, when considering the fact there has been no announcement of how the two contracted the disease, is that really do not know all the facts of how the disease is transmitted!!!!!

      • Exactly! They have no damn idea and the people who put there trust in these eggheads need to read the article on how they lost the small pox and sent live deadly viruses in ziplock bags,

        These people are basically government workers who have no frikin clue what they’re doing

    • I obviously agree that moving them here was in their best interest, but to say that no one is in any danger is probably an overstatement. When the people treating these two and those involved in disposing of their bodily wastes etc. crawl out of their hazmats and go home how is anyone to know if they are not carriers?? In my opinion it is quite natural to have concerns about the two individuals being transported to the U.S. It certainly was the humane thing to do in the narrow view, but was it the wise thing to do for the potential of this type of exposure to our continent? Probably not.

  8. It’s not overreacting when their in a 90% death rate and when the doctors who got his were wearing full bio suits and took all the precautions they say they’re going to take in Atlanta.

  9. I’m just concerned with the fact that they are sending this infected individual to the same CDC site that was recently scrutinized for having their own researchers infected with anthrax.

  10. The POTUS chose to allow this. An article I read today says it has gone Airborne, it has been proven that it was spread from monkeys to pigs. Some want to kill 10’s of millions of people. This can be the start.

    • Calle, what have you been reading? or smoking? If it were airborne many more would be infected. The POTUS chose to allow this? Really? You’re and ignorant racist individual.

  11. The ambulance was a decoy, they arrived by helicopter to the hospital. As dumb as the powers that be are, the public is even dumber and believe everything the media them. The biggest killer diseases are already among the people. Cancer and the Cancer of the Media.

  12. Maybe they wanted to kill off all those vapid, self-absorbed, backstabbing cackling hens on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”?

    LMGDMFAO!!!!!! hahaha…. all of you need to lighten up.

  13. You people are nuts, get a life you losers. Nothing is going to happen, just like the Y2K bug and the world ending in 2012.

  14. At least we Americans have the decency to help our own citizens out. However dangerous and stupid it may seem, it shows that America cares. Those infected Americans shouldn’t have to die in a lousy third world hospital.

  15. I just read on a major news feed that prior to their leaving Africa they were treated with anexperimental drug that is not FDA approved for human consumption and have actually shown significant signs of improvement prior to transport. Sometimes I wonder about that FDA. Bet these aid workers are glad they were in a foreign country that the FDA has no jurisdiction over.

  16. This is what they need! Spreading a deadly disease to whipe out a handfull of people, they’re just testing us. We’re like a rat in a cage, just analyzing our reactions. They are going to lower down the population and this is how they will start!

  17. I Think The Main Thing To Remember Here Is That Viruses Are Living Things That Have The Ability To Mutate. Nothing With A Virus Is Set In Stone. They Can Evolve At Any Time. Then What?

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