First case of Ebola transmission in U.S. Confirmed: Texas Nurse Has Ebola

ebolaA nurse, who was wearing protective gear while treating the Dallas Ebola patient has contracted Ebola, becoming the first person in the United States to contract the virus from another person and raising fears the virus may be easier to catch than we’re being told.

Despite denials from the CDC, who is blaming the nurse for breaching protocols – even though hospital officials have been unable to identify any breach, there is growing concern that this virus might be easier to catch than we’re being told. According to the hospital, the nurse was in full CDC approved protective gear at all times, and was not exposed to the patient’s bodily fluids.

What the mainstream media, the federal government, and the CDC are not telling you.

This current case raises some serious concerns, especially because the CDC assured the public it had no chance of happening in our nation’s “top-rated hospitals.” First, it highlights how little we actually know about the Ebola virus, which is why we should have never allowed infected people into the country to begin with. Second, it shows how criminally negligent our government and the CDC really are.

Instead of doing the responsible thing and immediately closing down air traffic from West Africa, the criminally incompetent head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Freedman, instead attacked the nurse – claiming she must have done something wrong while treating the patient.

At a press conference addressing the most recent case of Ebola, Freedman told reporters, “At some point, there was a breach in protocol, and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection,” he said at a news conference Sunday. “The (Ebola treatment) protocols work. … But we know that even a single lapse or breach can result in infection.”

These people are either incompetent, or criminally negligent in their duties to protect the public. We spend billions of dollars every year, expecting these agencies to be able to protect us from harm, and they don’t even have a plan to deal with a single Ebola patient.

What’s going to happen if this thing starts to grow out of control?

Our nation’s healthcare professionals have been warning the CDC that our hospitals are not ready to stop an Ebola outbreak, yet the CDC continues to allow infected people into this country. And from the looks of how the CDC handled the first case, we will more than likely see more infections over the coming weeks.

Our federal government needs to stop being politically correct, and they need to take real measures to protect the public. Instead of blaming the nurse, who was only put at risk because of the governments open borders policies, they need to immediately restrict travel from any country with an active infection during the last 21 days.

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  1. I’ve been studying Ebola for several years. From a distance of course; through books, medical magazine articles, Internet, periodicals… Whatever. If it weren’t semi easy to contract it would be in a level 2-3 facility… Not a level 4. A gown, mask, glasses, and gloves is not the proper equipment for a level 4 infectious agent. A hazmat suit is. It may not be airborne, but one touch of something an infected person sneezed or coughed all over brought to your face is going to give you the infection unless you’re really lucky. If you’re worried STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Seriously. It might sound dumb, but that’s how a huge chunk of viruses are spread. You’re right, average hospitals are not equipped for this. Not at all. None of the people working with these infected individuals have proper training either. I’m not worried we will see the infection spread here like it has in Africa… But this is a good indicator of how the US will handle something that is airborne and just as deadly. And it doesn’t look like they will handle it well.

    • I think the biggest take away from all of this is how unprepared this country’s emergency preparedness agencies are to deal with any crisis. You are right about this being a good look at how they will respond to future crisis’

    • I agree closing US borders is the only way to guard against the virus.Isolation is the only sure way to protect against a virus. An update in the news: a possible solution is being bounced around that those infected need to be moved to hospitals capable of taking care of infected patients. The issue they are not addressing is there are only 19 true isolation beds in the US. The virus deserves Biolevel 4 isolation and protection because this virus is a Biolevel 4 threat. I agree, also, that it is silly to blame the nurse because she was following orders: wear what CDC prescribes.

  2. Not that I had a lot of faith in these idiots to begin with but after seeing their idiocy I have lost all hope for this country.

  3. People in west Africa are running scared. Had a conversation with an infectious disease Doc who predicted upwards of a million cases in the next 3-4 months. Where are they going to run to? America of course. Eventually enough are going to get through that we will see this in every city with a international airport. Why would our government leave the door open you ask? The answer is rather simple martial law. Something is brewing on the economic front . They are using this to ascert power before this comes to a head. Keep your head down and stack it deep folks.

  4. I feel as though the government want the virus to spread. The earth is over populated and they have to get rid of all these people. We currently have 7 billion peopleon this planet if we don’t slow down on pro creating where gonna have a mess. People do your research Ebola is a form of extermination,

  5. Why do you think FEMA has all those black plastic coffins stack up in their camps? Purposely spread an Ebola contagion pandemic, then Obama can declare Martial Law!

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