Economic Collapse News: RECORD 102 Million Working Age Americans Not in Workforce

Kids holding Jobs sign during the Great Depression

The mainstream Media continues to ignore the problem, the federal government continues to lie about the numbers, and the American public remains oblivious to the reality of the situation: Our country is broke, the economy is collapsing, and the real numbers show it’s never been so bad.

If you listen to the mainstream media propaganda, the unemployment rate is holding at a eight-year low of 4.7 % — after all, the Obama administration saved us… they did the impossible and pulled us out of the great recession of 2008. But if you dig a little deeper, and look at the real numbers, you will notice that the 4.7% number is not only a lie, but it’s probably the biggest economic scam of all time.

The reality of our economy is that only 59.7% of working age Americans are actually working.  So while the 4.7% number suggests that there are only 7.4 million Americans without a job, the truth is there are actually 102 million people over the age of 16 without a job.

That figure takes the 7.4 million people the government admits to and then adds in the 94.7 million Americans who are not in the actual labor force.

Jobs Report has Feds in Full Panic Mode

Last week the Feds released their monthly jobs report, and what it showed is causing a lot of worry among economists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy only added 38,000 jobs in May – far below the expected 158,000 analysts were projecting. In addition, the job numbers from April were revised down by 37,000 and the number of jobs created in March was changed to only 22,000. It was the fewest number of jobs added since 2010.

Jobs are not going to Actual Americans:

Even worse news for actual U.S. Citizens is the jobs that are being filled are not being filled by Americans.  According to a study released last year by the Center for Immigration Studies, since President Obama took office 67 percent of this country’s employment growth has gone to immigrants (both legal and illegal). Throw in the Bush years, and almost all of the net gain in the number of working-age people has gone to immigrants.

The $10 Trillion Dollar Presidency

When President Obama took office in 2009 the national debt stood at $10.6 Trillion. Thanks to the sellout Republicans in Congress, when he ends his term in office, that number will have doubled to a projected $20 trillion in debt.

Dect Since Obama took office

How you can Prepare for Economic Problems:

I believe one of the biggest threats we face is the coming collapse of our economy, it’s one of the reasons I wrote The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide.

Get out of Debt NOW: Every time I write this I get emails from people asking why they should pay down their debt, after all if the entire economy collapses what does it matter?

Listen, if the economy tanks then all the cards go right out the window; but in the meantime, debt is your number one enemy. Just look at what happened to people during the 2008 crash; millions of Americans lost their homes, had vehicles repossessed, and many ended up out on the streets when creditors went after them for past debts.

In the lead up to any major crash creditors are going to be ruthless when it comes to collecting on outstanding debts. Do you really want to gamble on your ability to house and feed your family?

Whether it means taking on a second job, canceling non-essential payments like gym memberships, cable, cell phones, etc., or just selling your old stuff at a garage sale, you need to work towards paying down your debt. The last thing you need is to be facing a foreclosure or repossession when the economy starts to tank.

Learn to Prep on a Budget: Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing gimmicks that try to convince you that you need to spend buckets of cash to be prepared. Yes you will need to spend some money to get started, but in the long run prepping should actually save you money. Put together a budget that accounts for all of your essential needs and then add a realistic preparedness line item to your budget.

  • Watch for sales and only buy things that you know you will need and use in the future.
  • Stock up on long-term goods and consumables that will hold their value even during a collapse.
  • Make a rule that you will only buy things when they are on sale or when you have coupons and can then buy them in bulk. It takes some work and some planning, but buying in bulk not only helps you build your emergency stockpiles, but in the long run it’s going to save you a lot of money.

Establish an Emergency Fund: Part of that written budget should include a line item for putting away some sort of emergency fund. You may not be able to fully find it right now, but every dollar that you can throw at that fund will put you that much closer to your goal of being financially prepared to meet future crisis situations.

Learn to be Self-Sufficient: One of the biggest problems we face as a country is the lack of self-sufficiency that has spread like a disease throughout this country. We live in a throwaway society, where instead of learning how to fix something when it breaks, people instead run to the nearest store to buy another piece of garbage that they probably didn’t need to begin with. One of the best things you can do to ensure your future and your financial freedom is to learn how to be completely self-sufficient.

  • Start learning how to hunt and fish: Depending on where you live, these skills can help you start supplementing your food supply and cut down those expensive grocery bills.
  • Learn to Cook: Believe it or not, simply preparing fresh homemade meals instead of buying prepackaged junk can save you hundreds of dollars every month.
  • Plant a Survival Garden: Another self-reliant way to cut down on your monthly grocery bills is to start a small garden.

When it comes to preparing for this threat, one of the most important things you can do is have a plan of action. Check out my article on how to prepare for the coming collapse, and start making plans for how you will protect yourself and your family from this threat.

Have ideas or tips that you think can help? Please leave your ideas in the comments section…


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  1. The unemployment rate is VERY misleading because the government only counts those that are currently recieving unemployment benefits and actively seeking employment as those who are unemployed.They do not count all those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and simply give up on searching for a job,nor do they count all those that have never been employed as unemployed.To get a better picture of how many are unemployed or under employed,just drive around to the stores around the first of the month and when Foodstamps(EBT) are handed out.The actual number of those on Foodstamps is a better indicator that there is VERY few jobs available that actually pay a LIVEABLE wage and just how bad the economy really is in the USA.

  2. Sir: I am not a Trump fan, but a topic that I do not feel has been well covered is the story of who is behind the demonstration’s at every Trump rally. If fact, I have personally not seen or read one word. I firmly believe that these “protests” are organized by one of a dozen George Soros’ anti-American organizations. They appear to have a few of the same Anarchist types that are clearly schooled in the art of violent demonstration. And there is no way these protests can occur at every single Trump event. Some organization is behind it and funding it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrat Party was involved somewhere down the food chain. Having to watch this charade constantly in the media being presented as an true organic response reflecting the level of anger by “regular folks” at Trumps terrible comments is more than irritating to me. I hope you can shed some light on this story. Thank You.

  3. If a person is creative, there are ways to make money. Some of the wealthiest Americans made their fortune because they could not find a job or got canned.

    Case in point. When a particular ethnic group was unable to find employment doing anything else, they started picking up people’s garbage. This was not glamorous. But trash was everywhere and no one bothered to do anything about it. Eventually some Italian immigrants took up the task that nobody wanted to do for real. The rest is history. The Sanitation Department didn’t magically appear. It was created by some out of work guys who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or afraid to work very, very hard.

    • Can you handle a joke.

      When my brother was turned down by the fire department, even though he scored at the top of applicants, in order to accommodate African Americans when Affirmative Action first became the law, my father told him this:

      There was a man who had no job and was hungry. He asked around and found that the brothel needed a man. So he applied at the brothel. The owner told him he could not hire an illiterate as an accountant but he was welcome to take fruit from the fruit trees in the back of the brothel. The man eat until he was full then sold the rest of the fruit on the corner. He came back every day and sold fruit. Soon he had a fruit stand, then a market, then a string of supermarkets. The humble man was so rich that he was being interviewed by a famous journalist. The journalist remarked, “You did all that and you could not read or write, imagine what you could have been if you were literate! The man answered, “If I had been able to read and write, I could have been an accountant in a whore house!!!

  4. If some of the old farts would retire, jobs would be open to young people, and others could move up the ladder. These selfish bastards think (I know some in their 70’s still working) they are going to take it with them to the cemetery. Never enough for these old greedy geezers. Didn’t save either, and lack common sense. We took early retirement twelve years ago, were both blue collar workers, saved and invested, and chose to be child free.

  5. Earth quake right now in Southern California. Just about thirty seconds. Not bad. Felt like about a five. The Cayotes are out front howling. I’ll take my chances inside. The quake could frighten them into acting rather rudely, if you know what I mean.

  6. Companies import computer programmers from India. Technology has eliminated many high paying jobs. Example:. In 70 hours, I could do the work that it once took 20 engineers over 1000 hours to do.

  7. Trump says that he will bring back manufacturing. For over 20 years I always have said that is the answer, but now I’m not so sure that Americans desire polluted skies like China has. Do a google images search on china’s polluted skies. Obama used tax payers money investing billions in US failed solar panel start up comnpanies leading to massive bankruptcies. China ended up purchasing the bulk of assets at fire sale prices less than 10 cents on the dollar. While I do believe in clean manufacruring processes, I don’t think Billary should repeat the same solar panel fiasco that we have already encountered (without assurances and without private funding).

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