Will Violence Erupt on Election Day?

flash mobSomething to Watch Out for on Election Day

From people using Twitter to threaten violence and rioting on election day, to members of the mainstream media actually trying to promote the mayhem, some think this year’s election could cause a wave of violence and rioting throughout America.

Here is just a small sample of the threats that are being made on Twitter:

Twitter comments of people threatening Violence

Is the Government getting Ready for Rioting & Social Unrest?

Over the last 12 months we have documented numerous examples of how the government seems to be preparing for large scale civil unrest. We’ve also covered a number of examples of the military has been training for violence on the streets of America.

Mainstream Media Pushes for Violence

It seems some people are hell bent on seeing this violence happen. Even the mainstream media seems to be trying to stoke the flames of violence.

MSNBC Host Loses it on Air…. Threatens Mitt Romney’s Son and challenges him to a fight.

Stoking the Flames…. Main Stream Media calls for Violent Revolutions

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  1. Well…..I hope they think this through….this ain’t LA ! They would loose…the gov and general population would all but wipeout those groups of law breakers…

    • It’s sad to see the thousands of ignorant people out there, wishing they could accomplish something through violent action and thinking they can threaten people by opening their big mouths. I’m not scared of your solution to riot if you don’t get what you want that’s the way it goes sometimes. Name calling and mud slinging make you become the same. Want to enjoy prison and zero civil rights you’ll get locked up if your not smart enough to do anything positive. Grow up and become responsible for your own life stop blaming people for your mistakes you’ll sleep better and feel better about about life even if it’s doesn’t always go your way. Don’t follow a really bad idea. You have too be better than that for yourself and for whoever you care about and love.

  2. So…it is ok for the Kennedy’s to have their “Dynasty”, but if a Republican shows up in the runnings that has one, then he needs a good ole’ ass wooppin. I am confused. But then, that usually happens anytime a Dem opens their mouths.

  3. There may be some rioting in larger cities, but out here in the country—-not so much. Too many of us “white honkies” done got ourselves locked and loaded…

    • White honkies ? You do know the majority support Obama gets is from “white honkies” don’t you ? This is not about color or race…and to even bring that up gives ammo to some left wing Obamaites. This is about America and we need to convey that message to all who will hear it. Bringing race into this scares people….nightmares of some zit faced Nazi or old drunk illiterate klansman. Neither white hate or black hate have a place at the American table…..

      • Sadly, “Don’t,” it does come down to race. I personally don’t care what color the man behind the desk it. I care about the damn job he does. I wouldn’t have cared if all the “He’s a Muslim” folks turned out to be right if he had done a good job. But when you get a populace that is impoverished and, for a good part under-educated, that’s what it comes down to. If you read the Twitter posts in the original article, I would be willing to guarantee that they were not even 1/10th of 1/10th of 1/10th of a percent of the shared sentiment amongst some of the folks out there. They don’t see the job he’s doing, they don’t even care. All this “Democrat this,” and “Republican that” doesn’t amount to a pile of horse pucks. Chances are they don’t even know what their party affiliation is, if they even have one. They just see a black man who ran for President. And now that’s being threatened, and they’re taking personally. Which is sad, because as I said before, it should be about the job he’s doing; not who it is that’s doing the job.

      • Why does white America have to be so naive about what this is about? Look at the posts! It’s all about race! Black America has been programmed to hate us since all they learn about their history in school is slavery and Martin Luther King. They’re trained to point the finger at white America for messing their lives up from the start and that’s bullsh*t!
        So, it’s racism if white America rallies in its defense, but it’s a totally OK thing for black America to openly call for revolution and murder and rape of the whites?! Get over it. White America, in their petty programming, has become a culture willing to bend over for anyone else who screams foul with no concern to their own well-being. Guess this makes me a racist, too, ay? Pathetic.
        You won’t think white America is such a bad thing when they’re ransacking your home and raping your wife and daughters. Again, read the godd*amn posts! Blacks are calling for a race war!
        It’s always about race and always has been. We have every right to come together in our own defense if that’s what it takes to survive. Screw all that “Klansman” and “Nazi” labeling. I’m on a whole different vibe. One that wants his children to see tomorrow in one piece–and they’re not even “fully” white. Go f*ing figure.

        • First of all and let me say this in response to both replies I could not disagree with you to fellas more. Base racism is a negative thing….no country EVER has employed racial based Nationalism and survived. Some fell apart…and others were destroyed. The most radical thing Obama has done was increase the divide among US as Americans…bar none. What brought us together was WE all came here from different lands…we formed a partnership…an alliance which if removed will be our undoing. We built our Country on the live and let live policy…to some extent. The comments above in my opinion are first hand proof we are being torn apart by a non issue…that Mr. Obama played on. In order to form a More Perfect Union…either you want all of it…or you want something other than America.

          • Im sorry but if this isnt a race issue then why do I repeatedly see references to “niggas” who are planning to riot on the twitter posts? How many white people do you suppose are posting that? If there is some sort of “riot” who do you think the authors of these posts are going to attack?

    • You seem to forget the 1968 riots. I haven’t. These will be much worse. The media seem to be stoking the flames ..which they didn’t in ’68. All I can say is to take the situation seriously …not downplay it.

  4. Sad. I would never attack someones family member like that. I am a Democrat but would never act like that.I use the facts, not the ones manufactured but the true numbers of whats going on. Maybe others will learn that the 2 party system is broken and isn’t going to ever get fixed. As for roits , I am locked, cocked and ready to rock.

  5. Consider the source of the posts, just reading them ‘sho ho ignant dey be’ (shows how ignorant they are for non-ebonics).

    All I have to say is ‘bring it if you dare’ there are too many people that will have no compunction with inflicting lead poisoning against anyone ‘ignorant’ enough to push the issue.

  6. I’m an Independent and the mentality of these people have done MORE to convince NOT to vote for Obama than Romney has. By voting for Obama, I would basically be supporting the terrorist mentality these idiots have. And they wonder why race is an issue? Because THEY keep bringing it up! Look at their posts! The ONLY reason they’re voting for Obama is because he’s HALF black. And look at how they keep using the n word. If a white person were to use it – OMG! He’s a racist!

    • Are you stupid or just trying to shift the subject?

      I don’t understand how you can accuse this site of trying to incite anything. Did you even read the article? The whole point of the article is to help people stay informed so they can prepare themselves and protect their families if something should go down.

      It’s the idiots in the media and the morons on Twitter who are threatening violence and rioting. Not one time did I read anything in this article that suggested anyone should become violent.

      And last time I checked the only extremists threatening anything were those who are tying to protect the current power structure. Which is what I suspect you are trying to do with your lies.

    • Mega,

      I would have to agree that there seems to be a lot of posts by Obama supporters showing violent thoughts but we aren’t seeing any from the “Patriots” on the other side represented here.

      I don’t believe the site administrator is purposely trying to incite anything, I just think it is a bit unfair to imply that this is a one sided issue. I have seen an enormous number of people on Twitter from BOTH sides of this argument threatening violence if their candidate does not win. I have even shot back at some of them challenging their thought process…a failing prospect in reality.

      Look below to “Watchmen Lewis”, Toxicbeowulf” to see the veiled threat. Sure, it is based on a supposed “defensive” measure, but the threat is there.

      If this article were trying to stay middle of the road it could VERY EASILY have placed a few tweets from the other side in there.

      • To follow up on what zombie said…. This article is in no way meant to single out anyone, it talks about a specific threat and a specific issue. This site is an equal opportunity offender and I will gladly point out that there are wacky people on both sides of the political aisle. In fact, for those that missed yesterday’s article, I highly advise reading our stance on anyone who is promoting violence. It can be read here…. https://offgridsurvival.com/countrydivided/

        For the record, we’ve had to recently start moderating some of the comments here because some people seem to think it’s cool to threaten others with violence. And for the record, this is in large part because of a so-called “group of patriots” who have decided to target this site and seem to think it’s patriotic to make violent threats.

        These threats will not be tolerated, and there’s nothing patriotic about threatening someone. In fact, it’s illegal and I would warn anyone who thinks about making those threats to keep that in mind. It’s one thing to disagree with someone, but when those disagreements cross the line into threatening someone with bodily harm, I will not tolerate it and this site will not be part of it.

  7. The real issue is not black/right or rich/poor or democrat/republican the REAL ISSUE is FREEDOM and LIBERTY vs TYRANNY and SLAVERY. If you do not get to keep ALL THAT YOU EARN, then you are a SLAVE! Taxation is THEFT! WE THE PEOPLE need to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TYRANNY and unite this coming election and RE-ELECT NO ONE! Send a clear message that we have had enough. We need a VOTER’S REVOLUTION – a flat out REFUSAL to re-elect anyone until WE THE PEOPLE get the government that we want.

  8. All I can say is bring it! My AK47 and SKS and Hi-Point 45 cal will be locked and loaded. I can all ready feel the tension and hate from the blacks out here in the suburbs.

  9. Romney is going to Kick Obama’s butt out of the White house. I sure don’t want anything to happen to Obama while he is President though, God help us if that idiot Biden is ever President for a minute. But the UN can go fu*k themselves and get the hell out of America.

  10. Can this post be anymore partisan? First off let me say anyone naive enough to buy into the left/right paradigm will not survive the collapse of western industrial civilization. While I agree you might see some pissed off poor people if Romney wins the election, the vast majority of hate and vitriol I see is coming from the tea party, fundamentalist christians, and far-right extremeists. I also see plenty of incitement to violence coming from fox news. If we’re going to have a post with headline “Violence on election day” it shows a really bad level of intellectual ignorance on the part of this website to be so one-sided. I’m not a fan of liberal democrats, but if you think the republican party is going to save this country, you’re no smarter than an Obama supporter.

    • Can you cite where the TEA party, fundamentalist Christian or far right extremeist are threatening violence if the election doesn’t go thier way? The post here is quoting twitters and mainstream media promoting riots if thier candidate doesn’t get elected and you’re saying this site is partisan?

    • Well judging from who you’re attacking in you comments it’s fairly obvious what side of the left/right paradigm you fall into. That being said, if you follow this site you would realize that we are equal opportunity offenders and often piss people off on both sides of the political aisle.

      We report on what we see coming, and we post articles that are meant to keep people safe and informed of possible future threats. If we happen to offend someone’s political ideology along the way, so be it. I don’t plan on editing my posts to make one side of the political aisle happy, I do plan on providing information that will hopefully help keep people safe in the future.

  11. Has anyone else noticed that the posters of these riot threads do not even have the basic understanding of fundemental English? Why would anyone rise to riot with these ignorant baffoons? Even if there is rioting, I doubt the rioters collective intelligence would allow for it to last longer than five minutes before they all either get bored, hungry or forget why they were there in the first place…

    • I wish this website had a “Like” button. Very astute observation.

      *after flipping car* “F&ck…did I just flip my own car?”

    • If you look at most riots, especially the la riots, the main “action” in these so-called riots is that of theft, looting and beating people that had nothing to do with the rioters “cause”. Stealing tv’s and various other merchendise has nothing to do with any statement trying to be made, it is mearly an excuse to break the with what they feel is less chance of getting caught because so many others are doing it. The inciters just feel as though they now have an excuse.

  12. And just where does our current President stand with all of “his” supporters threatening to ‘kill’ Romney.
    Are these not rampant rages advocating terrorism against an elected official.

  13. Please case and disses. Riots will not happen because people are too frequently lazy to do something that would involve changing their little corner of their world. Think hard about that and know it is the truth.

  14. I believe that this really stems from there being ignorance no matter where you look, black, white, or brown, left or right, there is ignorance mixed in with the intelligence and the inbetween. It also holds true that Where there is ignorance there will always be violence, many people fear what they don’t understand. While I am not defending these awful and violent remarks the people’s who made them don’t know any better, all they know is that finally there is someone they believe they can identify with in the highest leadership position this country has to offer. And due to their lack of understanding, their fear of losing Obama turns to aggression, just like animals, it’s instinct. As a young person in the armed services I personally would like to see someone with prior service and some sensibility voted in as my boss and leader. But if wishes were horses… I suppose we will see what we see but try to remember the lack of understanding many people have when things like this come to light. And attacking the aggressors only shows where you stand, ignoring them is the easiest way too make them stop. The media fuels it enough as it is.

    On a personal note, i do hope Obama is re-elected, I think Romney would blur the lines between his personal beliefs and what is right for out country and those of us that live in it. Then again I won’t be voting so I can’t really make a big deal out of it!

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