New Emergency Alert System gives President Instant Access to TV, Phones & Other Communication

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing a rule change that will allow President Obama, as well as future Presidents, the ability to instantly communicate with everyone in the country with the flip of a switch.

Television screen with EAS alert

In the event of a nationwide emergency, the National Emergency Alert System (EAS) is designed to broadcast emergency alert messages warning of impending dangers. The system is often used to warn people about severe weather, flash floods and imminent natural disasters like hurricanes.

Up until now the EAS was primarily used on a localized level, but that may soon change as the FCC is in the process of allowing the President direct access to the system where he will be able to break into television broadcasts nationwide, access all phone systems, and even send alerts through the internet. Under the new proposal, the President of the United States would be able to instantly break into all broadcast signals nationwide, and speak to the nation in the case of something like a terrorist attack or act of war.

While the National Emergency Alert system, or anything that gives people advanced warning to impending dangers, is in my opinion a good thing, there are some concerns over allowing one person access to this much power.

Critics are warning that with the ability to instantly takeover the nation’s airwaves, the system could be ripe for abuse – allowing this, or future Presidents to use the system for political gain. Another worry is what will happen if the system is used to blast out alerts every time there is a perceived threat, which could cause people to just tune out.

EAS System Tests were a Complete Failure

Back in 2011, when the FCC started to roll out the new National EAS system, a nationwide test of the system exposed a number of problems. In fact, the first test was a complete failure. Most areas of the country didn’t receive the test message, and in areas where the broadcast did go through people complained of audio problems or local broadcasts that went completely dead.

The FCC is claiming that the newly proposed changes will address problems identified by the 2011 nationwide EAS test – even though nothing in the proposal address the audio/visual problems encountered during the 2011 test.

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  1. and now in place we have the reeducation and propaganda machine.
    he just pushes a button and on time news is gone and filled with lies and misdirection.

  2. There is no need for this. Storms yes, riots yes. Total control of the internet, media and phones? Why? It might have merit but its far more power than amyone person should have. Progress or another step on the slippery slope to 1984? Guess we will find out in the end.

  3. If you’ve ever seen the old movie “Seven Days in May” with Burt Lancaster and Richard Widmark, this is exactly the plan they had for overthrowing the government. Through the hijacking of the television system the General played by Burt Lancaster planned to overthrow the government of The President played by Frederich March, I believe. The Generals plan sounded eerily similar to this EAS plan. Whoever owns the airwaves can dictate the message given to the masses. Now whether we really believe anything our president says is another matter entirely. Great movie though. I highly recommend it.

  4. The UN would love this ability, N.W.O. Frankly, I do NOT want to see or hear a word HE has to say.
    9-11 attacks was enough for me. where I live if you don’t have satellite, NO TV signal.
    I’m in a valley & no radio signal gets here either NO cell phones work here cable available.
    this is why I Bought this place..dial up internet ends 31 july-2014,so long internet.( remote) you bet ya.

  5. This troubles me because they will be creating a system that allows all these forms of media to be commandeered by a single entity. By linking all of these together in their infinite wisdom they will do all the leg work for hackers to commandeer all these forms of media in one place. Now they would just have to hack one system to shut down media for their own amusement and hooliganry. But I just bet the gov is arrogant enough to think they can mitigate that risk. I have no faith in their plan whatsoever because you know the “lowest” not the “best” bidder will get the contract to build such a system.

  6. He Is putting things in place so when he declares marshal law and orders vast rural areas to report FEMA camps for ‘help’. They are doing this kind of crap a little at a time. It will not be used for a true purpose like informing us about our electric sub stations being attacked, which the news doesn’t report. Because our gov wants the power system to go down so he can declare marshal law and t to get us in a camp. Just like hitler

  7. … we interupt your life to bring you this emergency broadcast message from the POTUS … “My fellow Americans, … please surrender your weapons at the local DHS Confiscation Facility … I hereby suspend the Constitution and authorize the imprisonment of both the Congress and Senate. Effective immediately all Doomsday Preppers should report to the FBI for processing and turn over any and all ammo …”

  8. Critics also point out that during recent crises, ranging from the Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy assasination, the shooting of President Reagan to the attacks of 9/11, no emergency broadcast system was used because the network (and now cable) news services were able to provide the most up to date information to the public.

    Along the same lines, there is a desk officer in the national command post whoes job it is to watch the news channels to stay up to date on breaking emergencies.

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