More Emergency Evacuation Shelters Being Setup Outside Chicago

evacuation route signFor the last couple weeks a number of reports have been leaking out of Chicago about the possible evacuation of Chicago Residents during this months NATO summit. From the Illinois Department of Transportation testing an emergency plan to block highways out of downtown Chicago to the military conducting urban warfare drills in downtown Chicago, many residents are starting to wonder exactly what the government is expecting.

This morning CBS News in Chicago reported that another emergency evacuation site has been confirmed, this time at Benedictine University in DuPage County.

The Dupage County Red Cross confirmed that they were asked to prepare a number of evacuation sites including Benedictine University. The college campus is being prepared to take as many as 1000 evacuees but Red Cross says they are also in the process of prepping a number of other locations.

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  1. Living in the far suburbs of Chicago, I have to wonder what NATO has in store for us.

    Even being 30-40 miles from downtown I have had helicoptors flying low over my house after dark, repeatedly with multi light setups on the bottom (doesn’t help with the paranoia level =)). It actually didn’t occur to me until I read this post that it could be in conjunction with the summit.

    Please keep us Chicagoans posted with any new info…hate to be caught, ahem, unprepared.

  2. Whats is up in Chicago?Do they know something everyone else doesn’t?Military drills in L.A and know Chicago are no routine exercises either or is this just to keep protesters who follow them from place to place from getting to where the meeting is taking place.Will this be the next event to take place?I’m not trying to sound paranoid or spread fear but that being said I wouldn’t want to be there right know.

  3. The USG doesn’t dare pull a dirty bomb stunt let alone have a real real nuke (the missing one from 7yrs ago) go off, as most everybody wouldn’t believe that the Iranians did it, for the reason that we have had near 11yrs of constant ongoing WOT, which fewer and fewer now believe in.
    Who now believes that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK ? Given the immense time compression by virtue of the heaven sent Internet, by this time next year nobody will believe that 911 was an outside job.
    So, were there to be a False Flag in Chicago now, by this time next year huge Treason Trials for the entire Obama administration !

    • I agree michael. But you might say that if they leave it any longer to pull off a false flag of some kind, the Dark cabal will be utterly defeated due to this massive awakening of consciousness which is growing exponentially.

  4. Why is Rambo not addressing this issue with the machines, opps, the people who voted him in?
    Ya know what.. they want everyone scared, F-That.
    Don’t play the fear game.
    If you have Jesus in your heart they can not hurt you.
    This is a temporal place, our bodies are temporal, but our souls are eternal. Suck on that you fear mongering junkies.

    • I agrie Eddie. I think its to build fear in our hearts, but you cannot rule out a last desperate attempt to bring in a NWO before any more awaken.

  5. Maybe those FEMA camps we have been hearing about are finally staffed and this is a way of tricking people into thinking they are going someplace safe

  6. Last I herd, (from MSM source anyway) the NATO summit has been relocated to Camp David. That was in a report about the “Ohio bridge bombers”.

  7. these emergency shelters, will be used as a genocide camp similarly how russia did to get rid of dissents when enforcing communism on to the masses. the obama admin, and his lame left-wing and cheap ass occupiers want us to turn into russia

  8. Urban warfare drills??? lets see, how about coincidental exercises on 9/11 & 7/7 london. The world is watching. Stu NZ

  9. Yes something is going down soon. and thay r trying to scare us.thay are scared of the informed citizen. Inform as many people as you can, have jesus in ur heart and be prepared in spirt and protect yourself and family by any means possiable…….God is watching

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