Food Shortages have started

Emergency Food Shortages Have Started

A source at Mountain House confirmed to us that they are running very low on #10 cans and at this time they are only selling to a limited number of vendors.

With worries of hyperinflation and a total economic collapse, the demand for freeze dried foods in #10 cans has skyrocketed. We talked to a number of the large freeze dried food dealers this morning who all confirmed the shortages. The Ready Store told us that they were a month behind on their orders and that they were having a hard time getting product into their warehouse.

“It started back in November”

Just about every company that we talked to, including Mountain House, told us that demand for freeze dried and emergency food started to skyrocket last November.

What caused the spike in Demand?

From what we have gathered in talking to Mountain House, The Ready Store, and a number of other sources is that there are a number of different factors that have contributed to the spike in demand.

Individual Buyers – According to Jonathan Dick, Sales Manager at The Ready Store, the biggest surge is coming from individual buyers. He told me that they have seen a huge increase in the number of people buying emergency food supplies. Their buyer’s biggest concerns seem to be over either a coming economic disaster or hyperinflation.

Talk Radio – A couple of the companies that we talked to attributed the increased interest in emergency foods to radio talk show hosts like Glenn Beck. Beck, who is a huge proponent of emergency food rations, has been pushing people to stock up for a coming hyperinflation catastrophe. Beck and other conservative radio hosts have been warning their listeners that major problems could be coming as soon as Q2 of 2011.

2012 Fears – Our source at Mountain House told us that they are attributing some of the shortages to people’s fears that something will happen in 2012.

With entire shows, on networks like the History Channel, being dedicated to 2012 prophecy, people are becoming increasingly nervous that something may happen. When you combine these fears with what’s going on around the world, a number of people are convinced that the end is near.

Government – While none of the dealers would directly tell me that the government was buying up food rations, a number of them do sell directly to the government. In fact, one source told me that NORAD was encouraging its employees to have a 3 month supply of food ready for their families. Beyond that they wouldn’t comment.

What can you do?

We have no way of predicting what the future has in store for any of us. What we can predict is bad things do happen, and not being prepared for a disaster is just down right foolish.

In our current economic climate prepping just makes sense. Even if none of the scenarios listed ever come to pass, having a supply of emergency food can help see you through smaller disasters like the loss of a job or a natural disaster.


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  1. This is pretty scary, I bet a lot of it has to do with fear (there is a whole lot tobe scared of these day). But I have some friends in Government who have also been told to start stocking up on supplies. Seems like they know something huh? Maybe they see that the deck of cards is about to fall.

  2. I have been trying to buy some #10 cans for the last couple of months and there is nothing available anywhere. I agree with Jack that some of this is fear, hell I’m fearful. but I think there is something else happening here.

    If the Govt isn’t buying it up, the people who work for govt sure are.

  3. It’s not just #10 Cans either it seems like a lot of emergency food supplies are at least backordered by a month

  4. I agree now is the time to stock up. Food prices are also going through the roof and I am one of those that believe that major economic problems are coming that will send food prices up out of control

  5. I feel all the nukecaler bomb testing has finally got the earth wobbeling causeing a lot of earth quakes ect. and the goverment knows it and is as scared as we are and buying up food and all maner of esencewis they fear riots and pandamodium thats why they are training millatary for marshal law here in not so good US people everywhere need to pray now

  6. thanks for this…. We just had a major winter storm in Texas… probably our worst in my 35 years and the store shelves are almost empty. there are a few items left but I could not get over how bare the shelves were. People were scrambling at the store. it’s time to get prepared…

  7. I heard this a while back and live it: “Buy what you eat & eat what you buy.” There’s no point in stocking up on things that you don’t eat that much of. No offense, but I don’t eat dried apples, do you? Dry goods (not dehydrated) & canning (whether your own or store bought) is much more practical. Also, in a shtf scenario, hunting for wildlife & edibles may be dangerous and not possible. Not that those aren’t good skills to have, but I recommend not counting on that for survival.

  8. Well…I like the saying..”Its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”..Nothing wrong with stocking up and that is what my husband and I are doing. People that think all this is a joke will be looking pretty stupid when they are begging for a bottle of water and a slice of bread all because they did not think it was worth their trouble to plan ahead.

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