New Emergency Presidential Alert System

The same Federal Government that can’t fix the economy, health care, the oil spill, or anything for that matter, will now be sending breaking “emergency” news right to your computer and cell phone.
presidential emergency broadcast system

The FCC and the Obama administration are announcing an overhaul to the emergency broadcast system. The FCC will require all television, radio stations, cable, and satellite television providers to take part in a test of their new presidential alert system.

The new alert system will transmit messages directly from the President of the United States during a so called “national emergency.” This new system is also being developed to send alerts right to your cell phone and your computer through your broadband connection.

Do we really want the federal government to be able to text us, or pop messages on to our computers? How long will it be before this system is used for political purposes?

In a press release, the FCC stated that the system could be used to alert the public to “potential danger, nationwide and regionally.” To me this just seems idiotic. Even if this system isn’t abused for political purposes, which I’m sure it will be, do we really need these morons to alert us every time there is a perceived threat?

How long will it be before the public starts to tune these messages out? Remember the color coded terror alerts?


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  1. Totally agree. It doen’t matter who i in office I don’t like the idea of the government being able to butt into what I am doing online or wherever I am. We have enough warning with internet and cable news I don’t think we need the FEDS trying to warn us.

    Somehow I doubt there warnings will come mucb quicker than what we already have in place. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME FEEL ANY SAFER

  2. I think the federal government has done enough and thrown this country into enough ruin. Whatever happened to the real people who used to run the greatest nation on earth? The ones who invented mass production? Which the rest of the world now has 100% grasp on but not the UNITED STATES anymore where it was invented. I am deeply disturbed by what our country has become and anyone who is not should surely rethink what is great to them. That’s about all I have to say besides. LONG LIVE AMERICA. I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. I hope this gives you all some hope cause everyone should say this everyday and remember where we all came from and why this nation became so great. And furthermore why this nation is now going down the drain. Where are all the believers anymore? I KNOW I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just another tool to evoke fear in us (the common people). If they scare us more often…say after dinner while you’re texting your buddies, then they can make us give up more of our civil liberties and freedoms. Kind of like “the bad economy” has made workers give up their wages and benefits. Okay I’m going off topic. Sorry. Good bye.

  4. …Sounds Like The Real “Powers That Be”…Are…In Progress…In The Name Of ObamaNation…

  5. Seems like everyone here is overreacting. This seems to me like a modernization of the old emergency alert system that used TV and radio to alert us of an emergency. This change simply leverages the most current, popular, means of mass communication. While using it for political purposes would be terrible in my view, I do not recall the old emergency broadcast system ever falling into such a trap. We should expect the same with this modern revision. No biggie. The sky is not falling.

    Further, if something did happen which the gov’t knew and could do little to alert substantial parts of our population that would be much worse. I know as I sat at my desk in NYC on 9/11. I would have really appreciated some official emergency notice other than my wife trying unsuccessfully to let me know what just happened…my computer and mobile phone would have been good options to alert me.

  6. I would like to know when the USA became China tell the government go to hell I do not want this crap stay the hell out of my life .

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