New York Scares the Shit out of Public: Turns Empire State Building into Dystopian Emergency Siren

New York has certainly made some interesting decisions throughout the COVID-19 crisis, but the latest dystopian attack on the public’s sense has a lot of New Yorkers asking why officials seem to be hell-bent on scaring the hell out of the public.

On Monday night, New York officials sparked anxiety throughout the city as the Empire State Building was turned into something that resembled a giant red spinning emergency siren. The iconic skyscraper debuted the disturbing emergency siren at 9 p.m. Monday and will continue to through the course of the ongoing pandemic.

Many New Yorkers complained that the dystopian emergency signal was creating undue anxiety and wonder why the city would create so much stress when at this point it’s very unlikely that anyone in the city doesn’t know what’s going on.

Panic, Hysterian and the Crackdown on Civil Liberties and the Suspension of Constitutional Rights

From the DC mayor threatening to throw residents who leave their home in jail for 90 days to cities freeing actual criminals on to our streets, there  a lot of pretty questionable actions being pushed in the name of public health.

Never have we seen a so-called public health emergency cause this type of world-wide freak out, panic. and suspension of civil freedoms. Here are just a few examples that we have documented:

Coronavirus Preparedness Resources:

Please read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Actual Numbers — At his point, panic and hysteria are doing more damage to the public than the actual coronavirus itself! While the number may have went up a bit since we wrote the article, the main point still stands. There seem to be a whole lot of people pushing agendas and profiting off spreading fear and hysteria.

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  1. S. 3254 and HR 5717, keeps your eyes on our elected officials, and remind them, only one of us has SERVANT in our job titles, and requires an oath to their duty, time to stop this folly SERVANTS, masters are getting tired of it.

  2. Man, I’m getting really burned out here. Our Federal Government can’t figure out what one hand is doing from the other hand and has its collective head up its ample Ass!

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