Empty Shelves, Food Lines, and Social Unrest Begins Due to Coronavirus Hysteria

I truly wish I was wrong, but for the last three months, we have tried to warn our readers and anyone that would listen to stock up early to avoid the chaos. Sadly, it seems like we have entered the panic and hysteria phase of this crisis as food shelves empty throughout the country and people are starting to act out.

What started at as toilet paper and water shortages at Costco over a month ago, has now spread to smaller stores and other big-box retailers throughout the country with almost all stores now struggling to keep most basic supplies on store shelves.

At Costco stores throughout the country, police have had to be called to either control the crowds or in some cases stop fights. Many Costco stores have had to close down entrances to try to control the crowds.

Panic buying has spread to most stores now

Sadly, the media seems to be fanning the flames

A few weeks ago showing these types of doomsday videos on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube woud likely have got you banned for spreading Coronavirus fear or misinformation, but apparently we have reached a phase in the crisis where it’s now perfectly acceptable for the mainstream media to push doomsday-style doom and insight panic and hysteria.

The following video was pushed out on NBC News the other night, filled with claims of things like millions of people dying and showing videos of people being hauled away buy the government in China, trying to draw a line between what happened there and what President Trump could soon do here.

So could things get that bad in the United States?

Of course, and it’s actually something we have been warning about for over a decade now. The advice we are giving now has not changed because of the Coronavirus, and we have been very consistent in our advice for over 10 years – I wrote an entire book about what could happen and how people can prepare.

Sadly, in the past we were labeled fake news, banned from various social media networks, and targeted by left-wing “truth” mobs for trying to tell people what could happen during a martial law situation or long-term disaster.

Looks like those crazy preppers weren’t so crazy, huh?

So now that people are panicking, the media is going into overdrive to fan the flames. Remember, these are the same people who attacked sites like mine, made T.V. shows mocking preppers, allowed unfiltered migration over our borders for years with no regard of disease outbreaks, never closed down anything when things like Tyhphus broke out in homeless communities in California, but now these same bastards that are now all in on pushing panic and hysteria.

How to Prepare for Coronavirus Chaos and The National Emergency

I hate to say you are too late, but we are getting to a point where traveling to the grocery store may soon become a danger — not because the virus, but because of the panic the media is causing and people’s reaction to that panic once they see empty shelves.

If you can, I would avoid stores for awhile and if you need supplies order them online — if you can find them. Many retailers have started limiting even online orders, and Amazon is out of large amounts of grocery products. But if you can, I would see what you can find online and use services like Amazon Pantry, Amazon Fresh, Bulk Emergency Foods, or Amazon Grocery.

Coronavirus Preparedness Resources:

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book



  1. You can count on the Lame-stream media to fuel the fire. Anything to make us feel bad and to exert more fear and desperation. And you are correct about the hysteria…it’s not the virus, it’s the social unrest. I just hope that no one dies over a loaf of bread or toilet paper. It’s an election year so watch for the pounding that the Trump administration will get from his haters. It won’t be good.

  2. I have always been a prepper, but seeing this unfold is till like a dream. I wonder if all the people I once worked with and they laughed at me for trying to get them on board…will they remember me? lol

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