EPA Bypasses Congressional Ruling and Seizes Wyoming Land

In another blatant abuse of power by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency has seized the town of Riverton, Wyoming handing it over to the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The EPA, who has been asserting its power by seizing land across the country, has again unconstitutionally stuck its hands into State affairs, this time claiming it has the power to take an entire town. According to the Daily Caller, three government agencies, the EPA, the Department of Justice and the Department of Interior worked together to steal Wyoming land, which it then turned over to the Wind River Tribe.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead is petitioning the EPA to reverse its decision, and says he will not accept the government’s order.

In a public Statement Gov. Mead said,
“My deep concern is about an administrative agency of the federal government altering a state’s boundary and going against over 100 years of history and law. This should be a concern to all citizens because, if the EPA can unilaterally take land away from a state, where will it stop?”

A Pattern of Unconstitutional Land Seizures

This isn’t the first time the EPA has used their power to seize public land; in fact, we’ve covered many examples over the years of people who’ve been forced off their land for “environmental reasons.” And late last year, we reported on how the EPA was attempting to take control of the nation’s waterways, which could potentially cause millions of Americans to lose their property rights.

What’s going on here is very troubling; not only is the federal government blatantly stealing people’s land, but they’ve now gone a step farther and started to claim authority of something that should be a State issue.

We have a Constitution and laws for a reason and for any federal agency to so brazenly disregard those laws should be a major cause for concern for everyone in the country. We’ve allowed them to get away with it for so long, that they don’t even feel the need to hide their contempt for the laws of the country anymore.

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    • hey DEO, they are coming for your property next. Can you just give us the address of all the property you own so the EPA knows what to take?

    • DEO, while I agree with your sentiment…you should be reminded that sentiment…is not the rule of law. We cannot stand by and allow the current ‘sentiment’ to determine what is lawful and what is not. Elected officials come and go and so do EPA directors but our laws must not be subject to the whims of whomever is in charge at the moment.

      • Beg your pardon, but you obviously know little to nothing about your own history. Whites (etc.) took nothing that you owned. Native American’s (Indians) did not own the land – they simply lived on it, but made no pretense of ownership. There were areas they settled in, and had very broad generalized territories – even those they defended because of evil intentions of other tribes, but the idea of ownership was not in their vocabulary.

        Sorry. Try again. Son of Liberty

        • son of liberty is correct ,,all north American tribes had no belief in “ownership”of land,How do u own mother earth from where u came???they believed all things were tied together,the earth ,animals even the seasons..

        • I have mixed emotions. I agree a lil bit w/ most of u. The native Americans did lose Their land! Isn’t posesion 90%of the law? The whites at the time STOLE it from them! However, I don’t believe the epa,doj,etc. should take it from the current owners,and taking up arms and defending ur land is correct. Surely there is a way to compramise this.

      • With a last name like McKinley I just laughed at your moronic post. Indian with a last name like Mckinley…!!!
        Question: Your response to the issue is that genetic or just your lack of cultivating your thinking or both?
        Consider you arse lucky that Middle Easterners did not come settle the lands :)

    • Hey Deo-I hope we do trade places with you. Then you can give US a check two times a month and I’ll set on my A$$ and get drunk every day. I know all about you Arapaho and Shoshone Indians on the Wind River Reservation. Don’t you DARE tell me how in tune you people are with the land! You’ve turned it into a garbage dump!!

      • I think we should quit paying the indians. The indians have made a $hithole on the reservation here in Fremont County. Then they moved into town and have turned our towns into $hitholes. They trash our parks with their drunks that we built and payed for. We can’t enjoy our own parks and have cookouts because the whole tribes are there every holiday stumbling around and pissing all over the picnic tables and everything else because that’s how they were taught by their elders. They live in filth in their own homes why should they treat our parks any differently. Then they fill up our hospitals with their car wrecks and drunks from the detox center so we are made to wait for hours if we have a legitimate need. Then down the road they go without paying their bills because they are too busy heading for their next drunk or high. Who eats the bills they leave behind unpaid? We do. They bring numerous dogs home then leave them to fend for themselves. Then as a favorite pastime… they beat, stab, fight, run over and hack up the dogs not to mention their own children who they also rape. Yes and they also sexually assault the dogs. Then they call adds in the paper to aquire more as if they don’t already have enough starving and breeding out of control already. They need to be fenced in and kept out of town, put on birth control and have all of the animals removed from their possesion. They need their own parks, their own hospitals, their own stores, their own jails and their own prison. We wouldn’t have the need for a detox center and our jails population would be reduced to 50%. The other 49% jail population are mexicans which also live in filth and need to be deported. The area I live in was beautiful until the indians and mexicans slowly moved in then took over and trashed it. They breed out of control worse than flies. The sheriff dept. refuse to do anything because they are afraid of the retaliation on their own families so continue to let them thieve and when called out they don’t get out of their vehicles. The sit on their lazy a$$ and shine their spotlight around as they drive by. I have video footage of them doing this.. And the indian and mexican deputies working for the sheriff dept. IN FREMONT COUNTY are also related to the thieving filth… go figure. The police department said to me personally that they always have problems getting the sheriff department to do their job and have a lot of complaints about them. If we had done our job correctly years ago… The trash would be extinct and we would not be having this discussion.

  1. I think Gov. Mead should take some Native American classes. Maybe he will the truly understand having your land taken from you. As for the water rights, I think that I would have to look at it a little more.

    • I’m sure your governor “…will the truly understand having your land taken from you…” Just as soon as that welfare money’s all repaid. Quick question: who did your tribe murder to take the land in the first place? It’s a proven historical fact that all tribes murdered there ways across the country, taking the land that other tribes claimed…

  2. Guess the white goverment is getting a taste of its own medicine! Now they know how my people felt ! Karma it’s a bitch !

    • Two wrongs do not make a right. The government that cheated our ancestors out of land with treaties is now long gone and something worse in its place. Our people do know what its like. Why would they wish that fate on anyone else? It is the government once again swooping in and stealing. Shouldn’t people fight for their land and their freedom? Take away anything to do with race and see it for what it is. It is stealing and taking our rights to live free and happy. I have been working my land and I have gardens and animals and my family. If the government came today and said to me that my land is being taken away and given to someone else I would be pissed. This is my land and my hard work. I understand that land was taken and our people pushed off but it is in the past. Forgive but do not forget. We can not let this happen again.

    • Jane, the reality is that the Europeans didn’t bring killing and war to the New World. Long before the Europeans showed up, the peoples here warred against each other. There were constant battles over the best hunting land, the best fishing sites, the richest bottom land, and the people weren’t nice about it. A Huron warrior caught trespassing on Iroquois land might be skinned alive with sharpened clam shells.

      What changed things was superior technology. The Europeans showed up with iron tools and gunpowder, and the stone age peoples living here couldn’t compete. They were out-manned and out-gunned.

      It is the history of the world. Read 1 Samuel 13:19: “Now there was no blacksmith found throughout all the land of Israel; for the Philistines said, Lest the Hebrews make themselves swords and spears. . .” One of the reasons the Philistines were able to conquer Israel and remain in power was because they were an Iron Age people while the Hebrews were still a Bronze Age people. Superior technology trumps.

      That said, Ken’s comment below is dead on. This squabbling about who was here first and payback is missing the point.

  3. i would worry about why the government did this ,if it seems to good to be true ,it probably is,are they now going to turn over mineral rights to some corporation or do they have some other plan that is not in the best interest of the tribe or any other person but rather some corporate interest.

    • You’re on the right track, Damon Rose. You should read my other comment about Agenda 21. The government (now a Communist/totalitarian government) wants to control even the tiniest aspects of our lives.

    • JT the white government has already pushed the red man off the land his ancestors walked or didnt they teach you that at school. for my two cents we do not own the land, it was here long before humans and will be here long after we are dead, she provides all that we need to live but all we do is destroy it and fight over ownership.

      • Marcus, I grew up in the Dakotas and have plenty of Native friends. As you mentioned, none of us “own” anything outright. Never have and never will. I’m simply saying to be happy about the government taking land from what I can only imagine was white people and turning it over to a reservation is all fine and well until the tables turn again. They give and take as they please apparently. I’d also like to add that 99% of the people I know who grew up on the “rez” did everything possible to get off the reservation as soon as they could and never looked back. Reservations are the ghettos of the prairie, go see for yourself.

        • They are the ghettos of the prairie because our people lost their pride. The pride to stand on their own two feet. Now they accept government check for every child they have and they sit around doing nothing but getting high and watching TV. There are a rare few Native people out there who do have their pride and refuse government checks. I am proud of them. The others have sunk low to white mans standards and should be treated like the white man.

          • please explain what you mean by “white man standards”? Pretty sure that most of them that broke the sod on this prairie known as South Dakota worked their butts of and still do. What “karma” do I deserve? I wasn’t around to kick the Indians off their land. The land of which they were nomads, never having a permanent residence. I have white man standards and it means working 50+ hours a week, paying my taxes and bills, providing for my family. Reservations and ghettos have one thing in common. A culture of hand outs that are living proof that people are better off if they have to earn something. The fact is, it is the same government stealing from its citizens and this time the “white man” is standing against them just like the Natives did in the past. I can’t right a wrong that occurred long before I was alive. It is a shame that you sit here and take joy in the government abusing its power for the betterment of anyone. “karma”? because I am a great grand child of a white settler I deserve to be punished. Go dance on the graves of those who committed the acts you speak of, not sure what “karma” can be dealt out to a bunch of long dead white guys.

  4. No American Indian Alive today has had their land taken away from them. Just like no Black American Alive today was a slave.they are owed nothing by this country that this country doesn’t owe every citizen of this country whether black, white, Indian or hispanic.

  5. Really?! Seems you ALL are missing a vital point! The govt.OWNS NOTHING!
    EVERYTHING that is “held”in the name of govt.belongs to the people,AND the American is part of the people…the POINT is that the EPA and most other branches of govt.have become tyrannical AGAINST those they are SWORN TO SERVE ,and as such they are treasonous criminals, in direct violation of the Constitution of The United States of America.,requiring removal, replacement, and punishment by the very law they violate.

    • I totally agree with you. So far, the way you have stated everything is right on. And honestly, I’m scared from day to day what the gov’t might do next. I know my arms are loaded.

    • Ken, delusion runs rampant these days. They do what they want and anything shy of murder won’t change a thing. ” Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining ” comes to mind. Get upset all you want, you’ll just be upset. Tell me what you suggest we do. David and Goliath?

        • oops! Wrong text. I wanted to say that sadly, you’re right. I have worked with people from the EPA, and to me, they were a bunch of snotty-nosed college grads with a chip on their shoulders! And they aren’t going to change for any Constitution! Many of them actually worship Gaia, or Mother Earth as this false goddess is also known as.

    • Ken, I know that the President, and sheriffs, and the military are sworn to defend the Constitution, but I doubt the burgeoning bureaucracies have to swear anything. Indeed, it is the bureaucracies who now run our country, whether they be federal, state, or local. And they set fines, can prosecute, and jail people who defy them. In other words, they have taken over all three branches of our federal government: they make laws (legislative), enforce them (executive), and judge and convict(judicial) — with no checks and balances, and of course are not elected, therefore not removable!

  6. The EPA,tragically underfunded and historically understaffed.SHOULD take over the waterways,as the states shift water policies and allegiances(usually to the highest bidder)on a political whim that caters to special interests.And usually the wrong ones.Ask the people in Charlotte,WV.
    Go a couple of days without clean water.
    If people were responsible,considerate,unselfish and cared about their neighbors,we wouldn’t need government.(Think Superfund sites,Love Canal)Just thank your lucky stars no one’s blowing you up or dragging you to prison(Or worse)for having a contrary opinion.
    And it wouldn’t hurt if you took advantage of your free public education to study some history.

  7. There are many incidents where unfair locations of fracking sites have destroyed water quality, and property values of hardworking americans. The EPA had amassed proof, and was actively championing the people in lawsuits against these unscrupulous big energy co. Then suddenly Obummer changed energy policys, realed in the EPA and left people with taps that will ignite w/ the water on. In closing the EPA can be a powerfull positive tool. However the toolbox is in the wrong hands.

  8. The state of Wyoming needs to tell those Federal agencies they are on their own. No support from ANY state or local agencies, no water/ sewage and more importantly, no 911 EMS.

  9. Soooo the government takes the land of the Native Americans and forces them onto reservations….and now that it’s happening in reverse people are going to complain? Sorry, no sympathy. I don’t agree with much of what the government does but then again I don’t agree with how they took it in the first place. How many Tribes were lost? How many Indians were slaughtered?
    It’s not the EPA’s job but it’s kinda funny.
    Go ahead and get your guns….or you might want to keep them somewhere safe…cause Obama is coming after those too (in case you missed any of the news reports).

  10. The Governor must call out his guard units and his sheriffs and arrest EVERY federal employee in the state…or maybe HIS home will be taken by the ‘feds’…..Nullify with your armed state citizens….imho

  11. My god people, this isn’t an issue about “karma”. The reservations shouldn’t have ever been created in the first place, and it’s unfortunate. Additionally, the people of Riverton didn’t steal any land from any Indians. Just as what was done to the Indians by the government was unjust, doing this to these people is also unjust and illegal. Claiming it to be “karma” would be like forcing every white person into slavery for retribution for a crime he, nor likely did any of his ancestors commit.

  12. Interesting. This whole sentiment of “My ancestor has been hurt so it is great to hurt innocent people back.” Whether my ancestors had any part of the dispossession from Native Americans from the land I do not know. If so I am sorry. I do know those children, Grandpas, and Grannies who bought homes, went to school, went to work . . . etc. They are innocent. They were in good faith living their lives. Where there is fault is the EPA. If the government giveth the government can taketh away. That threatens us all. This is where we stand shoulder to shoulder.

  13. Has anyone looked at the “Executive Orders” issued by Obama while he’s been in office? Basically he’s made it so the “Government” can do as it pleases with no regard to “Rights”. 900 Exec. Orders that negate the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    A storm approaches.

    • A friend of mine who was raised in and around Riverton and the reservation is looking to see what the government agenda. We would do well to do the same.

    • I dont like him at all but this lie about him signing 900 exectuive orders has to stop. Look at the real list of them.

      Herbert Hoover 968 5075 – 6070
      Franklin D. Roosevelt 3,522 6071 – 9537
      Harry S. Truman 907 9538 – 10431
      Dwight D. Eisenhower 484 10432 – 10913
      John F. Kennedy 214 10914 – 11127
      Lyndon B. Johnson 325 11128 – 11451
      Richard Nixon 346 11452 – 11797
      Gerald R. Ford 169 11798 – 11966
      Jimmy Carter 320 11967 – 12286
      Ronald Reagan 381 12287 – 12667
      George Bush 166 12668 – 12833
      William J. Clinton 364 12834 – 13197
      George W. Bush 291 13198 – 13488
      Barack Obama 168 13489 – 13656…

  14. For those who are concerned about Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21 (Their new name for Agenda 21 will be Future Earth), there are other men and women who are fighting hard to stop this. It won’t be easy, but the more we spread the word of truth, the better of chances of slowing this “Red Tide.”

    Off the Grid Survival is doing a good job of spreading truth. Another good source is Dave Hodges, of “The Common Sense Show.” Listen to this powerful and extremely important interview of Deborah Tavares, from “StoptheCrime.net.”

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