The Disease Time Bomb: Flooding the Country with Eradicated Diseases

Over the last year we have seen numerous eradicated diseases come surging back in the United States. From Whooping Cough and the current Measles outbreak, to mystery diseases like EV-D68, which is causing paralysis in young children, The United States seems to be a ticking time bomb of disease.

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The Measles Outbreak

In 2000, the United States declared Measles had been eradicated in the country. But late last year it came surging back when an outbreak that began at Disneyland began spreading throughout the country, affecting 17 states to date.

So far this year, infections are on track to surpass last year’s record 644 cases in the United States – the highest number of measles infections since it was eliminated in the U.S. in 2000.

Whooping Cough Epidemic

Measles isn’t the only disease making a huge comeback; Whooping Cough, another disease almost eradicated in the United States, has begun spreading throughout some communities like wildfire. In California alone, over 11,000 people caught Whooping Cough in 2014.


Late in 2014, a mystery virus began sweeping through the United Sates, sending thousands of children to the hospital with severe breathing issues. Within days, the disease was linked to a rash of mysterious cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in children.

The Virus, EV-D68, another disease that was uncommon in the United States, is closely related to the Polio virus and is suspected to be the cause of the acute neurological illness and paralysis cases.

TB Outbreaks

Drug Resistant cases of Tuberculosis have been skyrocketing in recent years, with most U.S. cases linked directly to people coming in from outside the U.S.. Officials say that when drug-resistant cases show up in the U.S., there is often a Mexico connection.

North of the border, in San Diego, the overall TB rate is around twice the U.S. national average. Los Angeles is grappling with its worst TB outbreak in a decade, and police have been reminded to use face masks when encountering those who are sick. “You can learn from San Diego how things could play out in the heartland of America,” says Richard Kiy, chief executive of International Community Foundation, a public foundation that supports treatment of drug-resistant TB patients at Dr. Laniado-Laborin’s clinic and elsewhere in Baja California.

The Link between Disease Outbreaks and Illegal Immigration

Apparently it’s not politically correct to even suggest there may be a link between illegal immigration and once eradicated diseases showing up in areas with high illegal immigrant populations. In fact, the mainstream media, the federal government, and the morons over at the CDC have been feverishly trying to do anything they can to smear anyone who suggests a link.

Instead of doing their job, and using scientific research to determine where these diseases are coming from, the incompetent fools at the CDC have been busy pushing the lie that it’s unvaccinated American children who are at fault. Ironically, they say nothing about the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants who are flooding the country every month from places like El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Now before I start getting flooded with emails from irrational idiots who like to cry racism, let me remind you that I’m not against Immigration. In fact, if I was born into one of these countries I would be doing everything I could to enter the U.S. as well. I don’t fault anyone for wanting a better life; I blame the morons in Washington, on both sides of the aisles, who play political games with people’s lives.

We are a nation of immigrants…

We are a nation of immigrants; but the way we currently handle our immigration policy is a recipe for disaster. No rational nation would let millions of undocumented, unvaccinated, and unvetted people over its borders without expecting trouble.

The fact is, we have no idea who or what is coming over our borders. From unvaccinated and diseased people, to terrorists using our open borders to stroll right into our country, we have a huge problem that is being ignored by everyone in Washington.

During the heyday of immigration into the United States, we required screenings of all incoming immigrants; we even built special islands in New York’s Harbor to quarantine incoming ships to protect the population from incoming disease. People didn’t cry about injustice; they realized that when you introduce new populations to a country, you introduce diseases that have not been seen in that area.

Ellis Island health screening
Ellis Island health screening to determine whether incoming immigrants could enter the United States.

This had nothing to do with being anti-immigrant. It has to do with screening people to protect a country from not only disease, but terrorism, drugs, criminal gangs, and a myriad of problems that come from allowing people into a country without systems to check who these people are.

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  1. Thank you!! Yes, people need out of the situations in their home countries/ knowledge and skills to improve it. Letting everyone in willy-Billy has opened us up for so many bad things. Our disease levels are through the roof and our budget is shot from the cost of so many immigrants who can’t /won’t support themselves.
    Why are those in DC the only ones who don’t get it???!!!!!!!!

    • well the reason the democrats don’t want to look at it is because that is their illegal voting block.

      the reason republicans don’t is because of the multitude of business’ that hire them to save money without having to pay tax on them or supply them with benefits like health insurance. and the humanitarians at social services don’t care if they are illegal or not, answering the question as yes on the form is just for their statistic report of who we are supporting with our tax dollars.

      you know.. I just envisioned a huge issue I could see the media spinning.. “WE NEED to let the immigrants freely across the border and supply them with welfare programs like free healthcare so that we CAN vaccinate them” oh god.. the only way that even makes sense is if your insane.

  2. Don’t forget about the lack of vaccination some foolish people are doing. Granted unvaccinated immigrants may be bringing these diseases in but it is our unvaccinated children who are catching and then spreading the diseases.

    • brian, our unvaccinated wouldn’t have to worry if we would just shut our damn borders with better walls, and only allow LEGAL immigration because then any disease would have run it’s course prior to entry into the country.

    • Uhmmm…the vaccinated can get and spread measles too! Ever heard of vaccine shedding?!

      Just because you are not vaccinated doesn’t automatically mean you are going to get the disease…some people are naturally immune to certain diseases…Yes, even without vaccines…the immune system is crazy like that! They should pull tigers before they shoot everyone up! I guess that would make to much sense!

  3. If you. Dispose of a corpse with emboli by stacking bodies on top of each other and bury them stacked in a ditch than isn’t that airborne issue if we see 80% emboli kill rete I go to my Fiji type island refuse don’t we need to worry about ground for being contaimenated for hundreds of years you go figure on before our country is safe again I can move have don’t loads of time but most cant people need to be aware that it could be forever those diseases are hundreds of years old you figure on any plaque emboli or newly found disease from an earthquake than just like Einstein every equation has an equal and opposite force MATH IS NEVER GOING TO LIE it’s ok to want a way of life back but you must be willing to make equal sacrifice “THE LAND WE LOVE” if you pile a bodies up across this country and bury them how far down are you going well I believe it’s impossible this is an airborne issue scientist know this very to be true that’s why they leave and call for total demolishion during an outbreak they understand small and invisible for the majority of Americans it is almost impossible to bridge intelligence between what a plaque means the general public my uncle was born and raised in an area of 50 miles now try to explain to my small town uncle why he needs to follow to and out of a country psychologist know he won’t leave they never leave if you are concerned about protecting these very people These are the people who will repopulate the Americas they will get caught up in the aftermath and all humans will not be here for hundreds of years we need to very bright very logistical to our approach to this an “too easy delivery too this forever consequence

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