Fake Pandemic Phase 2: They’ve launched an All-Out Attack on Our Country!

The latest wave of coronavirus fear porn is raging through the media; this time it looks like they will not stop until they crash the country into the ground. Despite the fact that the government’s own data shows that at least 97% of those who have the coronavirus are asymptomatic, state governments are all getting ready to roll out a new wave of shutdowns – if we allow that to happen, this time we will not recover!

Today in Texas and Florida, supposedly “conservative” Governors have launched an attack on small business owners declaring that bars must close to the public. Even stupider is Florida didn’t officially tell them to close, instead the traitorous pansy of a governor had his Secretary of Department of Business and Professional Regulation declare a ban of the sale of liquor at all bars in Florida.

Does anyone else find it odd that the Governor of Florida refuses to tell you that while positive tests are supposedly up 5x since early June, hospital admissions and deaths are no higher than in mid-May.

These traitorous “Republican” governors are not your friends! They are in on the scam. They are two sides of the same anti-American coin. They have done ZERO to stop the socialist takeover of our country, and they’ve done nothing to expose the coronahoax.

But of course, they have all run to FOX news, pretending to be outraged. All while doing jack shit to stop Antifa and BLM terrorists who have been unleashed on our country. How come none of them are actually doing anything to stop them from attacking our nation’s monuments, burning down cities, rioting and looting, and assaulting and killing patriotic Americans.

Wake up, people

The coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud, an invisible, all-purpose enemy that the media and the government can use to frighten us into submission.

In fact, it’s starting to look like COVID-19/SARSCoV2 is not even a new virus.

According to a paper released by Spanish researchers was published June 13 and has received ZERO attention from the mainstream media. It reports finding copies of #SARSCoV2 in wastewater in Barcelona in March 2019.

YES, March 2019. Here you go, look for yourself!

The corporate elite who run the world have taken a virus that is no more dangerous than the flu (probably far less dangerous) and turned it into an excuse for an enormous expansion of government power and the redistribution of wealth and resources. Trillions of dollars have been stolen fro small business owners and citizens to be transferred to the corporate elite.

Has most of the public already been infected?

You will never hear stats like this on FOX, CNN or MSNBC — hell, even sellout pieces of shit like Matt Drudge have decided to push 24/7 Coronavirus fear porn — but when you look at the data, it looks like that in some areas of the world 40% of the public may have already been exposed to the virus and were totally unaware that they even had it.

In fact, in one study out of Australia, almost half of the population of an Austrian alpine resort town that was hit by a so-called coronavirus outbreak have antibodies, indicating they had been infected in the “pandemic”, researchers said on Thursday.

What’s most important about the findings is 85% of the people who tested positive NEVER GOT SICK!

So as Republican governors join the treasonous democrats in the second attempt to shut down our country and force you to submit to wearing their government compliance masks, remember that their numbers are bullshit propaganda to scare you into giving up your freedom.

Who cares if so-called positive cases are up.

 If 85% never get sick, it means nothing! And when everyone in the world is required to submit to COVID testing to go back to work, is there any question as to why we are seeing more positive cases? Imagine if every year you were forced to take a flu test every week to go back work, people would never leave their houses again! It’s all fake; test for anything and you will see an “uptick” in numbers.

Everything they have said has been a lie!

  • Remember when they tried to scare you with videos of people dropping dead in the streets in China? Funny how there’s not a single video of that happening here in the U.S., almost like it was all fake shit to scare you into submitting to lockdown orders!
  • Remember when the told you millions of people would be dead by January, then February, then March? Oh wait, no in two more weeks… Where are these millions of dead people? Why are world-wide death counts on par with previous years?
  • What about how we need to shut down, because hospitals would be overwhelmed? Does anyone remember the empty hospital videos and the stupid dancing doctors? How are people falling for this again?
  • If stay at home orders saved lives, why is the COVID-19 death rate 75% lower in states that didn’t lock down?

This fucking retard thinks 1/3 of our country has died from Coronavirus!

Preparedness Resources:

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  1. Over 120,000 people have died in the USA in the last 4 months. I will agree that the left has been somewhat hyperbolic but this post is just as bad.

    • The reason the deaths are as high as they are is because the pandemic has been manipulated. In my county in northern New Jersey, 76% of the deaths have been in two long-term care facilities. Why? Because Gov. Murphy signed an executive order that said that people being released from a hospital had to be accepted into a long-term facility WITHOUT BEING TESTED FOR COVID. Yup. People who were positive for the virus were sent into facilities that contained the most vulnerable members of the population. Hmmm. It’s pretty hard to think this wasn’t planned. It’s plandemic, not a pandemic.

    • and over 90 percent who died had other diseases.
      wake up dude
      read the patriot act
      every american is a “possible teorrist”
      that means were all being spied on like teorrist since the 90s and even way before that.
      goverment doesnt care and is watching you.
      you are their biggest enemy
      There role is too stay in power thats why they have a large army and build a wall to keep AMERICANS IN
      we may have guns but they have 720 billion invested to defend themselves from the 150 million armed americans

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