Fauci Admits Vaccine Could enhance COVID infection: Gates Says You Will Need Multiple Injections

As the Trump administration prepares the military to distribute a so-called COVID-19 vaccine, even though there has never been a successful Coronavirus vaccine ever developed, serious questions are starting to be raised about the safety of the vaccine.

NIAID director Anthony Fauci, one of the biggest cheerleaders of crashing our economy to stop a so-called pandemic that still has failed to reach worldwide seasonal flu numbers, let the truth slip out in a meeting today hosted by the not-for-profit TB Alliance.

According to Fauci’s own admission, the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines being developed could have a “vaccine-induced immune enhancement” that could actually enhance the infection and make it even more deadly once you are exposed to the actual virus.

You can’t make this shit up! They are developing a vaccine for a so-called pandemic that may actually make the virus even more deadly and effective. In fact, going into this they were fully aware of what could happen since previous SARS vaccines enhanced the virus in animal studies.

Bill Gates warns multiple coronavirus vaccine doses will be needed and schools should stay closed for another YEAR

Bill Gates

And to ratchet up the complete insanity, we also have Bill Gates, who will financially benefit from forced public vaccinations, out there saying that while he knows the vaccines in development aren’t that effective, to combat the fact that they don’t work people will need MULTIPLE INJECTIONS!

Keep in mind; a majority of the “scientists” who are saying millions of people could die are the same scientists who have been telling us global warming was going to kill us all for the last 40 years! They are also the same fear mongers who claimed just a few months ago that we would have millions of deaths here in the United States by July.

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  1. As in any vaccine they must make available an MSDS sheet. It list everything in the vaccines. You will be amazed at some of it like fetal fluid and mercury.

    Stay Safe America.

  2. It’s been a while since I have been to this site. I really use to enjoy the gear reviews and survival tips, but it seems to me this is more of a news/opinion site now. That’s a real shame because I used to enjoy the things I would learn here.

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