FBI Investigating Numerous Attacks on Nation’s Power Grid

The FBI is investigating how an unknown group penetrated a San Jose, California power substation earlier this year, strategically cutting fiber cables and then firing over 100 rounds of ammunition into ten transformers.

The attack happened on April 16, but until now the FBI had dismissed the event as an act of vandalism, even though early FBI reports suggested the “military style” attack may have been linked to the Boston Marathon bombing that happened a day earlier.

California Power Substation
California Power Substation that came under attack earlier this year

PG&E, the company that runs the compromised power substation, disagreed with the FBI’s initial claims of vandalism, and said the attack was “not amateurs taking potshots” and then suggested the attack was more likely a “dress rehearsal” for future attacks.

Not an Isolated incident.

According to the New York Times, the FBI is also investigating a series of attacks in Arkansas where high-voltage power lines were deliberately severed in at least three separate attacks. Utility officials have asked the public to stay alert, and are also investigating whether a September 29th fire at an electrical substation in Arkansas is somehow connected with the power line attacks.

Most people mistakenly assume our public utilities are safe; shockingly, they are incredibly vulnerable to attack. We’ve covered numerous examples of our nation’s public utilities being breached by either terrorists or foreign governments.

Over the last ten years, the attacks have become increasingly more sophisticated. From al-Qaeda operatives in Denver, who were arrested with documents detailing plans to contaminate the country’s water supply; to a series of hacker attacks that penetrated a number of our nations water supply plants, these attacks show just how vulnerable our infrastructure really is.

In one attack, just days before the 10th anniversary of 9-11, over seven million people went without power in one of the largest Blackouts in California history. Although the FBI denies the outages were related to terrorism, no official cause was ever given, and the outage came just hours after the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning about a potential terrorist attack leading up to the anniversary.

The bottom line is this: our nation’s infrastructure is incredibly vulnerable to attack. Earlier this year we talked to Damon Petraglia, a Cyber-Terrorism expert and member of US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, who told us, the country is “under attack 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.” He went on to say, “Our military systems are probed in excess of hundreds of thousands of times per hour,” and “our private industry can claim similar statistics.”

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  1. most likely government ops to scare us into accepting the police state. also would come in handy when the people rise up against the government. effectively cutting off communication.

  2. It’s called a “False Flag Event”. The Government wants us to think that terrorist groups are attacking our US power system so we will agree to let them continue to invade our privacy. The sad part is that there are actually a lot people out there that will buy it hook line and sinker!

  3. With all the spying our government does, you would think this kind of stuff wouldn’t be possible. I guess this just goes to show their spying has nothing to do with catching criminals or keeping us safe.

    • No, it just means the government is behind this… they won’t turn themselves in. (” the “military style” attack may have been linked to the Boston Marathon bombing that happened a day earlier.”)

  4. I read the FBI account on a local news site here in San Jose and I found it interesting that the FBI was saying it was a military style attack. Does that mean they think it was a foreign government or are they trying to smear vets again?

  5. Guys need to stop acting like government conspiracy theorists. Russia’s public transportation got bombed a few days ago, who says it hasn’t happened here with utilities. Live more self reliantly and wait for “it” to hit the fan before thinking everyone is against you all the time.

    • I agree with John Smith. We need to get prepared as we do know for a fact that terrorist are always at work, trying to find ways to take us down. This is happening all over the world. With Hurricane Sandy we were without power for 10 days and Blizzard Nemo, 2 days. It was very cold and my house became inhabitable. I am looking in to ways to be more self reliant, in case of future super storms, and in case of a terrorist attack. Solar generator, wood burning stove with a cooktop, for starters…..

      • Stock up on some propane,you can buy those attachments that you can put on them for heat, and gasoline for any vehicles you may have like a 4 wheeler or cycle, even a tractor will let you get around if need be. Also wood for the stove and of course water, food, meds and some liquor to calm yourself down a little at the end of the day. GET PREPARED AND STAY PREPARED,YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT IDS COMING AT YOU OR WHEN!!!!!!

    • I think it’s reasonable to say there are things the government does that are false flags and positioning the pieces on the board. However, if your first thought is always to blame the government for everything that happens, you just sound like the tin-foil hat brigade.

      In addition to an out of control government, there are PLENTY of people around the world with a desire to cause disruption in the U.S.

      If I were one of these folks, I would see the grid as a soft target I could disrupt on an ongoing basis with very little expense and without strapping a bomb to myself. CA already suffers rolling brown outs because they haven’t increased capacity in decades. One big shove and they could be screwed for weeks and suck surrounding states into the vortex.

      My bro is a fed, and he mentioned this scenario as “likely” more than a decade ago.

      I’m not claiming to know the origins of this attack, but I am suggesting that your perception bias is preventing you from having 360 degree situational awareness.

      …and…regardless of who attacks our infrastructure, the US Gov is the biggest prepper on the planet. They will be ready to impose excessive rule of law when the time is right.

  6. what’s really sad is that you can take down the grid with 2 wrenches and a bit of blackpowder and it if done at the right time of year I know this for a fact I wrote a paper on how easy it is it nearly got me arrested even though I had designed a way to stop or monitor for it with items you can buy off the shelf it was deemed not a feasible worry these days I worry

  7. highly suspect after the power grid drill that they ran not to long ago.
    but we all kinda figured something would go on.

  8. if it is that easy to do, why do trial or practise runs, why not just get on with it and knock the infrastructure out before the FBI or whoever catches up with them? Infrastructure is impossible to protect and very easy and cheap to attack so if the threat is genuine then I think you would be aware that the lights keep going out.

    If it is your own government trying to scare you into handing over more power then they aren’t making a very good job of it if nobody knows other than a select few conspiracy sites.

  9. (“the “military style” attack may have been linked to the Boston Marathon bombing that happened a day earlier.”) I confess, it was the Obama administration… we did this and so many other false flag operations in the past 5 years! –Eric Holder–

  10. I am more skeptical of “false flag” since I watched a video on YouTube of Vladimir Putin insisting that the Boston Marathon attack was a “false flag event”. I agree that covert operations do exist and are sometimes used to influence public opinion. But I would advise people to hesitate in jumping to conclusions. When the California grid was attacked, it turned out that Enron was the culprit. A big corporation, not the government. It is difficult to know who to assign the responsibility to, but knee-jerk blaming the government is not the answer. We all need more information.

  11. regardless of who-done-it the point is prepare to protect you and yours because the way i see it a large attack will happen. dont use any of your home utilities for a week and get a taste for how uncomfortable its going to get.

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