FBI & Homeland Security Caught Spying on Prepper Sites

Visitors to the popular prepping website SurvivalBlog.com were advised today that the FBI was tracking a number of its users through the use of tracking cookies. According to an examination of their server logs, SurvivalBlog.com claims that the FBI used Tracking cookies on a number of their readers over a 4 month period late last year.

This seems to be another example, in a long string of incidents, where the Federal government has been caught targeting Preppers.

SurvivalBlog.com’s message read:

From August of 2011 to November of 2011, the FBI secretly redirected the web traffic of more than 10% of SurvivalBlog’s US visitors through CJIS, their sprawling data center situated on 900 acres, 10 miles from Clarksburg, West Virginia. There, the Feebees surreptitiously collected the IP addresses of SurvivalBlogs site visitors. In all, 4,906 of 35,494 selected connections ended up going to or through the FBI servers.

Over the last year, we have covered a number of stories where the Federal Government was caught spying on Preppers including the FBI asking military surplus store owners to spy and collect information on preppers, The White House plan to use School children to spy on parents and Rand Paul warning preppers that they were targets of the federal government.

Just out of curiosity I checked our analytics this morning and discovered that Homeland Security seems to be a fan of our site. If you look at the graphic below you can see that Homeland Security has visited our site on numerous occasions over the last couple of months.

Tracking Homeland Security Analytics

Interestingly a number of those visits came directly from SurvivalBlog.com, showing that Homeland Security seems to be monitoring a number of prepping sites. I applaud SurvivalBlog for bringing this information to its readers!

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  1. Can’t say I’m shocked by any of this at all but I think it should be a wake up call to anyone that thinks these people are anything but evil. This government is out of control, and it violates the Constitution every chance it gets.

  2. Well when you combine this with your article on the Doomsday Prepper Shows I think it’s clear that they view us as the enemy.

  3. Doesn’t necessarily mean the govt itself is watching these sites. Could just be a govt employee checking it out due to their own interest in prepping, while at work. I am a govt employee and do this and I know several others.

    • Well when you look at the FBI bulletin to Military Surplus stores and the NDAA and Rand Pauls Warning and the Gun Store Bulletins and on and on and on I would say they are pretty safe to assume that most of the DHS visits are for tracking purposes. Yes maybe one or two are employees interested in prepping but the number of visits suggest that it’s not just a lone employee. And how do you explain the tracking cookies that SurvivalBlog found?

    • Really? So there are hundreds… or maybe just one guy/gal in the FBI, DHS, NSA, etc., just browsing around prepper and IIIper blogs because… they’re preppers and IIIpers too!

      And Nina, get a job… preferably a job that produces something.

  4. I seriously doubt a bunch of people at Homeland Security are interested in prepping personally. I suspect they are monitoring. Especially with the Executive order signed friday by Obama, I have no doubt they perceive there to be a threat within CONUS. There has been a significant and steady erosion of our civil rights over the last 2 presidential administrations. And I believe DC is getting concerned over what will happen when the golden geese get pissed off.

  5. Interesting that you would publish this today, because after reading from this and many other prepper blogs on fb yesterday evening–I was suddenly locked out of my own fb acct. at 1221am…

  6. Nina, Thats called fraud,waste and abuse. Why are you using a government computer for your own personal use? But it wouldnt surprise me, Most people that work for the Gov. are out doing their own thing anyway, Hair and nail appts. Dr appts, They eventually get around to work .Then ,when they get there they spend time on the computer researching things for their own gain. This is why NOTHING gets done in the Gov system. Nina you have been exposed I will be monitering you!!!!

  7. ISeverybody paramour or what. I figured this was a flagged site before I sighned up. As long as you aren’t doing anything illegal, big deal.They watch a lot more than this sight.They are looking for fanatics and wackos. I maybe a preposterous but I am not crazy, or anti American

    • Of course they are watching all these kind of sites but that doesn’t make it right or constitutional. I believe this government is criminally out of control. And in case you missed the above article it went past just watching when they installed cookies to readers on SurvivalBlog. That’s a 4th Amendment Issue not a prepping issue.

      But hey if you want to just lay there and take it then be my guest but just remember that this is exactly how it started in Nazi Germany. With small little acts that everyone just wrote off.

      • It is in the constitution that you don’t pay taxes. Well I pay taxes.This has been going on for years,there are a lot of books out there,that if you order them you are flagged.ANarchist cookbook is one of them.This is nothing new.And this is notNazi Germany or will it ever be.

        • That is about the most irresponsible thing I have ever heard and is exactly why this country is in danger of becoming Just like Nazi Germany. To say it could never happen is ridiculous and I’m sure it’s the same thing the Germans would have said before the Nazi’s took over. Remember the Nazi’s started out doing things just like this.

          So When the government passed the law that says they can arrest and detain Americans without a trail I guess that was alright with you to huh?

          And then to justify them spying on us by saying it’s nothing new is why this country is going down the tubes. It’s people like you who let allow this to happen by taking such an attitude.

          First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

          Then they came for the trade unionists,and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

          Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

          Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

      • My bio family on my father’s side was there in Europe they wore the stars. Don’t kid yourself these people aren’t playing they want what they want control they’re puppets of the real criminals. Dont broadcast you’re a prepper rather you’re a homesteader under the radar.
        Phone’s are tracked and vehicles will be as well stay under the radar home steaders no real patriot will disclose information to big brother unless there’s threats on licenses being pulled. We’re looking at cloak and dagger be vigilant and use wisdom. I received a call asking me questions they claimed to be a concerns unit about what dont know. But there’s a lists leave FEMA be they’re bad news. Shalom

    • No they want to have a list of those whom are preparing for it to hit the fan FEMA has a list the food banks for the good stuff you have to go on the that lists driver’s license,SSN, ect. Know people whom are signing people up with FEMA walked away from them warned my children and family stear clear of FEMA those on their lists are not gonna make it. My daughter was on the Hawaiian barge FEMA now we’re raising her children they decapitated her and many others. Listen to what’s being said they are not your friends tracking anyone whom visits the survival sites says everything you need to know spying honest people don’t track people criminals do this to their intended targets.

  8. Kind of ironic that 1)on the string that survivalblog complains about HS checking up on them, they check up on HS and 2) the accompanying ad on this page offers to check up on a cheating spouse for you – complete with pictures and social profiles.

  9. Of course the govt is watching these sites. I would hope so. As much as most of us are law abiding citizens there are definitely a number of radicals prepping too. The govt has no choice but to monitor things. Regardless of your political afflilation everyone is aware of the tension in the world today and the large number of events that could trigger an economic collapse or some other tragedy. The govt is obligated to stay informed.

  10. This administration (Leftist) sees preppers (mostly rightists) as the enemy, even over the actual terrorists (Islamists). Doubt it. Their Hollywood shills have the terrorists as likely to be WASPs as Islamists, and Muslims as likely to be victims of Christian America as they are the purpetrators. Even the original “A-Team” had a RT wing militia using pink (yes, PINK) pickups, just in case you didn’t know that guys who like guns have manhood issues. Having said all of this, if you’re planning some random political violence, I hope someone is watching you.

    • EthanP, Excuse me but most preppers are not planning some random political violence, instead they are prepping for gov’t violence on the American people. This gov’t is hell bent on punishing Christians and those who are of opposite political views. i.e. IRS targeting conservative groups, putting preppers, return veterans and Christians on the watch list for terrorist. Labeling Christians as mental ill. ramping up FEMA camps, buying over a billion hollow point bullets and ammo, purchasing thousands of tanks, buying 100s of thousands of plastic coffin liners and the list goes on.

  11. This clearly shows the “Big Brother’ better known as the Federal Government violating Our Privacy since the “Patriot Act” was sign by the Bush administration. They waste tax payers money and manpower resources to find ways on how to infringe U.S. Citizen’s Right. That also the reason why they even why the federal government even want to get rid of the 2nd amendment of the U.S.Constitution and disarm Americans. Best way people. Get Off the Grid.

    • Well said Carlos Garcia. Why has our government given Pakistan 29 Billion dollars since 9-11 while in Nov. 2012 Pakistan is protesting in the streets against the U.S.? Could it be that the money is not getting to the people that needs it? And then you have Americans going hungry… Our government needs to stop giving our money away and not getting anything in return.

  12. What did you really ecspect when you have a national socialist in(NAZI)office.Here are the top three countries for perfect gun control.Nazi Germany , Communist China and SOVIET Russia.Remember for all thier B.S. they will murder you and lie about the reason.David Kerrish’s only real crime when the BATF went after him was the fact that he had sold more of his personal fire-arms than he could legally without an FFl.Oh and just to enlighten the non-believers on this pick up a janes guide on armour and compare the m1 abrams “zippo” to the one in the press photo in front of the camp Davidian compound.But I digress ,some passive traps and alarms will get rid of any unwanted febs, tear gas, stink bombs, noxios smelling garbage and other types of random non- painful devices can get rid of these unwanted visitors.remember to place game cameras close enough to the traps so you can record and place the idiots on u-tube.Such public riduclewill reduce the chance for violence on the febs part.

    • I agree but it’s our government throwing up smoke screens this 5G technology is also a weapon going offgrid keeps them from controlling people.troops are being trained as people are going underground with shelters. What Johnny said it’s facts we’re considered the enemy during the hoover administration there was a decloration declaring the people as enemies to the state it’s a historical documents people of faith are considered a threat as are veterans,survivalist, preppers,ect. 5G is said to be mind control info incomplete and research is needed the government and shadow governments,ect have an agenda we’re a threat to that agena. Sleeves for phones, tv have back doors to watch your every move electronic devices can be used to monitor you as well going off grid is best option. Homeschooling is the safest way to teach your children. Shalom

  13. “Just remember, the next time a terrorist attack happens, they were watching ME, not the terrorists!”

    A really cool bumper sticker I saw.

  14. Remember God is more powerfull then anyone else. Read your bible on a daily basis, and do what each of you all have to do, go to work, pray and god will take care of all of us. REMEMBER THAT. GOD IS THE HIGHEST OF THEM ALL.

  15. Here in NY our state police are working with DHS to actively target preppers. The scary thing is that NY will be maintaining a database of ammo purchases as part of the SAFE Act, and then on the other hand they are working with DHS who lists large ammo purchases as “suspicious”. What is to keep the state police from sharing all the ammo info with DHS? Here is a link to a video about this.

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