FBI Says thinks preppers might be terrorists

If you have any of the items below you might be a terrorist…. at least the FBI seems to think so…..

prepping items

According to an article over at the Oathkeepers the FBI has been asking military surplus store owners to spy and collect information on people who would normally fall under the prepper category.


The FBI has been handing out literature, entitled “Communities Against Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Military Surplus Stores” that instructs the store owners to:

  • Keep records on those buying suspicious items ( MRE’s Flashlights, Gas Masks and High capacity magazines) All of which last time I check are perfectly legal to buy
  • Require valid Identification from all new customers.
  • Ask questions and gather information from customers.
  • To consider the following people extremely suspicious… those that wish to remain anonymous or want privacy, those who are extremely religious or even those who pay with cash.

A similar flyer has been distributed to gun stores throughout the United States as the FBI is apparently looking to crack down on those dangerous preppers.

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  1. Yae for police state. Im a 5 year vet with a top secret clearance. But now that I bought some MREs for my BOB and camping Im a terrorist. I want to call the number on the paper to give them an ear full but rather not stick my nose in it and stay anonymous. oh no, anonymous, that is strike 2. If I buy a flashlight I might be sent to prison.

  2. Hmm… also wondering if this might be used to keep track of who has goods? In a SHTF situation they could come raiding and try and divide your goods for the community.

    • Don’t be ridiculous, they won’t divide it among the community. They’ll decide who is important and give it to those people (i.e president. secret service, maybe military). But this is why prepping is so important.

  3. He had a New Testament and a flashlight in his glove box and $43 in cash in his pocket. We had no choice but to splatter his brains all over his wife and kids. We are the FBI. We hunt terrorists.

  4. BIG BROTHER AT IT’S FINEST!!! When another Katrina happens it is going to be so much easier to herd the sheople into FEMA camps because that is their only option because they aren’t…..PREPARED! Wonder if they would put me on the list if I walked in to one of these surplus joints and asked them for the LOW capacity mags for my AR, an oil lantern, maybe a couple candy bars, and a warm coat??? Time to vote out every last one of the idiots and put some folks with some good old fashioned common sense in office! To be honest most of the folks I have ever met that run a surplus store or outlet are going to throw that list and contact info in the garbage because they truly believe in the constitution.

  5. kloathis is RIGHT ……VOTE the bastard out …..But the only way it’s gonna work is if every red blooded American sticks together……IT ANT GOING TO HAPPEN…just deal with they’re country they’re rules let them play by “em”

  6. What are the clerks at the surplus store going to do if people refuse to answer the government questions?
    Will they beat a confession out of them?
    Are they going to get FBI badges?
    Will the federal government pay them for doing the government’s work?
    Do they get government benefits as well?

    I foresee a lot of people named John Smith buying prepper supplies.
    I for one intend to join the resistance.


    • Well, I feel good about remove my voters registration privileges ! The Cali. GMO labeling law not passing should be a red flag ! I’m not saying it was smart, but; I fee better ! Kinda like when I stop for a pedestrian , then they low down! & So I just turn of the diesel engine ! Then I feel that the pedestrian did not have the control !

    • They already screen you at walmart if you buy ammo there. They want to know is it for a handgun and why you intend on using it. I always lie and say no and hunting. I’m not telling them nothing that doesn’t necessarily need to be told.

  7. Interesting, but it’s also the last item on the list, behind things like using multiple credit cards in different names, making suspicious, anti-U.S. statements coupled with cryptic warnings, and making extreme religious statements. I understand that those are not illegal (the credit card could have been loaned to the customer by a family member), but they aren’t things people typically do while shopping. However, it is very normal for people visiting surplus stores to buy the items the FBI lists. So personally, I’m not terribly concerned about being handcuffed for buying a flashlight.

  8. Just voting out politicians will not accomplish much.
    The bureaucracy just goes on no matter who is “in charge” without regard.
    You will have to get to true zero base budgeting, and sunsetting.
    Every federal agency should have to justify their existence every five years.

  9. It’s just adding on for them. I was in Iraq in 2009, and Janet came out and said Veterans are now considered a terror threat…..I must be on the list. I’m a veteran, I’ve botten MRE’s and dehydrated foods, I have several flashlights, and Hi-cap mags [7 I bought while in Iraq]…..I guess I’m on my way to be the biggest terrorist ever….one more flashlight and I’ll be there……what is wrong with these people?

    • I know this was obama’s doing. I think really? fn really? Veterans who swore to protect and defend our country and constitution are now terrorists? We are terrorists because we are survialists and we are trained to kill. If the government came busting through our doors we would be shooting back then asking questions. They know that and that’s why we are terrorists…. because we wouldn’t just lay down and take it or go quietly. We aren’t like the rest of the sheeple. That’s why we are their biggest threat. Unfortunately they forget to mention that we are just average everyday people who are typically law biding citizens. Instead they paint us to be horrible and crazy even to the point law enforcement jumps the gun and fn kills vets in cold blood now because they bought into the we are terrorists propoganda. It’s very sad actually. :-/

  10. Judge Napolitano used to sign off on Freedom Watch with the line”when the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty” apparently that is no longer true. The Obama administration continuously infringes our freedoms while ignoring foreign threats. He fears American patriots more than islamic jihadists. I just hope we can survive the next 2 years as a nation and the next president repeals the Nazi like regulations imposed by this administration.
    FBI, TSA, BATFE, DHS must all be reigned in before they find an excuse to arrest every person in America and put us all in concentration camps.

  11. Why isn’t there a scanned copy of this flyer? It would give the post more credibility. That way don’t don’t look so much like the conspiracy theorists sheople say we are.

    • We have a link to the oathkeepers at the top of the article. They have all of the flyers on that page including the ones that have been passed out to the gun shops.

  12. Don’t get me wrong here, I am certainly not defending this letter, and will remain on gaurd for my privacy, but these letters exist for many areas of the service industry. The nearly exact same letter exists for hotels, rental car agencies, martial arts & paintball facilities, self storage facilities, bulk fuel distrubutors…the list goes on.

    I’m with Chris above, “I’m not terribly concerned”. Consider that they aren’t investgating everyone who buys a plane ticket, flies to any destination, rents a car and stays in a hotel room. It simply isn’t realistic.

    I do however find funny, the statement of “Talk to customers, ask questions…”. What? Are they deputizing the store clerks?

    A great thread none the less.

    • I got patted down in the 90’s any time I bought a plane ticket to Vegas with cash because I would wait until I felt lucky to make my mind up to go at the last minute. It seems to me they do these things for years and years and then later create a scenario where it makes sense to, and only then make a law that makes it legal to. But oh heck yes they are doing the same by investigating anyone who buys a plane ticket!.. If you buy it with cash they are and have been for at least 3-5 years before 9-11! And yes that IS tantamount to deputizing anyone and everyone they possibly can!

  13. The heading and contact info has changed but the body of this flyer has been around for decades. When the ‘militia movement’ was getting started you could find these things lying all over the floor at gun shows. In the fall of 1992 I thought I was going underground buying canning jars at yard sales. I was given a copy of an executive order outlawing food hoarding – I became a criminal by preserving my garden!
    I think it’s more important to ‘them’ whoever ‘they’ are; to make us think everyone is looking to rat on us than to actually collect any information. Fear paralyzes and keeps people dependent on the authorities for “safety and security”. I’m not a threat to anybody and I’m not doing anything wrong. We, the people, have to get past the paranoia and simply enjoy a quiet and productive life.
    “The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.” Proverbs 29:25

    • Ain’t that the truth! Why on earth would it be illegal to “hoard” food? Who in their right mind wouldn’t after seeing how the government handled Katrina…. No thanks I’ll pass on government dependancy.

      I also agree with the fear statement(s) if they can make you afraid they can shut you down. If you aren’t afraid they will either kill you or you’ll be free.

      This is why I keep what I’m doing to myself. It’s nobody’s business.

  14. dude stock up on twinkes they got a 25 year shelf life and they aren’t on the FBI’s watch list ….YET ….

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