Trump Says Feds May Restrict Travel from New York to Slow Coronavirus Spread

New York

During a brief talk with the press this morning, President Trump told reporters that he’s considering imposing an enforceable quarantine on New York because “they’re having problems down in Florida. A lot of New Yorkers going down — we don’t want that. Heavily infected.”

“I’m thinking about that right now. We might not have to do it but there’s a possibility that sometime today we’ll do a quarantine,” Trump told reporters at the White House Saturday. “Short-term, two weeks on New York, probably New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut.”

He told reporters, “We will make a decision very quickly, very shortly,” and adding, “This does not apply to people such as truckers outside the New York area who are making deliveries or are simply transiting through. It won’t affect trade in any way.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who seems to forget that he imposed his own on the New York City suburb of New Rochelle, slammed the comments saying “I don’t even know what that means, I don’t know how that would be legally enforceable,” Cuomo said. “Not even knowing what that is, I don’t like the sound of it.”

“I spoke to the president about the ship coming up and the four sites, I didn’t speak to him about any quarantine. No, I haven’t had those conversations,” Cuomo said.

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