Feds Seize New Mexico Ranchers Land: County orders Local Sheriff to Stop the Feds

In a story that’s being totally ignored by the mainstream media, another rancher is being targeted by the federal government in a land dispute that seems eerily similar to the Bundy Ranch Dispute in Nevada.

Rancher Kit Laney, and a number of New Mexico Ranchers are all locked in a vicious battle with the federal government over land that the Feds are now claiming ownership of – even though the Laney family has claims to the land going all the way back to 1883.

Earlier this year the Federal Government closed down access to the Ranchers land, placing gates that blocked his cattle’s access to a creek in the Lincoln National Forest. About 20 local ranchers were also affected, all of whom have watering rights to the creek and have been using the land for decades.

Just like during the Bundy Ranch situation, the government is yet again using some asinine environmental reasoning to justify stealing more private land, claiming the area’s ranchers are endangering habitat for the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse by allowing their cattle to graze on the land.

Armed Protestors facing off with BLM
Bundy Ranch Supporters and local Militia Pushing the BLM off their land last month in Nevada

Unlike the Bundy Ranch story that we reported on out in Nevada, where state and local officials failed to help the rancher, this time local officials in Otero County, New Mexico aren’t rolling over.

On Monday, a New Mexico county board instructed the local sheriff to remove all BLM gates from the land. The Otero County Commission voted 2-0, with one commissioner absent, to “immediately take steps to remove or open gates that are unlawfully denying citizens access to their private property rights.”

Commissioner Ronny Rardin said Monday he was uncomfortable with taking action “against people that are my friends,” apparently referring to local Forest Service rangers, but that he had an obligation as an elected commissioner to uphold the Constitution.

“That Constitution is in breach right now and it is our duty, it’s our civil duty — if we want to keep our nation free and keep our country as it was intended to be by our forefathers — to stand up and take this type of action,” said Mr. Rardin.

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  1. This is exactly why I love NM. The people there most of them anyway do the right thing. The absolute most wonderful people I’ve met there, by far and away the best I’ve encountered when it comes to this type of thing. That Lavoy fella was straight up assassinated , and practically everyone in America was willing to just carry on with the norm, like nothing happened. The time is now and the fate of our country hangs in the balance, and I firmly believe that the actions of NM and its people will make all the right decisions when it’s time and pledge my hand to the preservation of our great constitution from all the way in California, I got your back!, The government has started killing Americans by order of our own figureheads. If we wait much longer their hold on our lives will progressively get tighter and they will squeeze like no one has ever felt. It’s much worse than we think and there is an obscene amount of money spent on ARtificial INtelligence and “smart technologies” . We will have to fight and fight we will. Many will die , but not in vain. Let’s do this . If there is anyone out there in NM. That is serious and want a very crafty and like minded individual on their team, hit me up I’m down.

    • Right now, the “heat” is on the ranchers and use of public lands. Public lands were given to the states—not the Feds— to support public education and other necessary services. That’s why the wild horses are being rounded up and sent to slaughter, the bison in Yellowstone are being shot, etc. The Feds are grabbing the land in order to give it to Chinese companies to try and pay off the enormous debt the US owes them. The Feds are taking land that people have had title to for over 100 years. The BLM have shot cattle and buried them in mass graves, set the pastures on fire which trapped the cattle and burned them, burned houses, out buildings, fences, corrals, and power poles. Who knows how many wild critters were also burned in those fires. There’s video tapes showing men setting the fires. The American people better wake up. If there are issues over lease money, that should be settled in the courts, not by burning or shooting livestock. That’s animal cruelty at its worse. God save the beasts and us.

  2. Wow there is gonna be some people pissed ranchers need help.are they trying to starve Americans,house the terrorists??? We have to stop this crap i grew up farming it’s by far easy work. But if you have land rights than this needs to go to federal court but this land needs to be protected till than.may god watch over you all

  3. Well gosh; it isn’t their land and never was; they never owned it— the federal government did and does. If the ranchers are upset at original ownership, the ranchers would give the land back to the Apaches.

    • You might want to rethink your position on that. Try doing some investigative reading on the net. The government does not own any land except around Washington DC the rest is public land and federally protected public land.

      With that said what is happening to these ranchers across the states is wrong.

      • Michael, public land is government land, we are the public, we are the government, got it? It is not a “land grab”, these ranchers are overgrazing, destroying wetlands and not playing by the rules. It is because of these welfare ranchers that our wildlife, our buffalo, elk. Coyotes, wolves and wild horses are being slaughtered daily

        • Once again, neah girl, you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. It makes no sense to overgraze your pastures or destroy wetlands. Cattle are rotated from pasture to pasture to allow the grass to grow back. Ranchers also put in windmills and wells to fill dirt tanks which all wildlife water at. They construct spreader dams in the creek bottoms to slow and spread the water from rains and snowmelt. The wildlife also eat the hay that ranchers raise, glean the grain fields, etc. We had mulies wintering in our front yard under the living room windows. Ranchers plant trees for windbreaks, and snow breaks that also provide shelter for wildlife. You will find a higher and healthier population of wildlife on ranchlands. The western coyote population is thriving. Elk are doing just fine. The bison and wild horses are being shot by the BLM not the ranchers. As for wolves, Ranchers are paid for the loss of livestock to wolves. Who will be the next target? As for we being the government, the politicians have been bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. Take some time, please, and educate yourself as to what is really going down here.

  4. what upsets me is you cannot drive through and operated by Bureau of Land Management without having a day pass for a permit to be on the land no camping no honey not even just to park and look at a stream or a view you must have a permit whose land is it they say that the money that’s generated from these permits goes into helping restore campgrounds facilities and so forth but what I’m saying they’re making the camp grounds and so far it look like everyday parks and I like to see the forest as it is besides the logging practices sometimes use outrageous the way they strip it and where does the money go from the timber sales they say it goes to go to public schools I see more money wasted on there administrative offices in the local area on their vehicles and equipment that they need so they say and their budget is way out of hand why can I not live on a budget like the rest of us. I love my country and I love the land but I never see anyone out there do anything except one man who goes around checking for permits so what do they really do sit on their ass all day at a computer trying to figure out other ways of keeping us off the land they’re just like the Forest Service that treat the forest asked if it was theirs and not ours just like our government the Forest Service is dictating to us what we can and can’t do I understand some of the reasoning behind some of their regulations but those who work in the Forest Service are getting way out of hand telling me that the land belongs to the Forest Service and not the people and they have the right to do what they feel they would need to do to the land without our comments many people don’t read the newspaper or see the ads at the Forest Service post about closures of roads fear of Land Management has been closing roads just as much as the for service setting up access to campers hunters fishermen prospectors sightseers they’re trying to get people closer to the main road so they do not have to drive around so much just like big brother in the sky is what they’re doing I’m not on earth Forester I do not believe and tearing up logging equipment are placing spikes in the trees but I do believe in the land belongs to the people no the land is not ours to own but we are the caretakers and our government is not doing a very good job wasting our money on new vehicles today hardly ever drive I’ve watched employees drive from the office to the forest look at a tree break down the number of a tag and then go back to the office for the rest of the day I was once broke down in the woods 17 miles from the main highway I was refused to ride out to get help twice by the same person are regulations say we can’t take the people in our vehicles even if its an emergency what’s wrong with this picture .

  5. this is kind of a sad thing… it has been coming and advertised for quite a while… the issue is an “endangered” species that with minimal protections would not be an issue.. cutting the fences is not going to fix the issue… putting in a few protections to prevent the damage from grazing will and at minimal cost… already happened in northern New Mexico but I think they spent more than they needed to even there but they still met the requirements… this is an endangered species problem… not a land grab like some idiot are claiming…

  6. All this crap is going on because of a jumping mouse, is this for real?? I think the mice will survive just fine. Leave the ranchers alone. Damn government is getting a little too big for their britches and I for one am sick of it!!

  7. i believe one of the main cornerstones of the constitution said something like…..”the government shall make no laws abridgeing the rights of the individual states to govern themselves”….but then the politicans have over these many years managed to circumvent any part of the original charter the founding fathers fought and died for all the while “we the people” have just ambled along like the good little atomotons we’ve been taught to be.

  8. First, before I pass judgment upon anyone ; is it Private land or land being leased from the BLM .
    In my area , around a popular lake , land is leased by individuals who are allowed to build cabins and home upon. These people pay a fee , not sure if it’s annually or for an extended period of time. In any case the land is either owned by an electric company or the USFS. Should the company or the Feds decide, for what ever reason , not to continue to lease land to these individuals , their cabins or homes must be removed. This is known to all , anyone who enters into an agreement as such , in my opinion , is nuts .

  9. It is a lie that they are protecting any kind of animal habitat. Progressives lie as a matter of policy. They lied to protect the so called minow in the fruit basket of the world in the San Joaquin Valley in northern CA, to put the fruit and vegetable farmers out of business, which forces the USA to import fruits and vegetables from other parts of the world. They also lied about protecting the so called endangered Spotted Owl in the north west forests, in order to force a large number of lumber companies out of business, forcing us to import lumber from other nations, which has made lumber prices sky rocket, which makes home prices sky rocket, making it harder for more people to own their own home. I have a brother in law whose grand father owns a large cattle ranch in southern Utah. The feds came in there and took pictures right around the watering troughs, without including the watering troughs in the pictures and then tried to force the rancher out of business by indicating he was over grazing the land. Fortunately that rancher knew what was going on and provided the exact same pics of the same area as the government agents took, only expanded to show the watering troughs. Fortunately, that land grab failed. But the real intent of the Federal Government that is controlled by Progressives is to take away as much land as possible from ranchers and farmers. Progressive is nothing more than a coded word for Communist. Progressives are communists bent on taking away private land ownership. It needs to be stopped and if they continue in this way, they are likely to gain themselves a civil war! Hold on to your guns and ammo my friends. You may very well need them before too much longer. I pray to God that I am wrong. But some how I don’t think I am.

    • Unfortunately, I believe that you are correct. It’s time for a reset, it’s long overdue. Even JFK had hinted at it by saying “if the general public knew what was happening, there would be a revolution started before morning.” before he was assinated.

      Thomas Jefferson had said (loosly quoted):

      “From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

      It’s a necessity to remain free as a country.

  10. People who are literally making millions off of the beef that they knowingly graze on Federal lands are now upset that the Government has asked them to pay a user fee that they are supposed to have been paying for the past hundred years.

    Sorry, I’m not moved.

    • You are exactly right bienhoa, hence the “welfare ranchers”. These ranchers are expected to pay $1.39 per month per unit, one cow and one calf. If they were paying to graze on private land the fee is $20.10 per unit per month. Some have not paid anything for years, hence the Bundy and bird refuge fiasco in Oregon. Why shouldn’t they pay? They are stealing from we, the public. They are the cause of the slaughter of our wildlife, the buffalo, the wildhorses, coyotes, wolves,etc. It’s all over grazing fees that some are not even paying. The Koch Bros. graze 3000 head of cattle on 300,000 acres in Montana, they’re charged $1.69 per unit per month.

  11. If it was up to the government we would still have to worry about being eaten or trampled by dinasors.
    Species go extinct because on not being able to adapt mostly because of the climate. Either it is to wet,dry,hot,or cold. Very rarely if at all it is caused by humans.
    The spread of disease whether through mice or mosquitoes should be eraticated either by removing the disease or the carriers of said disease.
    Farmers are the caretakers of the land, more than the idiots in Washington DC.

  12. Its sad that the American people cannot unite together to fix the problems at hand. We the people hold such a great power over the “powers that be”. If everyone could stop fighting over petty wars that have been stirred by our gov’t, we could make the changes nessicary to fix this country and take America back!

  13. I honestly believe this is being done just to show the government has the power , but their is one thing they are for getting the will need to pay for the care over the last 100 yrs to the people who took care of the land! Which would amount to more than they know, it seems the are doing this for a Senator who I do not care for Harry Reid! So that his son can get his way to allow the Chinese to open up a Casino in this one of these areas!

  14. What’s REALLY SADis,most of you Do not acknowledge the FACT,of overgrazing,Over harvesting, Over Fishing,ect. ALOTOF Gov.oversight came about
    ,because IGNORANTRanchers,LumberCo.,Fisherman,ect. TOOK ADVANTAGE of Out resources and had NO CONCERN FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE!They Raped our Forests,our Oceans and OUR LSNDS!With no thought of how to Replace what they DESTROYED!You DO NOT OWN the Country! YOU HAVE No RIGHT to take and destroy what ever you want,with NO regard to what is left behind! The EARTH,Our streams, our Oceans,Our Forests,Our land DOES NOT JUST REPLENISH BY ITSELF! ARE You all that Stupid? I have watched what the Lumber industry did to Montana &Washington They destroyed for greed!Same with the Salmon and the Trout in our Streams! WHY DO YOU THINK IT’S JUST YOUR LAND?? I have seen beautiful Camping,areas DESTROYED BY HUMANS! to where WE ABUSE EVERY natural resources around us! With no thought of the future! Shame on ALL OF YOU ,What have any of you done to PROTECT OUR LANDS?I want my grandchildren to be able to be PROUD that our Generation did SOMETHING TO PASS on a Healthy Earth with natural resources we have left,Do something to Help instead of just bitch in YOU CAN’T RAPE MORE!HEATHENS! PLUS THIS LAND YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BELONG TO THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS AND IT WAS STOLEN FROM THEM ! None of you should be claiming anything!

  15. Its going to be a wide awakening when the feds come up against the giant mouse trap that they are baiting! It will be a huge mistake for this to happen. I guess the ranchers need cows in their yards to water and feed. Then maybe they will really be stepping into SH_T then. Let the feds feed our country with beef, see how long that takes before they give it up.

  16. Thank you Susan, you have presented one of the few factual words on this issue. Most of it babbling threats of what should be done to the government by people who have no knowledge of what they speak. This is public land, belonging to we the people, and guess what, we the people are the government. It is not state land and will never be state land as there is not one state who is capable of maintaining this land, physically or monitarily, that was decided long ago. This public land came into being as the states were ratified and it was obvious the states could not care for this. The government pays the taxes . Educate yourselves on “welfare ranchers”. The feds charge them pennies to graze their cattle on our public lands and they are not paying, this is why we want the cattle off. The slaughter of the wildlife, wild horses, buffalo, wolves etc. goes on today. The welfare ranchers want our wildlife gone as they want more free grazing lands. Instead of getting yourselves riled up and spouting propaganda check your information. The guilty parties are not who you think

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