Feds Steal Ranchers Cattle in Armed Helicopter Raids: Feds attempt to rub out Family Farmers

In the latest attempt to rub out the family farm, the Federal Government is targeting a rancher in Nevada by sending in armed agents, armored vehicles and low-lying helicopters to steal the rancher’s cattle.

Cliven Bundy, who has been fighting the federal government’s attempts to shut him down for the last 20 years, is in a bitter battle that just took a turn for the worse. Over the weekend, armed federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management stormed Bundy’s land, stealing over 500 of the rancher’s cattle.

The government claims the cattle were illegally grazing on government land; but Bundy, who has been a rancher all his life, says he’s been doing it this way for decades. In fact, his cattle are grazing on the same land that his father and father’s father used to raise their cattle.

The trouble started in 1993 when Bundy refused to pay the feds for the right to allow his cattle to graze on land that he claims has been in his family since the 1880s. His family actually owned the land before the Bureau of Land Management ever even came into existence; so how the federal government can now claim they own the land is a bit puzzling.

“We own this land,” he said, not the feds. He said he is willing to pay grazing fees but only to Clark County, not BLM.

“Years ago, I used to have 52 neighboring ranchers,” he said. “I’m the last man standing. How come? Because BLM regulated these people off the land and out of business.”

So why now?

According to the feds, this is all about protecting the desert tortoise. Yep, apparently protecting a turtle is now reason enough to storm a man’s property and illegally steal his cattle.

Just before the round-up began, Bundy claims armed federal agents surrounded his 150-acre ranch.

“They’ve been bringing men in and equipment and setting up a compound,” Bundy told FoxNews.com Monday. “They got helicopters flying low. They got snipers around the ranch. Our access to public lands has been blocked.”

Federal Government Raiding Bundy's Farm Stealing His Cattle
Federal Government Raiding Bundy’s Farm Stealing His Cattle

Bundy says he’s extremely fearful that the federal government is trying to turn this into another Ruby Ridge or Waco situation. The BLM has closed public lands in Clark County while they work on a plan to round up the “trespassing” cattle. Only marked vehicles are being allowed into the area and “free speech zones” have been set up several miles from the ranch in an attempt to corral protestors who have made their way into the area.

“I’ve tried to fight this thing legally, and I’ve tried to fight it politically,” Bundy said. “We’ve got one more fight. We the people haven’t fought yet.”

This is video shot by the family who claims the BLM assaulted and hauled off one of Bundy’s sons for filming them steal his dad’s cattle.

“He was there to do some filming when about 11 federal agents pulled up and arrested him,” Bundy told Las Vegas News 3. “They said he was outside of the First Amendment area and they took him down. We don’t know where he is now.”

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  1. What’s really ironic about this is the same organic eating idiot liberals who claimed to be so against the government 10 years ago are the same morons who are now in full support of the government who is doing this. Where do these idiots think they get their organic food? WAKE UP AMERICA

    I can’t even recognize this country anymore.

      • And I would call people like you INSANE!

        I realize people these days are too dumb to actually know about the real history of anything, but the “first nations people” that you speak of were not the first people in America.

        It’s people like you with your idiotic liberal attitudes that have allowed this country to descend into the pits of hell. If you hate the country so much LEAVE. Stop trying to change it into some socialist utopia.

        • Say what? Who were the first people here then…..atlantians? Jesus? Annunaki aliens? Please inform us ignorant folk.

          • Don’t want to hijack the comments because this really has nothing to do with the article, but there is more than enough historical evidence to suggest White Europeans, Polynesians, Greeks and even the Chinese had been to “America” long before “Native Americans” Indians.

          • I think it was Jesus. And everybody knows Jesus was white. So alla them funny-colored-skinned fellas with the funny feather hats are jist gettin’ wut they done deserve fer stealin’ America from Jesus.

          • It’s well documented that the “First” peoples crossed the Bering Strait Land Bridge long before those we know today as Native Americans were here. The “Native” Americans did to those before them what the white Europeans settlers eventually did to them.

          • The Clovis First model that presumes the first people in America came over the Bering Land Bridge has been debunked several times in recent years. They linked DNA from remains that predate the Clovis people by 11,000 years, and found in Brazil, to Aboriginal Australians. They found remains and artifacts in Texas (Google Buttermilk Creek) that predate the Bering Land Bridge theory by a couple of thousand years.

            The only fact that matters here is that the government is taking land currently being occupied by an individual. This guy didn’t take it from indians, vikings, or Columbus. He’s been working it for decades and they’re trying to take it.

          • On a technical note, there have been at least six recorded instances of immigration to North America, however tenuous the evidence.

            There were three waves of migration over the Alaskan land bridge over the millennia, with the second and third waves of migration wiping out the previous inhabitants. We have evidence of this from skulls found in South America which show European style physiology (which was once everywhere outside of Africa). The last wave of migration over the land bridge (what we see as modern Native Americans) had what we call asiatic features, which evolved in Asia after the last major ice age.

            Following the last migration over the Alaskan land bridge, we then have very strong evidence for three “visitations” by non-North-Americans. First were the Phoenicians from the Mediterranean (1000BC-200BC), which mined for copper along the Eastern seaboard. Then came the Vikings, which settled for a while in Newfoundland, and may have gone as far South as Massachusetts. Finally, there are strong indications that a Chinese expeditionary force made landfall along the Western seaboard, primarily between San Francisco and Mexico, barely a hundred years or so before Columbus “discovered” America.

            FYI, of course.

          • Really,Polynesians and Chinse are from the same DNA American Indians also from that same DNA, White Europeans, oh yeah that’s right white Europeans were the first people well EVERYWHERE just ask us. Your sources please anybody who has sources please???

        • “…this country to descend into the pits of hell”

          “If you hate the country so much LEAVE.”

          Physician, heal thyself.

          • Everyone would need to be the same if there was to ever be a utopia. We would dress the same, talk the same, worship the same god, think the same, etc. Who in their right mind would want to live in a world without individuals?

          • I like you, you’re not like there other people. And to the other commenter, why do you think everything would have to be the same with no individuals to have a utopia?

        • The story of the native Indians being the original people of this land is false. It has been shown that Europeans came first, but your Jewish owned media and controlled government will do what it can to suppress this information.

          Honestly some people act as if the Indians were some poor defenseless people. But the truth is they were quite capable. When the Europeans begin to resettle the land various tribes were warring with each other.

          Here’s one article from Science Daily;

          First Humans To Settle Americas Came From Europe, Not From Asia Over Bering Strait Land-ice Bridge, New Research Suggests


          Research by a Valparaiso University geography professor and his students on the creation of Kankakee Sand Islands of Northwest Indiana is lending support to evidence that the first humans to settle the Americas came from Europe, a discovery that overturns decades of classroom lessons that nomadic tribes from Asia crossed a Bering Strait land-ice bridge. Valparaiso is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research.

          • So giving natives blankets laden with lice and smallpox was acceptable? What about waiting dor the warriors to ride away before attacking camps full of women children and elderly. Its ok because they were capable of defending themselves right? While american indians probably weren’t the first settlers they were here before” americans” atrocity by any other name is still atrocity…. Just saying….

          • The Indians WERE “defenseless” in a big way. 95% of them died from diseases brought over from Europeans. They had no immunological defenses whatsoever against these diseases, such as smallpox. The Indians were often given infected blankets on purpose by the settlers.

            Then there is this excerpt about Wounded Knee: December 29, 1890, “On the frozen plains at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation, government troops opened fire on the mostly unarmed Lakota people, and massacred 290 Sioux men, women and children, including many trying to flee, in a matter of minutes.”

            There are many more horror stories. We hears blacks and Jews complain, as they should. Though the Indians never complain about it, what was done to them was at least as horrific.

          • Really then what happened to them?? Did the Native Americans send them packing? Pushed them into the sea?? Where did they go to Europe??

          • What you suggesting? That somehow because there were ethic groups that came to this continent before them that this erases the systematic racism, discrimination and genocide the United States committed against them. Your comments border on racist.

          • get lost and keep your history with you that’s full of BS. You know sh*t. What goes around comes around. Yes, let them pay the price. His grand motherfuc*ers stole land from my ancestors !!! made up stories trying to prove that European. Europeans came on what ? camels ? European knew shit

        • Why is that when the right-wingers confront an idea they don’t like it’s automatically “Get out of MY country, it should be the way I think, not the way you think. Since we disagree, you must leave.”? How about you buy some cattle-land in Lithuania?

        • Please do NOT use the “L” word in such a degrading manor. I am a card-carrying liberal who fights every day to maintain the rights of workers across this great country. I grow organic food, I teach my sons to be socially responsible, and I am DISGUSTED by the actions of this arm of government. And yes – I voted for “the man”, and I’m not sorry. I believe in hope and change – I also believe that macho “do as I say” attitudes are reigning supreme far too often. If you ask me, the people of this country have been far too silent for far too long. I’m doing my part – can you say the same? Today is the anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre. I suggest you take a moment to do some research. Now excuse me, while I go back to fighting the good fight – in solidarity with this gentleman who deserves to keep his cattle where his father, grandfather, and great grandfather kept theirs.

        • native Americans you ignorant somebi7ch that’s who was here they were born here then you people drove them out and destroyed the country taking land from anyone!!!

        • I’m pretty sure Vikings were first in America, but the Native Americans were the rulers of the land. then here comes the white man saying no you have to live this way cause the way you live is wrong…sounds like the government.

        • get lost and keep your history with you that’s full of BS. You know sh*t. What goes around comes around. Yes, let them pay the price. His grand motherfuc*ers stole land from my ancestors !!!

      • Kitten, could you please tell us who the first people in this country were? Include documentation please.

      • This person’s family didn’t do anything to the first people of America. That was the Native Americans. Evidence suggests there was a people group here before the Mongoloids came across the Bering Strait, just as Lisa is saying. And the Mongoloids killed them off. They weren’t the peace-loving innocents modern people seem to claim.

      • Kitten, I am willing to bet you his family did not do anything to the first nations people and at least way less that the government did and is still doing today. What are you going to do when Karma comes to bite you for what you are doing.

        • > What are you going to do when Karma comes to bite you for what you are doing.

          You could post the same question to the retarded rancher who thinks his cows should be able to graze on public land, but I don’t expect you will.

          • You miss the fact that what the government calls public land is what the rancher owns (title and deed). The government took his land, supposedly to save a species of turtle….. when the government says the constitution doesn’t exist and comes to take away your land, your home, and even your life – what are you going to do?

          • Darrell, did you not read? The land has been in his family for decades. The government took it from them to save a turtle. Some people have gone entirely insane!!
            There are creatures everywhere, but the government nitwits seem to take over life-sustaining areas to protect the craziest things like some kind of fish in California which is destroying farmland there due to lack of water.

      • If the sins of the father fall upon the shoulders of the son, then literally everyone alive now and alive ever deserves punishment. If you think that’s how karma works then you’re deluded even by the standards of someone who believes in karma.

      • This is for Kitten:
        Besides the fact that your argument is juvenile, specious, self-centered and cruel, how do you know that this family does not already have Native American Ancestors in their bloodline?
        You do not.
        Judge not, my dear, lest ye be judged.

      • First, let us be clear about the state of the “first nations” that were present when Europeans arrived in North America.

        A significant series of plagues had wiped out 90% of the indigenous populations in north America prior to European settlement. While it can be argued that some of these diseases originated from Europe, it doesn’t change the fact that there were very few people in North America when settlers arrived.

        The “First Nations” were extremely divisive, warred among each other, practiced slavery, conquest, and sold each other out to the Europeans when they arrived. There was nothing about “First Nations” people that was noble, unique, or particularly different than any other group at the time. They received much more (and in many cases still do) than almost any other invaded people on Earth.

        In the modern world, if your family has been here for many generations, and your ethnic group has been as well, you are no long an “invasive species” you are indigenous to the region and have as much right to be here as anyone else who live here. There is not ever going to be a reversal of the past, or “repayment” for things that happened 500+ years ago, so it is time to drop the premise of “First Nations”. The only nation that matters is the present one, there is no going back.

      • Who cares that was decades ago. Get over Kitten! No more pity party!!!! I am sure that this man has never scalped an injun in his life. Maybe his great, great, great, great grandpappy!!! Should we hold you responsible if your adult son or daughter murders someone?

      • You have no idea what his history is, how his family purchased the land etc…keep your comments to the article instead of commenting on what you think happen 100 years ago. This family could have came in and purchased the land after-the-fact of the issues with the Indians. And there where hundreds of settlers who purchased land directly form different Indian tribes legally and ethically and maintain friendships with Indians for years. SO, be carefully of what you say, for it shows how uneducated you are really are.

    • I seriously doubt “liberals” are cheering shit like this on, I’d be more inclined to believe it’s either oil and gas folks or the factory farm people, the big money folks who actually own our representatives in congress that would cheer shit like this on.

      • I am a liberal/socialist, and I am most definitely NOT cheering this on. In fact, if this article is even halfway accurate, I am pretty pissed. Ownership of private property is a very important aspect of our society, and if this family can clearly show that they have been making use of this land since the mid-19th century, they should have first rights to it.

        While I feel strongly for the desert tortoise, this is *NOT* the way to go around doing this. I believe in a strong, transparent and responsible government working for the best long-term interests of its people, but this is an example of a power-mad government trampling over people’s rights. I mean, really — free speech “zones”? What shit is that? By law that “zone” should be the entire United States, outside of sensitive government and military installations like the White House and military bases.

        • “.. a STRONG, TRANSPARENT and RESPONSIBLE government working FOR the best long-term INTERESTS OF ITS PEOPLE..”

          When has our government shown any of these characteristics, ever? Maybe one day you’ll stop voting for the Obamas and Clintons (or Bushes or Regans for that matter)and realize that the left-right paradigm is really a monopoly of the will of the people by the ruling oligarchs.

        • The Comments made on April 8th of 2014 by Rene there comment are correct but 1 (and if this family can clearly show that they have been making use of this land since the mid-19th century, they should have first rights to it.) Very true and if you belonged to an Indian tribe that lived these same lands for century’s but did not have it on paper other than their words of truth ? We can argue until were blue in the face but it all comes back to the same reason were all complaining about (BLM) and their force to eliminate the free willing and out spoken people of this Nation we call America land of the Free ?? for now yes unless we give up 100% and act like a Submissive dog they will…Not I and millions of other Americans we will fight back, out speak and never give submission !! I am only 1 voice but a Strong voice of freedom and Independence

    • It comes down to who actually owns the land- the landowner or the Fed. If indeed the Feds’ can prove they own the land and show that the landowner has not paid for the right to graze there, then he deserves what he gets. Either way, go to court and hammer it out. Going to court, as unsavory as that may sound, beats going out in a blaze of gunfire.

      • Unfortunately; This administration has a track record of ignoring court orders when it conflicts with its agenda; can you say BATFE v Ares Armor, NLRB appointments; just to name a few

      • It is not just farms, the feds are taking land and water rights too. Look into the Trans Pacific Partnership! They want it all and plan to give our rights away to a foreign entity. As far as the comments stating ” If you don’t like America then leave”, where are you going to go? That’s it, lets just tell people to leave instead of being proactive. This is being done to all of us! This is your food supply. No more independent farmers, just fed run antibiotic/vaccinated/sick meat, GMO full veggies and RFID side dishes.

      • If it comes down to who owns the land then it would be he who created the land in the first place…Because when you create something then you own it….The farmer is only claiming his right to USE the land the Government claims to own it, and we all already know that is not true because they did not create it..!!

        • I gotta say.. of all the conspiracy and reactionary nonsense on this comment thread.. yours is by far the most idiotic and irrelevant

          refusing to play by the established rules is not going to win you any friends in the government.. and simply ignoring their claim of land management is only going to secure an unwelcome show-down

          I don’t care if you are a rancher, or a farmer, or a hair stylists.. you don’t get to just make up the rules as you go along.. it doesn’t matter what your grand daddy did or where his cattle grazed

          but, speaking of making things up as you go along.. “who created the land” .. really? Claims of tyranny and Orwellian oppressiveness aside, this is a grown up issue.. if the government is about to shoot somebody, we better all be sure we understand why.. invoking magical and metaphysical claims of material ownership offer nothing of real consequence

          • Tim, the land can be used freely by a natural man and the incorporated courts have no actual jurisdiction over the natural man as the incorporated courts only have “mandates” over a contracted person…believe it or not, that is the actual law.

      • If this farmer (family) has been on that land since back in the 1880’s, and if they have documentation they own the land, the Gov has no business there. The farmer simply needs to make an affidavit of truth, stating only first hand, verifyable evidence, including documentation of land ownership, documentation of operations there as far back as possible, stating that he has the right to graze his cattle there as he always has, and that the government has overstepped their bounds, and that the “agents” which I am positive likely included local “law enforcement” have stepped outside of their “oath of office”, and that there is no such thing as a “free speech zone” anywhere in the united States, (free speech is NOT limited to “zones”) and file that in the Clark County courthouse, and publish it in a local newspaper with a 30 day open period for dispute and rebuttal,(these are for public record) then once completed, if all points are not rebutted, it becomes law and he will get his cattle back, and they will face criminal charges. Obviously there is a lot more to it than just this, but that is one way to go. No lawyers. (They are on the side of the “system”, not our side.
        JMHO – YMMV

      • fight it out in court???? are you for real??? I have never heard of any one winning anything in court agaist the federal government!! They do what they want…when they want to do it and don’t give one crykey about who they do it too..

    • OMG! the same group (the government) are doing the stealing of land today, just like they did to the first nation people. our government has been killing and stealing land from the start. that man is just trying to make a living just like his family did. just like your family did.

    • It’s doubly ironic when you’re …uh … So very smart that you denigrate your customers who are paying you a premium price for that organic or free range product.

      And assume they all have the same political leanings because they think deadbeats should pay their bills. And that sucking on the gov tit for free for twenty years is conservative.

      Be independent dude. Buy land. Pay the fee. Go to the private sector. Put in a feed lot. Stop whining bout the gumbint cheese not being tasty enough.

    • I can’t believe with all the illegals coming into this country that our Government has nothing better to do than to bother an American Farmer…Really ?? Is this still America ?????

      • But you are fine with this guy stealing resources from the general public especially since “his father and grandfather did it that way too”


        • when his great grandfather started ranching that land in 1877 there was no department of the interior. there was no blm. It was called free range land. Nobody owned it and many cattle ranchers used it for grazing. department of the interior didn’t come for many years. then they started trying to tell people what they could and couldn’t do on land they had been using for decades.

      • So giving natives blankets laden with lice and smallpox was acceptable? What about waiting dor the warriors to ride away before attacking camps full of women children and elderly. Its ok because they were capable of defending themselves right? While american indians probably weren’t the first settlers they were here before” americans” atrocity by any other name is still atrocity…. Just saying….

    • This is so WRONG. What is happening to our country?? Stealing is wrong even for and especially for the government.

    • hen reading this – I could not believe – to me it is alike some bad copy of old B-Cinema Films of which always my thoughts at their end were: “Thank God it is some old bad film only and not the truth …!” And now it turns out to be the truth all over … and I am praying and speaking with God Almighty that there will be many many people voicing and expressing their outright opinion and to fights all this unjust procedure and come together to save this Family Bundy’s Ranch …. We have to stand at their side and claiming with them our divine rights to live in Peace and according to our “FREE WILL” God and all his divine Assistants of his Angelic Realm may rush to our help – as we are all ONE and I – am here to call out my request for help to them … Save the Ranch and this family’s lives please … and as I heard from my Angelic Guides they have to receive a request from us for help in the first place – I herewith do it … I request help from you all for this Family’s case … taking their case and call instead of themselves … as we all are ONE … please I call up to everybody reading my comment here – just to do the same …. for the good outome for the ‘Bundys as we – just as well – could be them TOO ! please consider the words of Pastor Niemöller quoted here before … At first they came for the …. So let us call out and stand up against all this error and injustice …..here <3 !!! Marymerrymeet with love for the sake of us all <3

    • This is a constitutional matter.I agree 100% with the rancher.
      So lets not get off track with all the who owns what(indain mexican white or whatever )(always a race issue )This is about a out of control Government.
      We all need to make a stand somewhere and I really believe this a good example of the mafia Government saying you better give me a bigger cut.
      I don’t like Nevada but I would stand and fight with this Rancher on constitutional rights.We all need to make this stand.

    • Actually the reason the government gets away with crap like this isn’t because of ‘liberals’ or ‘conservatives’. It is because of people like you who want to divide and insult instead of banding together. It is “WE the people” not “we the people if you are: religious/conservative/liberal/white/black/Atheist/Christian/Muslim/Homosexual/Heterosexual/Transgender etc. You don’t have to like me, I don’t have to like you .. we don’t have to like everything the other represents or believes in. We just need to respect the others right to LIVE as long as it is not ACTUALLY hurting YOU. Homosexuality/mixed marriage/Atheism/religious folks.. -fill in the blank- do not ACTUALLY hurt YOU. They offend your sensibilities maybe.. they do not go hand in hand with your religion possibly, but that still doesn’t mean you get to regulate lives that are causing no harm.

      (by the way, I use ‘you’ as a general term, not specific here except the first sentence)

      If we can all agree on that, and agree to protect the ones in our society that can’t protect themselves from predators on them (not use them as the reason to restrict groups rights because you think they might be a bad influence) then we can work together and be a force to be reckoned with.

      However as long as you want to be divisive and abhor instead of embrace differences the government will win. Why? Because we are too damn busy fighting each other to be able to organize and be a true voice against the government when things like this occur. A battle might have been won here, but it will definitely not be how we win the war if one comes, when we sow hate and discontent so easily with each other.

  2. wtf we dont have anything to spend money on besides giving this man a hard time….i mean are they rounding the rattle snakes and other animals that are roaming this land…no because they dont have cash…

  3. Our government has become so corrupt that its a damn shame! This land has been in this mans family since the 1800’s and the government wants to take itvand his cattle and say he is trespassing? I dont support our government, president and hate the FEDS! He shouldve blasted every single one of them for coming on his land!! Government are the real terrorists and thieves in this country!!

  4. He says he owns the land but is willing to pay grazing rights, obviously that means he doesnt actually own the land.
    He the admits that access to PUBLIC lands gas been blocked and grazes his cattle on public lands without paying the grazing fees, he is therefore breaking the law.
    His cattle are graing on land that does not beling to him and the government siezes them, NOT steals them, he therefore gets what he deserves gor breaking the law.
    Show a deec that says the land is yours and you win your case fail to fo that and you lose.
    Pay your fees to graze on BLM land and you wont have your cattle seized, dont pay and you are breaking the law.

    • Actually the land is his land. Did you even read the article? His family has used, maintained and owned the land before the BLM even existed.

      • I used to own my neighbors land and then i sold it to them but i still mow (maintain) the yard for the little old lady that lives there now but that doesn’t mean that i still own it or can do with it what i will.
        He admits in the article that the land IS public (BLM) land, therefore it isn’t his anymore.
        Maybe his family once used or even owned the land but they don’t any longer.
        He thinks he can get away with free-grazing on public land, sorry charlie, no freebies here.

        • Wow looks like the Obamanites are out in full force tonight. Just because the BLM illegally seized his land doesn’t mean it’s their land.

          There’s a difference between your stupid analogy and what actually happen. HE NEVER SOLD HIS LAND TO THE BLM. They illegally seized it and then tried to charge him to use his own land.

          • I’m not sure it was ever his land. Sounds like it was in use by his family, but the government never sold it to them. They USED it. I get the feeling we’re only hearing one side, and the guy is a master at ginning up fear of the big bad government. There is another side here.

          • Technically, they are “Obamanations” not “Obamanites”. Know your kenyan.
            For the record, libs, ANYONE born in this hemisphere, in North, central or South America is a “native American”, not a few self-proclaimed people with aboriginal blood.

          • Obamanite here in full force, I can’t wait until all you baby boomers are dead and we can make this country great again.

          • And how is the ACA ‘free?’ The freebies were in use by the 30 million uninsured who used ERs for health care and we all paid for that. NOW people are expected to have policies that they pay for with premiums, which will cut the cost for all of us. You know, facts.

          • Exactly! No free grazing on PUBLIC land! My government, of the people, for the people and by the people, has set aside the land so my grandchild’s grandchild might have a few more animals in the world rather than squirrels, ‘possums and rats. This freeloader is a thief of public resources.

        • actually bill if you would open your ears and actually listen to the man he said he has sent money, multiple times to the COUNTY, and the county has sen the money back because they dont know what ta do with it. the blm hasnt always owned that land, it once was the countys. he refuses to pay the blm because of the bs regulations theyre trying to impose. and it is bullshit, this man takes care of the land, keeps it maintained to help prevent brushfires and so forth and now, over 20 years later they want to come in and do this? just goes ta show how stupid some agencies are!!! thisw ill probably be resolved in the manner they intend, and there will most likely be alot of bloodshed on both side and the final result will be all laid the blame on the bundy family, when in all actuaactualityit could been the complete opposite. the prayers, thoughts and support from my family go to the bundy family!!! eventually when all I taken from you, you will look back and wonder yourself how you could ever agree with such a communistic action such as this…..unless you yourself are part of the actual problem

          • Maybe the county should have just quietly forwarded the money to the BLM. Then none of this would have happened and the maniacs from both sides of the aisle would have to find some other story on which to post inane responses.

      • Yes I did read it. No, he does not own it. BLM does not manage private property. You do not pay to graze your own property- you pay to graze public lands- which is what this is about. One guy thinks he’s special, but really just law breaker.

    • He said they bought the grazing rights in the 1800s
      Hes willing to pay a yearly fee to the county but the federal gov was already paid. There is something seriously wrong here. Our southern border is hemorrhaging ILLEGAL aliens and the feds are worrying about bleeding more money out of this guy. Seriously? ! This is messed up!

      • He SAYS. Doesn’t sound much like he’s proved any of what he says.

        Hey. I took over the park next door. And they sent a cop to talk to me. And would you believe he was armed?

        Oh my God!!!!

        This is America. Everyone’s armed. And you don’t own something just because you say so. Or your great grand daddy was using it, but didn’t own it either. And your paying the wrong agency because you want to – and they won’t take your money, because they know they’re the wrong agency.

        Damnit. I own grazing rights in front of the Statue of Liberty. See – I sent a check to the NYC Parking Authority!

        Sure – just more welfare. Access to gov land instead of buying what your business needs or paying the private side fees. Which would be much more and not subsidized. Pay up ya deadbeat.

    • It’s amazing how people like Bill and damn near all of this country has no clue that we actually ahve a Constitutions.

      Wake up people. The BLM has no constitutional authority to claim ownership over anything. And this bullshit over “public land” is just that Bullshit. The government was never meant to have this much power.

      Really sad that Bill and people like him forget that We the People are supposed to be the ones who have the power.

      • The constitution is not the law. It is the basic founding principles that our laws are based upon. Just because isn’t isn’t spelled out in the constitution does not make it “unconstitutional”. BLM is the Bureau of Land Management, and they ARE legally in charge of PUBLIC land- land that is owned by the public- the opposite of private property.

        Every other rancher manages to accomplish their ranching without breaking laws, this idiot can too. He can’t have “Purchased rights” in the 1800’s because there was no BLM or equivalent back then. Who would he buy them from?? This man broke the law and is trying to use anti-government tea party bullshit as his excuse!

        • Ira, the Constitution IS the law. That’s all we’ve got. Anything not directly spelled out in the Constitution belongs to the states. Period.

    • Who can say that they really own property anymore? As long as you have to pay the govt for the right to keep what you already supposedly own (taxes)you do not own it at all. The crooked govts own it.. If you don’t pay them a fee for what is yours they will confiscate it. Your taxes are your lease. The property is no longer yours. This is not what the founders had in mind.

      • Jesus H Christophat. The government’s ability to tax is right there in the Constitution. It’s actually called the Taxing and Spending Clause. Which the Founders (trademark) kinda sorta hard a little bit to do with; dontcha think?

        “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence[note 1] and general Welfare of the United States”

        Your state constitution etc….
        Reading, it’s fundamental.

        • Kathleen,
          You are being a voice of reason here, it will not end well. On another note, if you were a man I might have begged you to marry me ;)

          Very well said.

    • then the governemnt owes his family money for all the improvements they have made to the land over 140 years.

  5. 1) Bill, Read then article then comment , it is better for people to think you are STUPID than to open your mouth and remove all doubt! 2) Kitten, The oldest remains found here in N.A. are of a white man in WA. State known as Kennewic Man. Why does the Gov’t feel it’s necessary to deploy snipers to round up cattle ? Snipers got them in trouble at Ruby Ridge.

    • Hey linda …..you really need to read your bible a little better and then meditate on what it really says before you comment the only ones going into the abyss are satan and his minions. People will die but then as john 5 28 &29 point out all will be resurrected to jugement the good will have life but the wicked will be destroyed . Not thrown into an abyss.

  6. I HATE BLM, I could not hate anyone more than BLM, except the Schools, colleges and Universities that are shoving their earth worshiping religion off on our kids as a science. My only comfort is that the prophecy states the Lord is going to come and kill them all and throw them into a dark abyss where they will be forgotten along with their gods forever.

    • Wow, that’s some loving God and religion you;re following there, Linda. Let me guess? Christian? And here I thought Jesus was all about love and forgiveness.

      • Sally, please read Luke 22:36, Jesus said: If he hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one. Could Jesus be about love, forgiveness and justice?

      • It does appear to have results that are verifiable and reproducible.

        Her hate and violence has little to do with how Christ spoke and acted. The ironic observation seems apt.

    • You clearly are a disturbed individual. Certainly not a christian. The teachings of Jesus Christ say the opposite of what you’ve written- but because you hate school so much, I suppose you are riddled with confusion. Jesus=Love. The vengeful god in the old testament was the Jewish god. I never thought it was a good idea to merge part of the Jewish Torah with the new testament- the teachings of Jesus were pretty much him contradicting the old testament. This is why people like Linda are so scared, angry and confused!

    • so.. ignoring your childish abrahamic tempur-tantrum there..

      Earth worshiping religion??

      I get that you hate education and therefore are assumedly rather uneducated yourself.. but, shouldn’t you know a little something about what you hate?

      and if you are so anti-everything that was not written in your antiquated old books.. how is it that you are using the internet? isn’t science supposed to be the “devil” to you people? aren’t you concerned about your webcam stealing your soul or something? shouldn’t you be busy procreating with your siblings so you can brainwash another generation of soft-headed kids to ignore reality and hold the rest of society back?

  7. Lord, God, Almighty, Please Protect and Bless this rancher and his family. If his cattle are being stolen, then Please Restore what has been stolen. Lord, God, Almighty, Please Stop the BLM and each government agent from tormenting this man and his family.

      • And God, if this man is breaking the laws of this democracy, let him realize the error of his ways so he may become a good citizen. If his cattle were stolen, let them be restored. If they were grazing on public land, let him understand why his crime demands the rod of justice.

    • Matt 6:5-7
      “When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you. And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words.

      • ….teacher what is the greatest commandment??…. the first commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself but the greatest commandment is to love your God with all your heart soul body and mind….

  8. I am reading, and half have it wrong and the other are trying to get it right, so here we go. The BLM is a surface management agency they are to record mining claims and are to manage public lands. That is it!
    So where have they gotten the right to enforce law? They Go by CFR’s which are codes, mere violations, not laws! I have been watching this story and it is funny because the county sheriff, which has supreme lawful authority in a county,says he can not do anything, Hmmmm? The sheriff needs to tell the BLM where they stand and get them out/ off of this guys back. This would however take a sheriff who takes his oath to the Constitution and to the people he serves serious!

  9. If this turns into another waco, I wonder if the American people will sit by idly and watch, as his family gets slaughtered… Just like they did at waco..

  10. If the BLM says someone was outside of the First Amendment area, does that mean they can dictate areas where the Constitution does not apply?

  11. Put a sombrero on those cattle and the fed’s will look the other way! Hypocrites and double speak. Those agents that carry out these “orders”, I hope they know what imperial scum they are!

  12. Yeah, so it’s not your land. Period. You have no documentation of ownership. Just because “you always have” is not justification for letting your cattle ruin the desert habitat. What you don’t seem to understand is just how destructive grazing cattle are in a DESERT. You have to be an IDIOT to think that’s a good idea! It’s not the govt’s fault you’re too dumb to figure out some other way to make a living. Letting cattle graze isn’t hard work. You are bringing this all on yourself. Stop whining like a little girl and find something else to do. Hating the government is the very definition of ANTI-AMERICAN.
    What is ANTI-AMERICAN? Treason.

    • Ira, there is a huge difference between dislike for big government and anti-American. Please get your facts straight before making such comments.

      P.S. This country has much more to be worried about then a desert that no one lives in.

  13. Actually Ira being small govt is the most patriotic thing you can do. Google some quotes from the founding fathers, they feared exactly what America has become.

    • The founding fathers created a democracy which has withstood the greatest threat of secession and treason. There is no king here. Our government is still of the people, for the people and by the people. If you don’t like our government vote or leave.

  14. Sheriff has the authority to arrest the federals for arrest the federals for theft. have them charged convicted of property theft felony and a long term for it a permanent cease and desist order, they bought the land from the govt in the 1880’s that is how it was done then, or the railroad which was given the right to sell it. This is just a property theft pure and simple, a federal government taking private property rights just because they can. so now we the people are on the hook for the total value of the cattle stolen, loss damage to his business interests, damage to his name false arrest of his child who is being detained without allowing him to contact his parents of legal means of defense….so now we have kidnapping charges too….which is a life sentence under federal law…so the director of the blm is on the hook for official malfeasance too and misuse of authority false arrest etc, time to send him to jail too. as for north Amricans having their property taken talk to the government not the land owner who has the right to be secure in is property from government interference, and refuse to follow the law they are sworn to support defend and protect.

    • Let’s accept your legal theory, for the sake of argument. That he hasn’t done so is pretty strong evidence that none of that is true – and the Jolly Rancher is the guy who’s – let’s be kind ans say shading the truth.

      If you park your truck on my front lawn don’t come crying if I have it towed and have your son who drove it there arrested for trespass if it’s the 100’th time I asked him not to do that.

      That’s just plain stupid. And if you threaten to escalate the matter – I’m sure as hell going to be packing.

    • Clark County Sheriff Gillespie is not doing the job the people are paying him for. He’s taking the easy way out, kissing up to the feds. I saw several earlier posts bout who the land belonged to originally and none seem to understand that it is not the feds. The federal government, by law, is restricted to the “federal zone”, the ten mile square District of Columbia, “and other land for needful installations, such as post offices, military bases, etc., which are to be obtained through agreements with the states.” They have no right to the millions of land they have usurped. This has nothing to do with endangered species, it is part of Agenda 21, which intends to force everyone into “designated population areas.” In other words, “the slaves quarters.” And, the article is incorrect in saying “BLM cowboys.” They are NOT cowboys. A real cowboy is an honorable man and stands up for freedom and justice. These guys are a bunch of low-life agents who just happen to wear hats and ride horses. When the real “round up” begins in America, we’ll see how they make out. Their dirty deeds will be taken into account. May God be with the Bundy’s.

  15. Am I the only one who noticed the creation of “Free Speech Zones”? this is an area where you are allow to exercise your First Amendment right and no other place? And now a turtle has more rights than a US Citizen.

    • The part about the vikings, polys,african,egyptian and Chinese was correct but the natives were already here who do you think they traded with.

  16. The government is not some obscure thing, it is us, the people. Legally, there is no difference between this guy and people who commit medicare fraud; they are both stealing from you and me.

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