Pentagon Making Military destroy $1 Billion in Ammo: Slashing Troop Levels in Favor of Homeland Security

As the government takeover over local and state police forces increases, the federal government seems to be ramping up their efforts to weaken the military.

This week a Pentagon report surfaced showing a federal government plan to destroy more than $1 billion worth of military ammunition. While the feds say tracking issues left them unable to determine whether almost 1.2 billion in stockpiled ammunition was still viable, with wars raging for over a decade now in the Middle East it’s highly unlikely that any of this ammo was sitting for very long.

Troubling cuts to troop levels, and the Theft of Military Equipment

While the Federal Government pumps billions of dollars into programs aimed at militarizing local and state police forces – all through the watchful eye of the Department of Homeland Security – they are at the same time planning massive cuts to our military forces.

The current Pentagon budget proposal will purge almost 80,000 army officers from the military, creating the smallest U.S. Army force since the 1940’s. They also plan to:

  • Eliminate the entire fleet of A-10 “warthogs”.
  • Retire at least 11 Navy cruisers.
  • Retire the George Washington aircraft carrier.
  • Eliminate the KC-10 tanker fleet.
  • Purge over 20,000 Marines from the military.
  • Force roughly 90,000 servicemen and women to seek civilian jobs.
  • Purge as many as 50,000 people from the Army Reserves and the Army National Guard

You really have to wonder who this administration sees as the enemy.

Militarized police forceMiliterized police force

As they seemingly try to destroy the military, they are at the same time pumping billions of dollars into Homeland Security operations, and siphoning billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment and battlefield gear into the hands of local and state law enforcement agencies. It’s almost as if they see the American people as the real threat.

MRAP for local law enforcment teams
The Federal Government just took over 13,000 of these Battlefield MRAPs from the U.S. Army and gave them away to local and state police forces throughout the Untied States.

With millions of dollars being spent to arm federal agencies that have no real law enforcement powers, and billions being spent on Fusion centers designed to spy on American citizens, it seems the federal government is shifting its eyes away from foreign threats and right towards the American public.

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  1. Honestly what does it matter, soldiers and police are much the same in my eyes. I don’t feel any safer knowing one or the other has the arms.

    • A BIG NEGATIVE!!!!Soldiers are totally different from the police. For one thing, they know discipline and what can happen if a soldier gets out of “line”. A police officer gets out of “line” and they can, at worst, lose their job and maybe face jail. A soldier violates the standards of the military, at least in the Army, he/she faces a possibility of hard time prison under UCMJ. A person can’t compare a military organization with a paramilitary organization that conforms to loose uniform standards and rules of conduct; they’re as different as day and night. There is no comparison. Another difference, at least when I was in, was a good NCO could be counted on to resolve attitude problems.

      • Are you serious my old time partner? We crossed the Moral Rubicon some years back with reneging on old international contracts and making Russia and China where the NATO Necklace. Somewhere along the line, the lines between Morality, Energy Resources, (or any resources we coveted) and Rothschild, Rockefeller’s Western Monetary System’s debt based fiat that fed the Military Industrial Complex got crossed. Just so you are aware, two weeks after the fall of Baghdad, JPMorgan Chase set up the Bank of Iraq and was forward selling oil contracts, and everything past that 9/11 event, (which had nothing to do with Iraq) has been a military disgrace moving forward. The Military should have called it quits after killing Osama in Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan. So go easy on “Some Guy” with your moral indignation. Peace Brother, we need it now.

      • I’ll have to partially disagree with what happens to a police officer that gets out of line.

        The police officer will get “paid” administrative leave and perhaps a higher paid position within the government….

        • In my city a cop plowed through a car with two completely innocent citizens going 90+ in a 45 and killed the girl in the passenger seat. No lights, no siren, no emergency even. The citizens of this county eventually paid her family a small six figure settlement (after completely demoralizing them in a courtroom though) and he got moved to the next county over to a higher paying position…

  2. One comment re: the article. Cutting the military down to the size it was prior to 1940 will have the same result: another Pearl Harbor. Obviously those who have made this decision have failed to read their history. “He who fails to learn the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.”

    • I really don’t think these two correlate at all. The world is not at war like it was right before Pearl Harbor. Honestly, I can see 9/11 as a second, similar event, but I am skeptical about a third event occurring. Stranger things have happened though.

      • Russia attacks the Ukraine
        North Korea attacks South Korea
        Iran attacks Israel
        China attacks Japan
        Pakistan attacks India

        Utopia doesn’t exist, and you’re asleep.

  3. The reason……. the us government intends on disarming america in accordance with the UN small arms treaty and don’t want any interference from the military. Because the have sworn to uphold the constitution.

    • the Military is sworn to uphold the constitution. Obamas National Defense Corps is sworn to “do good things.etc. No mention of upholding the constitution but rather follow orders. BIG difference. Hitler had the brown shirts. Mussoleni had the black shirts, Hugo Chaves had his, Obama will have the National Defense Corps.

  4. I can’t fly but I sure would like one of the A-10
    Warthogs. Just setting it in the front yard would be way cool!!!!!

  5. Just WHO is pulling these strings ?, is the senate this strong to actually shut down this country.

    • Who is pulling the Stings ? Who are the BIGGEST political contributors in D.C. ? AIPAC and the ADL ! The same ” Tribal ” members control the F.E.D. , I.M.F., World Bank , International Bank of Settlements , the MSM , Hollywood , Banks too BIG to Jail , Wall Street ! If you still do not understand …… Look up quote of , ” I care not who makes the laws , as long as I control a country’s money supply …… ! ” Next find out what country every wantta be politician grovels to before running for office !

  6. is the fed behind the fires? burn people off their land “Reclaim it” as govt.owned since you CAN”T live on it any more?

  7. Now we know who the real enemy of TPTB ! Exactly 100 years ago , the Russian Bolshevik Revolution took place . The SAME ” Tribal ” members that conducted and executed the Bolshevik Revolution are in charge of America today . During the Russian Bolshevik Revolution 40 to 50 MILLION Christians were murdered . Today , the Southern Poverty Law Center ( SPLC ) and the ADL have identified Christians , Veterans , and Constitutionalist as ” Terrorist ! ” History is repeating itself ?

  8. ALL surplus ammunition and materials should and must be sold as surplus to the American people at large as in years past. DEMAND that it is……………

    • Not a chance, that we have 5 years left, seeing the escalation, we will have numerous false flag events that start the FEMA CAMP and extermination that the Powers behind the throne desire, the only difference between the Current usurper administration and our government and the NAZI’s is ours will be more efficient at the same tasks. Keep Praying for intervention from the LORD… Through His power we can win the battle.

  9. This is Stage 3 of State Dept. Publication 7277, United Nations Programme “Freedom From War, In a Peaceful World.
    The Federal Government is controlled, completely by the UN. All “Wars” since WWII have been under the auspices of the UN, Not, Constitutional Declarations of War.
    If the US is to return to sovereign governmental under the Constitution, We will have to eradicate the UN and all who support it.

  10. One thing they are ignoring is those DHS and police members have family living among us in the communities. Retribution would be swift. And how many are actually going to obey orders to take down american citizens? Maybe 40% is the last estimate I saw. And gun owners outnumber them 100:1, not good odds. Someone will mention drone strikes. Okay you get 3 people maybe per $1million strike… not effective for hit and run guerrilla tactics where the targets are maybe a few people.


  12. Most of these “homeland (in) security” punks won’t last more than a year in the coming civil war.

  13. This Article is not promising. I am a former LEO, and left the occupation because of the politics and seeing how the occupation was ruining the Constitution and Bill of Rights. All Congressmen, Senators, Military Personnel, LEO’s all swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. Look at the Rate of Failure to do that. The Banksters, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbilt’s are pulling the strings like puppet masters while 95 to 98% of the world is sleeping. I have tried to wake people up for almost 1/2 of my life. Keep the powder dry and be ever vigilant and KEEP PRAYING for GOD’s Intervention. THE US Republic’s citizens better repent, only through the Greatness of the LORD, can we win this upcoming battle….

  14. This is a stealth politic-military strategy of Obama for the Muslim Brotherhood (Islam) easy takeover of America.

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