FEMA Activated Throughout U.S.: Trump Addresses Nation from FEMA HQ

FEMA  has been activated in every region at the highest level throughout the country. The announcement was made today by President Trump and Vice President Pence, along with their “coronavirus taskforce” during a live press conference at the FEMA headquarters which included video streams with governors from around the country.

Vice President Pence announced that all COVID-19 efforts would now be run through FEMA and that governors should all be coordinating with their regions FEMA coordinators.

During the conference, FEMA released a FACT SHEET on its website saying FEMA’s Regional Administrators have been delegated authority to approve requests for non-congregate sheltering for the duration of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declaration of a Public Health Emergency for COVID-19.

Full Press Conference at FEMA HQ:

The News conference comes after California Governor warned “We have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity to do that, WE CAN DO THAT,”

“Tens of thousands” of National Guard troops could be deployed in the U.S.

The head of the U.S. National Guard said on Thursday that he thinks tens of thousands of National Guard troops will eventually be involved in COVID-19 efforts to help deal with problems inside the United States. “It’s hard to tell what the exact requirement will be, but I’m expecting tens of thousands to be used inside the states as this grows,” General Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau said during a Pentagon press briefing.

As of Yesterday, more than 1,500 Guard personnel in 22 states were called to duty to fight the spread of COVID-19.

U.S. Virus Plan Predicts 18-Month Pandemic with Widespread Shortages

A federal government plan to fight COVID-19 warned policymakers last week that a pandemic “will last 18 months or longer” and could include “multiple waves,” resulting in widespread shortages that could strain consumers and the nation’s health care system.

The 100-page plan, dated Friday, the same day President Trump declared a national emergency, laid out a plan that could see agencies like FEMA given unprecedented powers and give the President powers to mobilize the private sector.

“Shortages of products may occur, impacting health care, emergency services, and other elements of critical infrastructure,” the plan warned. “This includes potentially critical shortages of diagnostics, medical supplies (including PPE and pharmaceuticals), and staffing in some locations.” P.P.E. refers to personal protective equipment.

The plan continued: “State and local governments, as well as critical infrastructure and communications channels, will be stressed and potentially less reliable. These stresses may also increase the challenges of getting updated messages and coordinating guidance to these jurisdictions directly.”

The plan, which was unclassified but marked “For Official Use Only // Not For Public Distribution or Release,” was shared with The New York Times

Prepare for Coronavirus Chaos

If you can, I would avoid stores for a while — especially the gun since we have heard reports that some of them are attracting the wrong crowds. If you need supplies try to order them online — if you can find them. Many retailers have started limiting even online orders, and Amazon is out of large amounts of grocery products. But if you can, I would see what you can find online and use services like Amazon PantryAmazon Fresh, Bulk Emergency Foods, or Amazon Grocery.

Coronavirus Preparedness Resources:

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book



  1. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings! Be prepared to defend yourself and protect your family. Expect the worst and pray for the best!

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