Fema buying emergency meals for possible New Madrid Earthquake

As a follow-up to last week’s story about the food shortages that are hitting the emergency food market, one of our sources sent news that FEMA has put out a Request for Information for Pre-Packaged Commercial Meals. The request was made in preparation for a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System.

The RFI asks for enough emergency food to feed 7 million survivors, which works out to about 14 million meals a day.

Does FEMA know something? Is the New Madrid Fault Line about to see some major activity soon?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, over 500 measurable earthquakes have happened in the New Madrid Fault System since September. What’s scary about this fault line is how deadly a massive quake in this area would be to the country.

Back in 2008, FEMA put out a report warning that a major earthquake in the New Madrid Zone could result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States.” FEMA predicts that a quake in that area would cause “widespread and catastrophic” damage in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

How bad would an earthquake in the area be? Check out what happened in 1811


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  1. also note: that they are also contracting for over 2 billon liters of bottled waterwater 14.2 million blankets
    temporary shelter that can be quickly assembled by unskilled labor
    bussing companies for transportation and reloacation
    large quantities of large breed dogs
    and the oil companies are moving mass amounts of fuel to the tank storage on the west side of the missisippi.
    hpa and hpc vaccines
    and looking for leasing of large storage buildings

  2. Maybe it would help if FEMA told the citizens in advance when they were going to fire up the quake, so they could relocate gradually to the camps instead of a crazy rush. Tesla would turn in his grave if he knew how his technology was being used.

  3. I guess it would make sense for a new madrid incident to initiate the martial law and actually use all of the supposed prisons and body bags and all that other shit they apperantly have stocked.

    There are two possiblities.

    The first:
    The day before the new zealand quake and the japanese quake, there were X-class CMEs released from the sun the day before. X-class is the highest class for CME ejections.
    Nasa put out a statement last year indicating we may see some electronic issues and what not due to activity of the sun.
    Its possible the government is expecting a natural disaster based on the behavoir patterns of the sun and its effect on earthquakes as it has been proven that CME’s can cause earthquakes (i think initially in the upper atmospher).

    The second possibility is that they are actually using tech like HAARP and such to cause the Madrid fault to manually initiate a disaster. I dont see exactly how this would help them really… you cant blame it on terrorists or anything but I guess you could put people in camps maybe and then force enoculate them, but I dont know who would stand for that after something so terrible just happened so logically its hard to se the goverment using this type of a disaster to getting one step closer to there ‘NWO’ but who knows.

  4. Excuse my stupidity, but why would HAARP want to cause an earthquake in the first place? The world is in end times now, why rush it or is this a government thing to suppress us more?
    Thanks for educating me!

  5. In response to Andre’s post… the U.S. has been under “martial law” since the 1800’s when Lincoln signed it into effect. To this day, IT HAS NOT BEEN LIFTED! We are still under martial law. Which means that the govt. can confiscate your property & monies at will. We The People NEED to wake up & see what our “wonderful” govt. is doing to us! Stand up & let’s take back our country, rights and FREEDOM!!!

  6. FEMA has also order 140 Million underwater body bags. Also, all the coffins that will hold 4 ppl with lids in storage in Georgia right now. The drill is May 16-20th. I live right outside of Memphis and all we can do is try our best to get ready for it. We’re under attack from our own gov. and the depopulation has already begun in Lousiana. Now. were next. Also look into the “Super Hwy”. It runs right along the Mississippi River. So lets get rid of that area for our super hwy. Humm. Sounds funny to me. Also check out Agenda 21. A bill set up specifically for depopulation that is already begun. I don’t trust anything anymore. I am just in survival mode at this point. When it all goes does, if we make it through the quake, I am heading east to my sisters. Be safe all.

  7. What do you think about the comet Elenin passing us by this fall. It’s suppose to get so close that don’t you think it will cause a lot of catastrophe for the earth?…The New Madrid Fault?

  8. In response to Cyma- I am really concerned about this myself. Half of my family is in Ripley, TN (a little northeast of Memphis) and they’re older so I worry for them. I hope that this is just a drill, but who knows with FEMA. They’re so full of baloney (or do I spell it bologna, lol). I think that taxpayers, all citizens for that matter have the right to know just why they are purchasing all of this emergency equipment, food, and water, after all we pay for it. I’m SOOOOOO sick of this government!!!!!!!

  9. if they already know that it is going to happen eventually at and they have the technology to cause it to happen and be prepared for it why wouldnt they do that. i heard that they have been preparing for this for about 2 years and they dont want to tell people because it will help the economy if this happens

  10. My thoughts are that if this happens it will take the focus off the falling value of the dollar. Thus when everyone looses their pants they can blame it on the quake. This is just what I have gathered from what I have seen and read. We live in St Louis area. Just wondering how my family can make it. I am just learning of all this and would like to know the best ways to prepare for a catastrophic event like this. Is there a site that can help give guidance for preparation of this sort. I have six boys and want to be as prepared as possible.

  11. Ok, I have a stupid question concerning recent events. If one draws a fairly straight line down the center of the fault and out into the Gulf, what’s on the other end.
    Where is the Coustou Expedition when you need them. All of a sudden, the BP thing is very quiet!

  12. I am scared to death lately… Ive had dreams and just an earring feeling! lol My wife and I have bought a closet full of Survival gear, and I have bought a handgun, 12 gauge, an AR-15, and another rifle. We hope to live through what ever is gonna happen? Peace be with you all! TY all for teaching me!

  13. I see both good and bad elements in all this speculation. I do tend to be a cynic, but this is frightening stuff…and I would do anything to protect my family. If there is something to all of this, then we need to organize and prepare at a larger level. The word needs to be spread to others in a way that will not frighten them unnecessarily or illicit disregard as “quackery”. Therefore comments and awareness raising should be level-headed and well researched. The most fruitful form of thought in this situation is planning. If and when the shit hits the fan, the first thing on everyone’s mind should be to rendezvous with family and loved ones at a pre-designated location. Aside from that, a communication network should be arranged to allow an organization of concerned citizens to keep in touch even if communication technology is compromised. I’m sure everyone has different talents and knowledge that will allow you to contribute to a cooperative effort. The more we prepare and stick together the better. What are your ideas?

  14. Well let me give you some food for thought. Remember the last major Japan Tsunami ? The military had ships out in the Pacific that same week before the Tsunami…for the purpose of practicing Tsunami drills. Coincidence ?

    I live in the New Madrid zone. I will tell you about our quakes here. Normally, they follow a pattern, that very much matches the pattern of tremors and the times they occurred back in the early 1800’s prior to the Big New Madrid Quake of 1812, which I believe to be much greater than a “9” BTW.

    Now this year, 2011, the usual pattern did not happen early in the year. It was very quiet and very still. (We get tons of tremors every year. Nothing new around here. How many people feel them in our County depends on where they live geologically speaking. (our family lives right on one of the fault cracks. I know that because what we have personally been through, and what I have felt and heard during tremors episodes). Since about mid-Spring until now, there have been 3 incidences of unusual tremors. The last one was what I call a very vertical tremor. It was straight up and down in movement and force. A very hard shake. (we had a short hard shake the day Chili got it that time they suffered so much too, before it hit Chili)

    Normally we have what I call horizontal tremors with the movement traveling horizontally along the ground rather than from deep down to straight up. (I am a layperson, so if there are professional terms for this I do not know them).

    But we had a really hard one just a short period ago, and it was unusual. It was recorded up in West Plains as being a 4.0 and that I have to agree on.

    Now I do believe all those war munitions over in the mid-east stirs up these type of things.

    We live in a very hazardous area from a geological perspective.
    An earthquake of sizable strength would destroy our bridges. We are totally dependent on bridges in our area, so we would be locked in by the 5 rivers that surround us. The rivers are the other part of the hazard, not just because of the need to get across, but because of the amount of water that may overcome the land here.

    You can tell FEMA to buy up boats and helicopters. That is what we would need. We will buy a blanket at Walmart if we need to once we get “to the dryer side”.

    Did you know that when the New Madrid Earthquake of 1812 hit, that both the bottom of the Mississippi River just north of Memphis and also the bottom of the St.Francis River, which was westward opened up and all the water poured into those openings in the earth ? Later on, one morning some settlers looked out their window and saw tree tops just above a huge amount of water (known as the sunken lands (Arkansas). I suspect it was the water from the opening that traveled southward, eroded the soil and worked upwards that created that effect.

    Anyway, there were around 26,000 Indians who all lived along the St. Francis River. When the bottom opened up in the river and the water poured in, the land on both sides also caved inward to the river. The Indians had been in their huts (on stilts etc) and were buried alive. Construction crews have unearthed bones a number of times working along the river.

    So don’t buy property along the St Francis !

  15. READ THE EXECUTIVE ORDER from the desk of President Bozo the Moron and his Cabinet of Evil Clowns Read HR#347 banning Freedom of speech.It as not televised or reported in the papers nor radio.It does not just ban photo jounalists from the White House Corport Congress Senateit is in effect and connected to gatherings lectuires and all protests not limmited too.TheConstitution are our rights for freedom not to be mapipulated or stepped on by a Soialist Totalitarian Dictator.

  16. Executive Order that changes our freedom of speech and to assemble HR#347.Read it and understand it I have had a legal team break it don or me and I am not happy and the president should be impeached or doing this and our oorrupt government needs to be cleaned out.

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