State of Emergency Just Declared in Ferguson: Rioters ‘Ready for War’

Ferguson has yet again descended into absolute chaos, after overnight looting, violence and shootings broke out throughout the city.

Gunfire erupted last night in three separate shootings, as gangs of violent criminals targeted city law enforcement who were gathered to keep the peace during the latest round of protests. St. Louis County police said that during one of the shootings one of the suspects involved opened fire on plainclothes detectives before being pursued and shot by the officers.

In a statement released Monday morning, St. Louis County police said the suspect was one of at least two people who exchanged gunfire at around 11:15 p.m. local time along West Florissant Avenue. Chief Jon Belmar said that between 40 and 50 shots were fired in an exchange that lasted approximately 45 seconds, an amount he described as “remarkable.”

Rioters say they are “Ready for War”

Shortly before the gunfire rang out, these criminals were caught on video chanting that they are“ready for war.”

State of Emergency Declared

St. Louis authorities declared the state of emergency Monday morning as they prepared for a second night of protests marking the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, the criminal whose death spawned last year’s protests and riots. The State of Emergency was announced by St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, who cited last night’s violence in Ferguson as the reason.

“The recent acts of violence will not be tolerated in a community that has worked so tirelessly over the last year to rebuild and become stronger,” Stenger said in a statement.

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    • NOPE not surprised at all, am glad I avoided Ferguson when attending a concert in STL though.

      Thank god I keep prepared and maintain SA just incase.. STL is crazy. ( can’t carry legally in STL currently.. so I use other methods of defense that are legal..)

  1. I’m an so tired of seeing the netherworld of our society in the limelight. If I were black I would be so ashamed of what is going on in Ferguson. Well, I’m not black, I’m white, and I’m just as ashamed of the Confederate Flag waving crowd. The two of you, white and black just can’t seem to understand that there are ill contrived emotions and violence on one hand and the 13th Amendment and Appomattox on the other. Well, the chains are gone black people, and white people, the war has been over for 150 years. My side lost: Big Deal! So why, oh why, can’t we just get along and keep easing the ball down the field and put some points on the board for everyone of all races colors and creeds. We can’t stay together by ripping each other apart! And when we tear apart there will be plenty of foreign powers to rush in for the spoils. Which, by the way, leaves us with nothing but each other. What then?!

    • What is “your side?” And why does anyone have to give up anything for there to be piece? You wouldn’t give into a child having a temper tantrum, would you?

      BTW, the ‘foreign powers’ is what are hoping that our society will “give up a little” for enhanced “peace”. You ever look at who is funding and influencing these groups of protesters?

      • I kinda figured, since my side lost you would know I was a Southerner (Georgian by birth). And no I wouldn’t give into a child throwing a temper tantrum. I am definitely not on the side of the street mongrels we see in Ferguson either. What is wish is that people would just grow up, get a job, a real life, and quit being up in arms about things in the past which no one can change. Michael Savage said it best, “Life sux, deal with it.”

      • Yes, I agree. We should “give up” a little for peace. Let me check with the Jews who “gave up” a little land for peace, and got thousands of rockets for it. How did that work out for THEM?

        Don’t you understand that you do not appease bullies and tyrants. For Gawd’s sake, read some history. You think of it as “compromise”, or “fairness”, THEY think of it as “weakness”–and push further and harder.

        Also, I suggest to you that waving a Confederate flag is not in the same class as waving an AK-47.

  2. Hell don’t let this shit stay in America. Here in Brazil this shooting criminal crap is everyday stuff and it sucks to live here.

  3. Hunk i see what you are saying, being from Alabama i was raised thinking one way, but after going to nam i learned we all bleed red and die the same,,hard.
    The wanna be’s in ferg and baltimore have no idea who is pulling thier strings. The race baiters do not want us to come together, they charge much money to show up and spill garbage and stir the pot.
    With so many people living off the govt the dems only want bigger govt so they can put more people on handouts.
    Remember we are all American and must do what is best for OUR COUNTRY.

  4. What is going to happe when the sane people move out of Fergason and leave it to the gangs?

    This is the reason I moved out of the California Bay Area 20 years ago. I’m happy in redneck land.

  5. Have you ever heard Chris Rock, the comedian, brilliant, funny, and poignant spokesman for sanity in the black community. His bit on how black people hate ni…….rs is hilarious in a tragic commentary on today’s black disenfranchised, whatever that means, bottom feeders. That chant “ready for war” was difficult for me to hear with the loud rumble of the military aircraft flying over my residence and shaking the walls around me. The coincidence led me to ponder the outcome if and when their is a real rebellion by black folks or for that matter white folks. First off. Ready for war with whom? Whites? As if white people aren’t already victims of the same oppression as everyone else. Brilliant thinking. Rioting helps the oppressor. It gives the tyrant the excuse needed to justify a response. Playing right into the hands of the enemies of freedom. If blacks, whites, or any group, or any individual is really serious about taking on the powers that be, start with the most powerful revolution, change yourself. It is the greatest fear of oppressors everywhere. When the slave empowers himself, he loves wisdom. The man or woman seeking and acquiring knowledge is the strength, the backbone of his people. The FOOLS running the street, threatening innocent people, aren’t ready for war. They aren’t ready to take out the garbage. Pick up a book. Find a cure for Cancer. The War on Cancer is raging. One in three women and one in two men will die from Cancer. There is something “real” for all you people who just want to KEEP IT REAL.

    • this whole large rant, only to veer way off into left field.

      and changing ourselves will do nothing to stop the powers that be, it would require an armed insurrection with blacks, whites, latinos and Asian’s in America viewing themselves as simply Americans and UNITING against the tyranny, but they keep us divided with propaganda in the media among other things.

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