Is a Major Financial Collapse Coming in 2012?

But are we really in recovery mode, or is the country in worse shape than we are being told?

For months now the Mainstream Media has been reporting how the Unemployment numbers keep dropping. In fact, this month they say it’s all the way down to 8.3%. But when you look at the real numbers of those who are unemployed the numbers tell an entirely different story.

88 Million Americans! – That’s the real number of people who are not employed and have stopped actively looking for a job. The number is at its highest levels since 1983, and completely debunks the 8.3% unemployment rate that the Government keeps repeating. When we look at the percentage of American Men who have left the workplace the numbers is even more alarming.

employment population ratio in men

Dependence on the Government to Survive

Food Stamps – U.S. food-stamp use has hit an all-time record high, according to the most recent numbers over 46.5 million Americans are now dependent on food stamps. The number of those on food stamps has jumped almost 50% since Obama became president and is expected to easily top 50 million by years end.

Government Dependence – It’s not just food stamps, according to a recent study by the Heritage Foundation; 67.3 million Americans now depend on Federal assistance in some way.

government dependent chart

Growing Number of States Preparing for Collapse of the U.S. Federal Government

From States who have tried to pass legislation in preparation for a collapse of the federal government, to the 13 states that are looking into offering an alternative currency, the writing seems to be on the wall….

Worried that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. dollar are on the brink of collapse, lawmakers from 13 states, including Minnesota, Tennessee, Iowa, South Carolina and Georgia, are seeking approval from their state governments to either issue their own alternative currency or explore it as an option. Just three years ago, only three states had similar proposals in place. CNN

Are you prepping for a Financial Collapse?

A number of prominent Financial Analysts are warning people to plan for an economic 9/11

A number of analysts, many of whom predicted the 2008 crisis, are starting to warn Americans to prepare for another financial crash. Trend forecaster Gerald Celente is advising people to buy a guns, gold and prepare for major riots in the next year. While, I don’t think anyone can predict exactly what’s to come, one thing seems almost inevitable. This country seems to be teetering on the edge of a major financial crisis like nothing we have seen before.

None of the problems that caused the crash of 2008 have been resolved, and since 2008 the country has only added to the problem.  With the U.S. Debt clock quickly approaching $15.5 trillion in debt, I don’t see how any rational person cannot see that there is major trouble ahead.



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  1. My husband put it on his facebook yesterday asking where is the gov. coming up with the unemployment numbers being low considering you can only draw unemployment benefits for a certain time length and then you can’t get it anymore. You are still not working but you can’t get benefits. And how can the politicians that are running for office guaranty job growth. What turnip truck do they think we all have fallen off of.

  2. Personally,from what I’ve seen and heard and read, the handwriting is on the wall. I think, if Israel attacks Iran, that will be match that lights the fuse to an Economic Collapse. Unfortunately, approximately only one or two in every ten Americans sees it. The rest, well ….ingnorance is bliss.

    • Unfortunately, what real news there is has to be put into proper context and judged against what little common sense there seems to be in the entertainment news media. Yes, all of the above comments are right on and deserve serious consideration. The main problem facing America and the “free” world as I see it, is that the majority of people only want entertainment and don’t want to be bothered by common sense, logic or the truth. Consider the number of folks who still try to get down chimneys and fry frozen turkeys … people who don’t watch the “news” and don’t care. I fear the number of those individuals is on the increase. Sad and very dangerous.

      • So sad but oh so true. It amazes me how little the people I talk to know about what’s going on. But if you ask them about a reality show they can tell you everyones name and everything about those people. World full of Zombies!!!

      • Thanx for the support.The frustrating thing ….it’s some of those “don’t care” people are those we care and friends that causes the grief. They refuse to even consider obtaining a weapon, ammunition, stockpiling food, fuel, water. The thing that really scares me is …what’s not in the news. There’s the old saying from school “knowledge is power.” I just have this feeling that when whatever happens happens, it will be like 1929: without warning.

        • Sometimes it’s very hard to wake family up and trust me, it’s beyond frustrating. Sadly, there comes a time you have to let them go in that regard and do what you can for yourself. Hang in there and stay safe.

          Semper Fi

  3. What do you suggest a person/family to start working on to be semi-prepared in a very short period of time? If the crumbling starts this year, obviously I will be in a very bad situation. I don’t have a lot of resources ($$) but know I need to do something.

  4. This is why we should never allow democrats especially communists in power they caused this financial collapse, the greeks failed and where next thanks to Obama and his dummys

    • Your just as bad as everyone else. Every single person in politics since 1913 is to blame just as much as obama (minus ron and rand and a few more). Get over it, politics is like WWE, they creat these people and sides and teams and blaa blaa blaa so people like you will go hay some one but Obama then they will go on doing the same things the you will say hay anyone but pres X then the next guy ect ect ect. dumbass.

      • Its followers like you, notyou, that scare everyone away from Ron Paul. He has some great ideas, but nobody wants to be associated with you and your mentalities. Your tactics are counter productive.

      • you got that right. we are wayyyy past the blame game. the PTB love to get the public arguing the blame game so they can distract us from the real criminals—them.

    • I think your’re making a big mistake in your statement. The problems we are having now, are neither a democrat or a republican problem. there is only one party in DC–it’s the republicrat party. both sides of the aisle are owned by the same groups. They like it when people argue politics, because it takes attention away from those who are actually the cause of the problems. both sides have had their chance to remedy the problem, and both sides have made it worse.
      As proof of what I say, just witness the recent passage of the NDAA. This abortion of our constitutional rights was passed in the senate on a 93-7 margin, in the middle of the night, with virtually no debate. This proves that both sides take their orders from the same people. ask yourself—when does ANY piece of legislation pass by that margin, much less one that changes your constitutional rights?? I’ll answer that one for you—NEVER!
      So get over the blame issue. we’re way past that now.

  5. The most frightening scenerio is the one depicted in the book Patriots re: the economy going to critical mass and the elections being suspended. Something to consider.

  6. I agree that an economic collapse is imminent. The G.W. Bush administration started a downward spiral through various mistakes through various mistakes they made, which Dr. Ron Paul eloquently pointed out in his book, “Liberty Defined”. But I don’t want to get into that here. I think the stock market is in the midst of a bubble that has simply lagged the real estate bubble, and its 13,000 valuation is unsustainable and without substance. But be careful. The “facts” presented in this article are doctored and are simply not true. I would suggest you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and look at the Employment/Population Ratio for yourself. I did, and found it looks nothing at all like the graph in this article. The E/P Ratio can be found here:
    Now select “More Formatting Options” on the right hand side of the page and select years 1950 through 2012. You will see that the ratio has NEVER been anywhere near 80%. It was around 55% in the 1950s. It climbed during the 70s (when more women started working outside the home) and peaked around 1998 (during the Clinton Admin) at almost 65%. It dropped during the last year of G.W. Bush’s admin (due to the real estate bubble collapse and financial system meltdown), and continued to drop during the first year of Obama’s admin. It stabilized at around 58% in early 2010, and has remained stable there for the past 2 years, at about the same level as the first year of the Reagan admin. The graph in this article is a fabrication, and I suspect the ones about “Americans Dependent on Gov.” are, too. They are attributed to the Heritage Foundation, which is about as reliable a source of statistics as a book by Dr. Seuss. So, yes, you should worry about our economy, the stock market is likely to melt down, and soon, but this article is an irresponsible distortion of facts. People, please stop listening to “experts” quoting “facts”. Go check the information for yourself. It isn’t that hard to do. You will be amazed at the results, and perhaps you will even be able to make better decisions at the polls. God knows we need some guidance there!

    • Hey Frank before you go ripping into someone about their data maybe you should check yours!!! You are comparing apples to oranges, your graph is total population (men and women) and the graph shown here is MEN only ages 16 and over. Go ahead I challenge you to into the website you provided and put in the series report number LNS12300001 and what do you see, THE GRAPH LISTED IN THIS ARTICLE!!!

    • Thanks Kloathis….

      And Frank, before you attack us and say that we doctored the numbers maybe you should actually look at the data before making allegations. You can see the original chart at

      It’s one thing to disagree with someone but to make allegations and attack us because the facts may not fit with your ideology or whatever you are trying to promote is pretty silly! If you choose to ignore the facts that’s up to you, but we will continue to present any information that we find that may help people prepare. Our main mission here at Off Grid Survival is Preparedness.

  7. Have you noticed all the Ads running on this website? Some of them get you to spend money on Knife, Guns, and Survival Foods? And have you noticed all the articles on this website talk about warning, collapse, and fear? When you read stuff like this, you live in fear, and you will loose your perspective, and you will lose more money by buying things you thought they will protect you. What you need to do is running away from website like this. And try to better and enrich your life by doing something for yourself that can earn you extra money and perhaps built a business for yourself and maybe one day you have more money and you no longer live in fear. Fear will bring your life down, and cause you to lose more money by buying knife, gun, and survival foods, you don’t need any of that.

    • Bob, with all due respect, you are truly misguided, without guns and knives we would not be a free people, which is what makes us [all] Americans.

      Live free or die

    • It’s called Insurance BOB… No different than any other type of insurance people buy. Do you go attack people who buy home insurance? Buying Preparedness Items is no different.

      If you actually looked at our website instead of attacking us you would see that we have done a number of articles on maintaining a positive mental attitude, getting out of debt, as well as not giving into fear. We also tell people that Knowledge is more important than any type of survival gear and advice people to stock up on knowledge not gear.

      If you choose not to be prepared that’s up to you. But to say that anyone on here is living is fear couldn’t be farther from the truth. I think most people who are prepared don’t live in fear for one reason…. They know if something bad happens, they will have everything they need to protect themselves and their families.

      I also think that most of us will be far better off in the future because we do pay attention to what’s going on. If you want to stick your head in the sand then go right ahead.

      • I agree with OGS, I have followed this website for the last year and have read practically every post on this site. I have read a lot of the comments left as well and I have to say that the people that take this seriously are not fearful. They are mostly independent thinkers that hope for the best and plan for the worst. The world is a dangerous place, and fear can either motivate you to survive or paralyze you to die. THAT choice is up to the person. Personally I prepare because I don’t live in fear.

    • Hey BOB! Try hooked on phonics before you write here. (you will loose your),(you thought they will protect you). Also, nobody asked you to 1. Read this blog and 2. give your two cents.

    • bob you are right on a few things but many.fear of what may come will help you to make good choices about your future. besides how can you know about survival tools and supplies if not for these ads?yes you should do everything you can to better yourself but sticking your head in the sand and not knowing what is going on is really stupid.when you do that it only leaves one thing sticking up in the air!!!

    • Great advice and I think I’ll take you up on it. Question is should I sell gold, canned goods, ammunition or Bibles? I hear this Web site has pretty low ad rates.

  8. Something is going to give sooner or later.I believe the powers that be are not looking out for any of us. How many times in the past have people been left to their own devices to protect and provide for their families. If you have faith in the corrupt washington elites coming to your rescue in the event of a financial collapse,then do nothing. I would rather have what i need and not need it than to need what i can no longer get

  9. Trust in the LORD for there is no protection from his arrival and that is what this all boils down to. The world is collapsing all around us so that we will see the warning signs that the end IS at hand and to turn to JESUS. HE is the only way.Time is ticking at a fast pace. Do you not see how time is flying? Do you not see the weather? Yes prepare yourselves, but make sure your soul is prepared mostly!

    • i agree it is all in Gods hands but i still do my prayers with a loaded gun handy.i trust everything in the Bible but it would make a very poor meal in hard times and a very poor defence against someone trying to end the lives of me or mine.equal time spent reading the Bible and prepping sounds like a better plan.

  10. We agree with “Survival Artist”, it’s better to be prepared for the worst and not have it materialize, than to have the worst happen and not be prepared at all

  11. Unfortunately it was predicted and made a sleeping pill of a movie. I watched the movie survival 1990. It tanked so bad I fell asleep until they started a shoot out scene. My advice is this more than 75 percent of the worlds pop can’t feed it self on what is around them. The worlds oceans are acidifying at an alarming rate. What will come will not be anything anyone can truly expect prepare for.

  12. Believe in the bible, get out of Debt, and help yourself and be prepared, and god will help you the rest of the way.


  13. I have been reading this stuff for months now and I consider it as educating myself instead of pretending all is well in my little part of the world. I know that people interested in their future and the future of their children will agree and disagree about where we are headed. I’m from Australia and I believe not only your government but my government and leaders all over the world are keeping the real truth from the people, perhaps they fear panic I dont know. I believe our so called leaders here also give out false employment figures and manage to influence powerful people who control the main stream media here. The only thing none of us know is when and how bad it will be. Many of us feel something big is coming down and all of us know that our standard of living is surely being stripped away due to unemployment,high energy cost, high taxes and inflation all round. These things can not be denied because we are all getting a taste of it everywhere. Stay Intouch with God, world events and be alert than if the signs appear to get worse than start to prepare. This is all we can do for ourselves, our children and our country. Wait and listen.

  14. The hand writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. People scoff & laugh at those of us who are preparing ourselves for the riots that are yet to come. I worked at a bank on 9/11 and although many banks closed their doors fearing a run, ours stayed open:however, no one was allowed to take more than $500.00 our of their accounts for 48 hrs. Those who no longer qualify for unemployment benefits, or those working part time are NOT included in the gov’t statistics. One of the best ways to help yourself is to get out of debt. We made a lot of sacrifices to pay off our credit card debts: then it was the mortage. It’s not easy: especially for those who’s homes are now worth a lot less than what they bought it for. I’ve heard far to many people say “we can’t afford to invest in a food pantry for an emergency”. Yes you can! When there are sales at grocery stores, throw an extra item into your basket. There is no doubt that the worst is yet to come. Can you imagine what will happen if it even looks like Obama won’t win? Imagine what will happen if he doesn’t win! He’s played the race card far too often & if it wasn’t Obama doing it, some other people and organizations have. For most of us, it’s about his policies and the continual need to be divisive. We’ve seen him time and time again skip over the legislative procedures and do whatever he wants to do. It’s time to prepare….and it’s never too late to start doing that today.

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