Florida High School Mass Shooting: 14+ Victims Multiple Kids Killed and Injured

Florida School Shooting

At least 17 people are dead and wounded after a gunman opened fire inside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said there were “numerous fatalities” but the exact is still unknown. At least 14 victims have been taken to local hospitals, the Broward Sheriff said, and the scene is still active.

Students report the shooting started shortly after a fire alarm was pulled at the school. CBS News is reporting that law enforcment sources tell them it looks like the shooter “pulled the school fire alarm causing chaos and then began shooting.”

CBS News obtained very disturbing cellphone video footage from inside the school as the shooting happened (warning: graphic content):

Students tweeted video from inside the school (warning: graphic content):

President Trump tweeted about the attack:

The suspected shooter, identified as 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz (Nicolas de Jesus Cruz), has been apprehended by Broward County police. Sources report that the suspect is believed to be a former student at the school.

Facebook and Instagram have already pulled the suspected shooters social media profiles because we live in an era where the truth is not important, only the political agenda they want to push after the event. Like how the mainstream media tried to sell the narrative that this shooter was a white male and only reported on part of his name because the full name “Nicolas de Jesus Cruz” obviously doesn’t fit their agenda.

I guess it’s kind of hard to push the “white NRA guy” theme if they report on his real name or allow his social media profiles to remain public.

As usual, Democrats immediately jumped on the tragedy and pushed the lie that this only happens in America because of the second amendment. Sen. Chris Murphy took to the Senate floor claiming gun violence only happens in America.

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  1. This tragedy crosses all boundaries and impacts the lives of everyone. Regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or political ideology, this is a problem that we must all put aside our differences and work together to solve our nation’s problems

    • Then why did you just politicize your own advocacy by using only your favored select differences you want others to sccept?

  2. I’d love to hear weather it was an illegal or not, on drugs or not
    or possibly a gang hit? probably not a hit.

    former student, so either expelled or quit on his own.

    My guess is mexican, stolen gun, on meds or something and an illegal that was previously expelled for violence.

  3. I live in Florida and I say it’s time to train some of our teachers in fire arms so that we can protect our kids. They do it in Texas let’s do it in every state. These cowards target soft targets.

  4. considering the frequency of these things happening, there is a move larger and darker side moving behind the picture the MSM shows, there has to be, this kid was taken in by a family BEFORE the shooting happened.

    the fact most lately have been influential teens, makes me wonder, does the government have a lot of puppets? and do they use them to influence these kids to do these tragedies to push their agenda?

    i wouldn’t doubt it at thsi point, it’s like KGB psy-ops at the next level.

  5. They probably take accounts down to take in evidence before the public floods it. Families of attacker more often want them taken them down for privacy.

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