Was a Former Marine Arrested by the F.B.I. for His Facebook & Blog Posts?

flag founding fathersAccording to a report over at dont-tread-on.me, one of their contributing writers was taken into custody late last night after his home was raided by The Police, FBI and Secret Service.

Brandon Raub, a former Marine and contributor to the Don’t Tread on Me Blog, was taken into custody and is now being held at the John Randolph Mental Hospital. His mother, who spoke to the blog, suggested that her son may have been arrested for a series of Facebook and blog posts where he talked about being prepared for a coming revolution.

Brandon Raub was part of a grassroots Liberty Movement in Richmond, Virginia. In one of his blog postings he said his group stood for: Personal Freedoms, Respect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution, and Sound Money.

His mother says she was told by the F.B.I. that they believed her son was making Facebook postings that were “terrorist in nature”. She says that “they showed up inquiring about his postings on Facebook, and then they just took him away.

Here is A Video Interview with his Mother from the Don’t Tread on Me Site:

A couple of months ago we warned that the F.B.I. considered anyone who questions the government to be a potential terrorist. In fact, they even held a Press Conference where they warned law enforcement agencies across the country about the growing threat of so-called “Anti-government extremists” who believe in personal responsibility and oppose taxes and government regulations.

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  1. This is ridiculous!!

    We are going to hell in a hand basket and there is nothing we can do about it!

    God have mercy on us!

    • Going to hell in a hand basket….You better check again I think we just rang the door bell!! It saddens and sickens me the plight of our country and I’m afraid we are so far gone now there is no reversing it.

      • john, you are an idiot good sir. Romney is a charismatic puppet and Ryan is nothing more than a well made ventriloquist dummy.

        You want to make a difference in the polls, a change to the government and one for the better?

        Vote Ron Paul 2012 and make a difference that will matter.

  2. Clearly we only have one side of the story, but this is still upsetting. The “terroristic language” claims are the most alarming. Whether the details of this story have been reported factually or not, we have a real problem with how any speech can be called “terroristic” or “hate speech” in order to bypass a citizen’s rights.

    • Your correct Runner there are two sides, now if you go to the website that he contributes for like I did folks will see that he had more comments than just in this article and what the mother is saying. The young man posted comments like “sharpening my ax, ready to severe heads.” Also having more aggressive in nature posts about going off to a revolution on his own and that is most likely why he was picked up.

      Moral of the story is…….Stop posting things on places like FB where you know that the Government is watching it. I feel the same way this Marine does but I don’t go spewing it all over the internet so the FBI can knock on my door too. I just stay well informed and aware to prepare. I’m preparing for the collapse and now the Marine can’t because he shot off at the mouth where he shouldn’t have.

        • He just performed his free speech on a site that is looked at all day by the Feds, so yeh he should have learned that posting things that can be taken as a threat than yes your inviting those lower than life humans into your life. I hate the Government like a majority of individuals but I don’t spew the stuff that he did. Basically I’m sure he was fed up with the way things are and he had a major outburst and now we will see what he will be charged with tomorrow.

  3. the government is messed up i will continue to speak my opinion and encourage people to do so as well. united we stand divided we fall.

  4. It amazing to me that people can form opinions with out any facts. We don’t know why or if he was arrested or taken for evaluation. We don’t know what he wrote, if anything. Yet people will still make a decision and pick a side. I think thats why or political system is the way it is.

  5. These guys are getting all worked up about what the media is feeding them…whilst flying the flag of freedom. He is being evaluated – and I would do it too after reading his posts. If these posts would have been made public AFTER he shot up a building, killing many,….people would have been screaming about why someone didn’t do something or see the signs. So…if the posts are discovered BEFORE any potential situation, they scream “free speech”!

    • Finally someone that looked him up on FB I do not agree with what is going on with our Government but…If you put yourself out there like he done ….everyone of his post were about Revolution, I for one will keep my mouth shut ………I am a Survivor

      • lets see who also spoke about revolution. george washington, benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson, john adams just to name a few. these were the good guys.
        in fact obama keeps saying redistribute the wealth. this is the communist talking points for revolution. these are the bad guys.
        obama’s administration told law enforcement not to arrest some of the anarchist occupy wall street protesters. they were screaming revolution and anarchy. i don’t believe any of these anarchist wall street people were ever detained as terrorists. i guess left wing terrorism doesn’t count. in fact obama will not even use the word terrorist for radical muslims or left wing hate groups. i guess we conservatives are just special.

  6. when it comes time and your rights are taken. and you can no longer worship the god you believe in and you cant listen to certain music all because the government says so dont ask those who prepared for help. since you believe we are all worked up for nothing. united we stand divided we fall.

  7. It has begun. With election time so close, President Obama is not finding it necessary to hide his actions any longer. The powers that be have placed a jackass in opposition of Obama that could never win. The awakening is indeed coming to the masses. As america wakes up it is getting angry. In order to stem this, Obama has passed the NDAA allowing them to detain anyone for practically anything they feel like arresting them for. I would be surprised if Brandon Raub ever sees light again. The government will now take out everyone that they feel is a threat to the current administrations dictatorship. About a month ago, President Obama also seized control of all forms of communication in the country. This includes phone calls, emails, fax, and all internet communication. Weren’t you wondering how the FBI knew what he was even saying to his FRIENDS on Facebook? He has privacy settings on after all… It is time to guard what you say with your life. Time to only speak to those you TRUST. There is an awakening and it isn’t necessarily an organization. It is a realization. The realization that we are controlled and our voice doesn’t matter. The realization that our government has taken such control over our laws that they are breaking constitutional rights with their “laws” they pass daily. Don’t try to find me, I’m everywhere. I’m the unspoken thoughts that everyone fears to speak because of things like what happened to Brandon Raub. United we stand, divided we fall indeed. We’re all in this together. And if you’re not in this, you are ignorant to your surroundings; go watch some more “reality” TV… Do not forgive, Do not forget. Remember these atrocities because this is not the Matrix, it’s real life.

    • I am honored that there is another patriot among us people who is not afraid to speak the truth. united we stand together we fall.

  8. I’m starting to believe that the real domestic terrorists are the federal government. When a person can be removed from his home and placed in a mental hospital because the government doesn’t like what he is talking about. Reminds me of the cold war era.

  9. Here is a fun fact for all of you:
    You can be detained for 72 hours by any police agency with out charge after 72 hours you must be charged or let go, you can be detained longer with psychiatric evaluation if they determine you are a threat to yourself or others.

    • here’s an even more “fun” fact. if homeland security says you’re a terrorist, you can be held indefinitely without a trial. sound to bizarre to be true. it is bizarre but it is true.

  10. Let us not forget that many of our conrads brothers mothers and families have died so that we can have these liberties to speak what we feel and the government is trying to take that from us. how can they violate our rights like FREEDOM OF SPEECH when our for fathers shed thier blood sweat and tears for this country? united we stand divided we fall.

  11. read what homeland security’s definition of someone who is a right wing extremist. they’re “divided into those groups, movements and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of religious, radical or other ethnic groups) and those who are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. it may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”
    this also singles out veterans saying, “returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right wing terrorists.”
    also included was a statement telling law enforcement to watch out for suspicious individuals who may have bumper stickers for third party political candidates. (reference worldnetdaily exclusive:homeland security on guard for right wing terrorists-4/12/2009)
    obama signed an order stating americans who are considered terrorists can be detained without a trial indefinitely.

    this definition is so vague and broad anyone could be considered a right wing terrorist. so if i complain about the government, believe in states rights, don’t believe in abortions, if i’m critical of the immigration policies, if i’m critical of radical muslims and have an anti obama bumper sticker, i could be considered a right wing terrorist.
    it sounds like this veteran is a political prisoner. i never thought i’d see this in america. and in an abc television interview obama said he and michelle attended flag burning ceremonies. sounds pretty unamerican and maybe even something a terrorist would do.

    i will continue to voice my opinion and savor my freedom of speech while the government is trying to take it away. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • PATRIOT act was Bush. Not Obama. Direct your misinformed hate at all the guilty parties. Obama signed a law that was already in place and common practice prior to him coming into office.

      Also, plain and simple: this guy is f*cking crazy. You can take one look at him and tell he was about to become the next active shooter, let alone the tinfoil-hat-worthy baloney he has been spewing on public websites. Seriously…these people are the true threat to american gun rights. Both sides need to advocate the aggressive identification and detention of these nutbars, because they will be the fuel for the gun control fire. If we can reduce senseless gun violence, then the far left will stop screaming that people shouldn’t have any guns. I for one am not crazy, have no extremist ties and am not a criminal. If you want me to go through extra steps to own a gun, Bring it on if it keeps them out of the hands of the crazy f*ckers that are the true threat to my right to bear arms. I have nothing to hide, and I’m fully aware that GUNS CAN BE USED TO KILL PEOPLE AND IT’S A BIG RESPONSIBILITY TO OWN ONE.

      I’m happy to see another extremist taken off the streets giving a bad name to credible, sane gun owners that think before they speak.

      Beyond that, free speech has a line. If you’re threatening people’s lives in a public forum….you at least need to be brought in for questioning. Don’t spread hate, don’t talk about/openly threaten mass murder, and don’t wish for a revolution. These people make me sick.

      Extreme lefties hold protests and show off the fact that they are lazy worthless hippies. Extreme Righties blow shit up and kill people. Plenty of evidence to support this. If you don’t include 9/11, right wing extremists are the number one in body count from acts of domestic terrorism. They outnumber muslim extremists over 10:1. That’s good reason to perk one’s ears when you’re charged with protecting the security of our nation and you hear someone that is very likely mentally disturbed talking about staging a revolution.

      • So you are saying that the left wing protests are not violent? I think you are a little dishonest with your assessment there. Per capita, contemtporary American right wingers are far less violent than most other factions, they just get more pub that is all.

        The black panthers were posting bounties for crying out loud and absolutely NOTHING happened to them…Where is their psych eval?

        • Of course that’s not what I’m saying. Crazy people believe all kinds of different things. But the extreme right is more prone to violence, that is a statistical fact, aside from the fact that most extreme left people don’t own or want anything to do with weapons. White supremacist groups have been identified as the largest threat of domestic terrorism for a very long time.

          For further reading about the statistics and evidence from the largest study ever conducted on the subject, see here


          But since you probably won’t read it and even if you do, you’ll fail to read it objectively and claim that the DHS is a liberal think tank thats hell bent on destroying your freedom, also consider that the majority of the stuff that they are claiming, white supremecist groups are currently warning they plan to do.

          Heck, even the nutbar judge in texas has come out and said he believes there will be a civil war if Obama is reelected and the state needs to assemble a militia to “fight the UN troops Obama will send in to fight the uprising”

          Crazy people can’t even be reasoned with.

          • WOW dude you watch way to much MSNBC/FOX/CNN Propaganda.

            The Extreme Right is more prone to violence? You do realize that the last 2 mass shooters were diehard left wingers right?

            Stop buying into what they’re selling you! AND YES DHS IS A LIBERAL THINK TANK Actually I would describe them more as a hategroup!

            LIBERALS (aka Crazy people) CAN’T EVEN BE REASONED WITH!

          • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

            You’re right. The media and reality have a clear liberal bias.

            What are you basing your comment “the last 2 mass shooters were die hard left wingers” on? The guy that shot up the Sikh Temple was a neo-nazi, you don’t get much further right than that. The kid that shot up the theater in colorado, not a whole lot has been said about his political leanings because they clearly were not remotely part of his motive for the shooting, so I think you’re looking at a stretch there. And the fact that people on the far left are typically proponents of gun control, one could reasonably deduce that not many of them own guns.

            Virtually all major attacks the world over are perpetrated by far right, conservative, and/or religious extremists. 9/11, OK City, sarin gas attack in tokyo, 83 barracks bombing in beirut, the mumbai hotel shooting, virtually anything done by al qaida, the bath school bombing, 1920 Wall street bombing, the fort hood shooting, Luby’s massacre, and the San Ysidro McDonalds massacre (A good lesson on why extreme preppers can be red flags)

            There is substantial evidence to support a fear of the extreme right and religious zealots. They’re armed, they hate everything and live in a fantasy world where their “god given rights” are constantly under duress. Worse still, rather than utilize the system in place to affect change, the far extremists chose violence to send their message.

            If you’re dumb enough to post your demented ramblings on a public forum, you deserve to be held accountable for them.

          • Oh, so obama’s bffl, who blew up the buildings and got off scott free, don’t count as nuts that need to be taken off the street before they do it again, or teach about how to do it?

            Lefties just get away with their heinous crimes.
            How many jihadists are being picked up because of the postings? If this mess was not so one sided, the little man in Killeen would not have succeeded. The gubmit puts on blinders when it is a lefty spouting off violent rants, that is why the statistics are skewed.

  12. The 2012 Military budget included a paragraph that allowed for detention of persons who commited “BELIGERENT ACTS”. Of course, the Feds get to define “BELIGERENT.

  13. Husane osama. oops i ment obama husane. will continue to try to take our rights however I for one WILL NOT BE SILENCED AND ETHER SHOULD YOU FOR WE CAN AND WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR!!! i remember the blood sweat tears and the lives lost. they can call me a terrorist or an enemy if you choose to do so. BUT I AM A PATRIOT AND SO IS EVERYONE ELSE THAT SPEAKS UP AND STANDS FOR OUR RIGHTS!!! UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. they cant throw everyone in jail. cause then they wont have anyone to control.

    • What rights have you given up since Obama has come into office. You personally. Just curious. I’m not defending him, but make rational arguments.

        – The Right to a trail under the NDAA
        – Lost 4th Amendment Rights; Obama Admin pushes for and defends use of GPS devices to monitor citizens without obtaining a court order or review
        – The Right to keep the government out of my healthcare decisions.
        – Continuation of Rights we lost under Bush
        – Continuation of Patriot Act
        – Lost the Right to Succeed without being taxed for my success
        – Loss of Privacy: Department of Homeland Security actively monitoring social networks
        – Making every citizen pay for contraception
        – Not closing Guantanamo Bay as promised
        – His takeover of the oceans and waterways
        – Shredded property rights

        • NDAA- This is just reiterating power already granted by the Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by Congress shortly after 9/11, so you didn’t have this right before Obama came into office. PLus, it’s yet to be used, and until it does we won’t know how the ruling shakes out but very likely the constitutional rights of US citizens will trump this. It doesn’t guarantee anything, the issue is that the language is too ambiguous. Plus this law is still under appeal and very likely will be dropped or totally rewritten next year. Last but not least, if you oppose this outright, you’re saying that terrorists deserve a full trial and have all the same rights granted to US citizens.

          GPS – part of patriot act, standard set by bush, and warrantless GPS tracking was taken down by the Supreme Court in Jan, so you haven’t lost that right

          Healthcare – They aren’t in your healthcare decisions unless you didn’t already get healthcare from work, and the mandatory provision was a republican idea. Not to mention your rights are more encroached by uninsured persons receiving medical care and not paying, as you’re the one ultimately footing the bill for their irresponsibility

          Continuation of rights lost under bush – Then they haven’t been lost since Obama came into office

          Continuation of Patriot Act – See above

          Lost the right to succeed – You wouldn’t have the chance to succeed in america without the things taxes pay for. Taxes aren’t punishment…..Know what? F*ck it. Haha. This is stupid political rhetoric and I’m not even acknowledging it.

          Loss of privacy – Social networks aren’t private. It’s a public forum, just like this is. You should be held accountable for things you say in a public forum.

          Making Every Citizen pay for contraception = more political rhetoric. You’re also paying for other people accidentally burning their house down or to keep other people from speeding. Once you pay your taxes, that’s not your money anymore. Also, this isn’t new under obama

          Not Closing Gitmo – Very likely has nothing to do with your rights, and again, not new under obama (though I agree lets close it)

          Takeover of oceans and waterways – What?

          Shredded property rights…..What?

          Any more? Please…Be specific. I want to know what you can’t do now that you did 4 years ago.

          • I wouldn’t say Obama has instantly taken rights away from the american people but he is part of a long term erosion of constitutional rights. Just like his predecessors, Woodrow Wilson (thought/wrote constituion outdated, wanted strong central fed gov, hated seperation of powers, used WWI to forward progressive ideals, jailed thousands of americans), FDR (Used FBI to spy in critics, detained thousans of americans, used crisis to forward progressive ideals, New Deal, disliked seperation of powers). Now Obama may not have done everything that i have stated by the previous examples but he has the same basic views. If voted for a second term then only time will tell if he repeats history and continue to reduce constitutional power and give the presidency more and more power.

            I suggest people to read on the people that Obama idols and see for themselves.

            I also dislike big goverment republicans who also erode the constitution.

  14. Stupid Americans, soon you will have your Stalin and their camps. You talked too much about democracy and finally lost it in his own country. For you to buy another 750 million rounds of ammunition. We Russian, will not even have to fight with you, you peregryzet throat each other.

  15. We got to get rid of the wall street market system and return to localy owned
    owed business. and being our factories back to this country, to restore our
    Blue collar way of life. we have to return to being builders and makers not being
    collage airheads

  16. Thank you to all who support my opinion and stand up for our right to freedom of speech united we stand divided we fall

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