FOX Policy Bans all Firearms Advertisements

It seems the so called Fair and Balanced Fox Network, that some consider to be the beacon of conservatism, might not be that conservative after all.

In a report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry —  the NSSF learned that the FOX network had banned advertisements featuring firearms and ammunition from its coverage of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events.

In a letter to the FOX network, the NSSF appealed to FOX asking them to lift the ban on firearms advertisements. The network responded with a letter confirming its anti-gun / anti-hunting policy, and also admitted that the policy extended to all of its National and Cable Broadcasts.

NSSF in a statement said:

FOX’s decision to ban advertisements for lawful products owned by more than 80 million Americans is nothing more than corporate gun control – and it is certainly not “fair and balanced.” They asked for the public to contact the FOX Network and to “Make sure your voice is heard.”

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  1. Not really a shocker I have always known that this network was a wolf in sheeps clothing designed to suck in conservatives and warp the minds of the public. They in my opinion are even worse than MSNBC who I hate.

    Imposters!!! I say we ban FOX just like they baned guns and real conservatives like Michael Savage long ago.

    • Right no the money Molon, just remember how O’Reilly, and Hannity and the rest of the Faux news reporters ridicule and demean “birthers” “truthers” and Ron Paul supporters on a daily basis. Just keep alerting your friends and family as the truth is going to come out soon.

  2. See how fair and balanced they are? They have always been to the far right and so far to the right like dictators past how can they control the blind that think the lefties are the only ones for gun control. Papa Bush pushed the first assault weapons bill, “W” could have repealed the Clinton 10 round capacity manufacturing/import law but didn’t. Its not about politics its about power over the sheeple.

  3. My local library has a program in its computers used by the public to prevent access to firearms sites. When a person tries to access a website an “Firearms Access Denied” That means I can’t price weapons or ammunition. I have to wait until I get home before I can. It was taxpayers’ money that was used to do this.

    • This is sicking. What ever happened to “FREE AMERICA?”. I’m suggesting to most people to buy up as many weapons and ammo as you can NOW. The price of ammo in MN is redicules. Even the price of guns has gone up. I had heard a rumur that the gvmt was going to limit the quanity of ammo a person can posess. Get your CCW(Carry &conceal); ya it’s a little paper work and cash. Check with your local Law Enforcement agency. A lot of states are shall issue, some are may issue.

  4. cool….a ban on all gun related material…yea buddy ..that mean NO MORE lawenforcement reports in the news…….I like this… more obama…its all banned right…

  5. That does it for me. No more watching Fox Network if they intend to ban advertising on firearms and ammunition. Just another form of mind control from the liberal front.

  6. OK FOX Really.. YOu are going down the tubes real fast.. Soros hiring??? Now a ban on guns??? The only reason I keep watching is Hannity!!! You will soon be one lesser viewer if you keep this crap up!! I will not be bought and sold used goods.. I will always stand by the constitution!!!

  7. I’m done with fox in sheep’s clothing as of now – even if public opinion could somehow sway them back to a more tolerant, fair & balanced position… and those of you drooling over santorum beware: he’s an anti-gunner as well and romney is no better – just look at nazichussettes…

  8. they took freedom watch from us,now weapon control. wonder what is in store next? mabe move farther of fair and balanced??

  9. What an odd thing to do! This country has a problem with prescription drug abuse but they have no problem advertising prescription drugs. This country has a problem with alcohol abuse and drunk driving and yet Fox has no problem advertising alcohol. May the current dictatorial administration is behind this? Nah, they wouldn’t do that would they?

  10. Consider the source. Television is the Sheppard of idiots; it speaks to the ignorant masses, and entertains the buffoons. Monkey see…monkey do. It is past time that we think for ourselves; only the foolish can be swayed by the pretty flashing box, so don’t be foolish. Get rid of your box! Corporations want all of us to become like Jersey Shore cast members. They want us to be stupid, and loose with our money, and minds. As a matter of fact, I recommend buying a firearm, and unloading it on that television box ASAP.

  11. You peeps must be drinking liberal cool aid…since when have you ever since a gun commercial on TV? Any air time for 9mm discounts or buy 1 box of Remington shotgun shells and get the second for half price…

  12. I no longer watch anything on FOX. They have become another cog in the MSM propagandist media. Why do you thing Glenn left?

  13. FOX has never been significantly different than other mainstream media outlets. I stopped watching ten years ago.

  14. After reading the article and seeing the different replies, I knew I was correct in disconnecting from any paid TV service, which we did about 5 years ago. Always felt that television was time spent that could not be recovered. If we want, we have DVD’s and that’s fine for us. One is better off thinking for themselves, for if a person thinks so or not, TV has a way of eliminating a persons ability to think and be fed what ever the media feels you need. The truth and what is going on in the world can be read in the Scriptures. It’s real and it’s true. Enough said.

  15. The hell with Fox and its stations. I will no longer be watching the sheep in wolfs clothing. I now will start watching the sportsman channel a whole lot more.

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