You’re not Free… You’re a Slave to the System

The America you once knew is gone; it’s been replaced by a system that has grown so powerful that most people don’t even realize they’ve become enslaved.

Across the country, at all levels of government – both local and federal, we find ourselves in the middle of a system that has grown completely out of control. We have literally become slaves to the system – willing to do anything they say without question, and without even knowing that something is off.

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We no longer enjoy the freedoms that were once guaranteed to us by our Constitution, the ones endowed to us by our creator.  Most people in this country live under the illusion of freedom, but in my opinion, it’s just that an illusion.

The illusion has been sold to us over the last 60 years in the form of free love, liberal policies and some sick twisted Hollywood vision of what it means to be an American. Most Americans sit watching their reality T.V., watching their internet Porn, and smoking their legalized pot screaming about how free they are. Yet the louder they scream, the more repressed we all become.

You’ve been sold a fake bill of goods!

You’re not free; you’re a slave to the system! We have a country where 70% of the public now relies on at least one prescription drug to function; where half of the country admits they would die within two weeks without electricity, and where 50% of our population now relies on at least one government handout to live.

As long as their reality T.V. is still on and the have access to naked women on the internet, everything seems just fine. After all, they’re free, right?

reality tv

While you were looking the other way – enjoying your freedom….

In the middle of all your freedom, the government was hard at work ensuring you would have more of that freedom. Over the last decade, they have managed to pass the Patriot Act, the NDAA, executive orders for Martial Law, and take over even the smallest local governments through organizations like The National League of Cities and their affiliated state Municipal Leagues.

While they were busy passing all of these unconstitutional orders, they also managed to use your hard-earned money to secure billions of rounds of ammunition for made up federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, launch whole fleets of unmanned drones to spy on American Citizens, and build fusion centers across America to spy on the public.

But don’t worry, you’re free…..

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  1. So so true. There’s a reason that Internet pornography, the pornography on TV , and the sexification of our youth is being pushed on the masses. It’s dumbed them down into believing that having access to,filth is somehow freedom.


      • You can blame that on the moms and dads or should I say the lack of, some of the stuff that my grandchildren tell me that the teachers are telling them in school is all far left garbage,,,but if you repeat it enough it must be true, or so they would have you believe. sorry about the rant.

    • Watch the kinsey syndrome it will make you sick to learn how long this has been going on and how planned out this is. They’ve used sex to change people’s perceptions of freedom and morality and they’ve used the schools to push the agenda. It’s amazing how many people have been tricked into thinking immorality is somehow freedom. This article is dead on and it’s exactly how they’ve stole our freedom.

  2. Well I watch all the shows in your picture and m offended. Our country is great because we have the freedom to express ourselves with art. You need to understand what art is and stop being a prude.

    • I think you’ve just proven their point. Thank you for substantiating this. Now, go back to your coloring books, the adults are talking. BTW, 16 and Pregnant, the Kardashians, Jersey Shore…art? Are you 12?

          • art is art and crap is crap, if you can,t tell the diff. then you have no morals and no is for pimple faced boys. after you are an adult you should try the real thing.

          • The problem isn’t access to porn, or stupid TV. The issue is educating people not to abuse said outlets. Restriction to retarded, mindless tv shows would be bad because who knows how many things that ban could blanket over, therefore restricting freedoms that we currently have. What IS needed, however, is education to understand what is mindless, what has substance, and access to substance that is beneficial, factual, and non-biased towards any one political side. People are just stupid – as a species we’re easy to manipulate. its old news really

  3. So how do we fix a proble? how do we explain the problem to people who don’t want to listen?
    Also im looking for two acres in Kokomo Indiana any ideas?

    • It starts by taking back our country and it starts with our own families. Stop letting your kids watch the crap that’s on TV. Stop letting them listen to music from drug addicts and whores. Take them out of the public schools systems and teach them what’s right.

      • 100% agree the responsibility begins at home. Broke the brainwashing cycle, quit my job and homeschooling the kids this year.

      • As a public school teacher, I say home school your kids. Even a great teacher can’t keep up with a half-decent parent. Teachers have to handle more than 20 kids at a time. They have no chance to personalize and take time out for kids like a parent does. Add to it that the content and methods are being more and more standardized and controlled by the federal government, and home schooling becomes a more attractive option all the time.

  4. Airways are flooded with violence, sex, drugs and deviant behavior. Is it any wonder why we are facing the problems we face? We’ve allowed evil to take over every area of our lives.

    • History is filled with sex, drugs, violence and deviant behavior. Our problems now are much like our problems have always been. People are always in one crisis or another. What did you expect?

  5. This article made like 5 really good points and all most of you got out of it was too much sex on tv. Why don’t you take some responsibility for you’re self and you’re children. Why is someone else always to blame. Don’t watch it or don’t let you’re kids watch it. It always some one else’s fault. Nevermind all the other things that big brother does to control you his most favored tool is Kim kardashian. Give me a break and control yourselves.

  6. It does put it into prospective when you see the actual images. Propaganda and deception at its best. This government has mastered it and has subdued the masses with it. This is why we all put up wth so mich shit.

    I almost feel a little sick for in away not even realizing that I have become part of the system as well. I bought into this shit and as much as i hate to admit it I realize I have wasted so much of my time watching this crap.

    NO MORE. No more endless hours watching cable news and tv that does nothing to enhance my life or prepare me for the future. Time to renter the real world.

  7. Read some history,it repeats itself again and again and again———————————————

  8. There are those people born to the earth merely as slugs… eating, digesting, and spewing dirt so vegetation will use it to grow. All is necessary in the cycle of life at least on this earth. Comments made by responses capturing attention to the negatives is but a franchise to the already existing Corporation of Stupidity. Plant sexual art and see if it will supply you with food and water to staying alive. Glib statements to this article is Roundup usage to realistic thinking. Kim K are you on Roundup?

  9. About 50% of the population of this nation are clueless air heads regarding what’s happening to them (like the frog in the biology experiment that you toss into a pot of cold water, which you then slowly bring to a boil while the frog just sits there until it’s too late.) And, about half of those 50% are what I call ‘oxygen thieves’ who live off the intellect, talents and physical labor of the rest, either as societal predators or useless feeders on the great government tit.

  10. @Mike414: You’re a real special kind of retarded. This is not about who’s fault it is, it is about the fact that we live in a culture of death and filth that’s going no where else but down the bottomless abyss of death and I am glad. The fact that the government puts raunchy bullshit on television for gullible simpletons to watch who don’t know any better technically makes it their fault that we have a nation of idiots here in America because these days the parents are dumber than the worthless little brats they shit out, and it becomes an endless cycle of stupid humans. Stop making excuses for this evil government and go sit your dumb ass in a corner.

  11. I have been giving this topic a lot of thought.. Some of the things the government does such as keeping taxes just because it “created a good way to make money”, and the whole idea of our System and the way it’s set up. That old expression, “The government mann” is actually correct in my eyes. The government controls everything, from our water, to our food, and even the grocery stores. What I’m getting at is we are slaves without even knowing it. Born into a world where working is a way to make currency (which isn’t even backed by anything valuable) and having Laws or rules to endure our safety. Look at all of these main points and try to think about how they have control over every little thing you do and your just a slave. House, Cable, Internet, Car, Food, and Electricity. Im sure theres more but these all are a form of payments which everyone in america makes and it goes to the government to pay for the big political people. In order to pay for these things we need to have a job, to work. Things such as owning a business is a better example, You own a business in order to make money, well, most of the time you cant do it alone, so you have to hire employees, which is a nicer way of saying your buying a slave. You tell them what to do and when to do it and they follow directions because they need the money. Is that not what we do in America as well? and at the end of the day, these big companies that have thousands of employees that they don’t even know, don’t care about their personal life, they just want the company to strive for $$$. America only wants money its a giant company that we are born and forced to live within. This is not life, life is caveman days. This is enslavement but giving you freedom and giving you things to buy for yourself to make your life worth living, because working is now YOUR way of life. You are living to work and the government takes % out of almost everything so they get what this whole thing is about, $$$. We all are the governments employees. Try to leave the country, I bet you need permission..

  12. This information needs to be open to the public. For those of you who are aware of the problem and the current chaos hidden behind government intervention need to devise a plan or some from of social reform to expose the truth. There are many people lost to this system who aren’t even aware of what’s really going on here. I believe change starts within. Further, if we can from a plan to change the political agenda or at least reveal the truth, we might have hope.

  13. I mean..from a african americans perspective weve been in a martial law state for a looong wont be any different for us. Just the police will be in tanks and have better guns. But shoot our neighborhoods have been had curfews and limited civil liberties..gettin shot randomly..electricity bein cut listen to white foks freak out thinking it can happen to them is pretty entertaining. Lol! Ha.

  14. I just want to thank the author for NOT being some crazy sounding radical. For once someone is just laying out the facts without all the unrealistic conspiracy theory BS that servers no other purpose then to invalidate the concepts of the article that ARE actually possible or true. I also appreciate that you call out when you are expressing your opinion and not a fact. In other words, thanks for approaching a subject from a factual perspective and not sounding like a crazy man. You clearly understand how to get a point across effectively! Kudos!
    (Additionally…you couldn’t be more right! Nothing here that I can or would strongly disagree with.)

  15. By now the government isnt worried about the people making moves here on u.s. soil let alone anywhere else since they pretty much have tabs on everybody who will even think about going against them or just trying to change their laws which have been made around greed and destruction to try to change life in this overgrown population and polution and the process of the ecosystem to even trying to control the weather to making mosquitoes to try to kill off zeka in Miami…as moral as youd like to think you are we are all out for self one way or another and greed is what made this country.

  16. Do the comparison to how much a slave was 100 years ago. Then what that money would be equivalent to in present day time. Then tell me how much you make a yr and how much you think you’d make I’m a lifetime. We are all slaves to this government who runs everything with power and money.

  17. Well it’s now 2021 and look at us now! This article couldn’t be any more accurate especially living through the tyranny of today! Although it has become obvious to most people that we are no longer free, you still have those blind followers we call sheep!!!

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