Free Speech Suspended in Washington D.C. During Today’s Inauguration


Free SpeechEarlier this year we told you how President Obama and the cowards in Congress were working to take away your right to protest by implementing Free Speech Zones. These zones, which were supported by both political parties, allow the Federal Government to decide when and where Americans have the right to Free Speech.

In a sickening public attempt to trample on your first amendment rights, your right to speak and protest was taken away in Washington D.C. today. Earlier this year congress passed H.R. 347, a bill that allowed them to set up free Speech Zones. Today the Feds enacted that law in an attempt to make the President look like he had the full support of the American people.

Throughout the entire Inauguration route, the Secret Service set up zones where freedom of speech was not allowed. Anyone who wanted to publicly speak in opposition to the President’s Agenda was corralled into “authorized demonstration zones” that were far out of sight of any cameras or media. Those who openly protested faced felony charges that were punishable by up to one year in jail.

There were a number of major demonstrations planned for today, but the National Park Service revoked all permits. Protestors were forced into a 10-yard wide strip of sidewalk that was ironically right near Freedom Plaza. This was the only area where free speech was allowed!

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  1. Last time I checked everything North of the Mexican border was my free speech zone. To hell with anyone who tells me otherwise

    • I’m guessing you have the reading comprehension of a kindergartner because if you actually read the article you would have read that both parties are responsible for this law. I realize that political ideology blinds a lot of people but there comes a point when you have to stop blaming Bush.

      Yes Bush started a lot of this crap, but Bush isn’t in office right now Obama is. If Bush was in office then we would be running the same article talking about what he was doing. It’s funny how the stuff that was wrong when Bush was in office is now somehow justified when Obama does it. Stop letting political ideology blind you from the truth, these people are all corrupt.

  2. The constitutional right to free speech applies to any public venue or location, and any infringement on the right to free speech is a criminal act. If the inauguration couldn’t abide protests it should’ve been held on private property. All those responsible for limiting free speech today should be arrested and fined heavily…

  3. H.R 34 says nothing about ‘free speech zones’… it is about gun control thus its title.

    Are you sure you got the right bill?

    Not to mention, the ‘free speech zones’ thing has been going since 2004, started by Bush.

  4. H.R. 347, the “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011,” expanded the Secret Service’s authority to regulate protests in and around areas where persons under Secret Service protection are located. It could be abused to interfere with lawful protest.


    • They will blame republicans for the right to vote thing, and applaud every democrat who guts the constitution. America as a country is done. The liberal have it, and they continue to be smug in their victory and completely support everything that the government nanny state does to wield its power. the republic falls, not with a protest, but with thunderous applause.

  6. I’ve been digging into the “free speech zone” idiocy for awhile and guess what? It’s been going on for YEARS. It didn’t start in the Bush Era. It started in the 60’s to keep people from protesting war, except in designated areas. Unfortunately, this is not just a Republican or Democrat issue. This is an issue of limiting our Nation to how the government sees what is best for us. We live in a very sad state of history and the only way to change it is by getting the morons in office out by voting them out.

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